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Our main products are basket stretcher,ambulance stretcher,scoop stretcher,manual hospital bed,emergency blanket first aid,foldable stretcher,electric stair climbing dolly,folding spine board,operation table,spine board with head immobilizer,electric dolly for stairs,transport chairs for sale, outdoor electric wheelchair,portable iv pole, etc. There are totally 50 varieties.Our company owns Design Department, Manufacturing Workshop, and Quality Inspection Department!
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how to choose folding spine board?

1. IntroductionThe folding spine board (also called double backbone board) is a long, narrow surface that serves as a base to hold the spine of a medical device.The folding spine board is made of fiberglass or fiberglass-reinforced plastic. The main advantage of this kind of material is that it can

Speak aids | best transport chair

I. SummaryThe transport chair is a very widely used tool, suitable for people with lower limb disabilities, hemiplegia, subthoracic paraplegia, and people with reduced mobility. As a caregiver, it is necessary to understand the characteristics of the transport chair and choose the most suitable tran

More to know than to understand iv stand price

I. SummaryThe infusion stand is widely used in clinical treatment. It is strong support for keeping the liquid level of the medicine liquid and the patient's heart level at a certain height and promoting the entry of the medicine into the patient's body. At present, the infusion racks used in hospit

How to move a patient on a folding spine board?

2. What is a folding spine board?The spine board is made of fiberglass or fiberglass-reinforced plastic. The main advantage of this kind of material is that it can be easily folded and molded into any shape. It can be used to hold the spine and protect it from damage.It’s a fairly simple setup: ther

Must-Know before Buying Outdoor Electric wheelchair

The first thing we have to take into account is that electric wheelchairs are all for the user, and each user's situation is different. From the user's point of view, we must make a comprehensive and detailed assessment based on the individual's limb consciousness condition, basic data such as heigh

How to Set An Operation Table?

1. IntroductionThis operation table can be used for comprehensive operations in obstetrics and gynecology, orthopedics, brain surgery, etc. It can meet the requirements of the surgical position and provide more flexible surgical space for medical staff.2. What is an operation table?Operation tables

What is decompression needles?

Multifunctional chest decompression and handle-operated exhaust gas drainage Needle for puncture, including pen tube, needle for decompression and abduction and drainage cannula, decompression The expiratory puncture needle consists of a needle base for expiratory and decompression puncture and a

How to use Examination Bed?

The gynecological examination bed is also called the gynecological operating table. It is a medical equipment that provides various gynecological examinations, operations and family planning examinations for major hospitals, clinics, family planning stations, and mobile gynecological examination veh

3 tips of Infusion Therapy

1.Whether the infusion therapy must be infused for 3 days?It depends. Infusion is not necessarily required for 3 days, but depends on the specific condition and cannot be generalized. Firstly, if there are clear indications for infusion, such as high white blood cell, neutrophil, lymphocyte or monon

How many types of examination beds are there?

Searching for examination beds can be an overwhelming task. Due to the various clinical settings designed to treat different patients with different issues, there are multiple types of exam examination beds that correspond with each setting.In efforts to simplify your search, here are the 10 types o

How to use Decompression Needles?

The Decompression Needles from China factory is mainly used for thoracentesis and drainage. Its main function is to puncture patients with pleural effusion to drain pleural effusion, or to draw pus in the pleural cavity to treat empyema. It can also be injected into the pleural cavity. , as the trea

What should I pay attention to spine boards with head immobilizers?

Which patients are spine boards with head immobilizers and shoulder straps suitable for? What should I pay attention to when buying? Whether it is caused by trauma or illness, when it affects one's health, some medical devices will be selected as adjuvant treatment. For example, if there is a diseas

Would you choose China electric stair climbing dolly?

Would you choose China electric stair climbing dolly?One. introductionChina electric stair climbing dolly is a new type of stair climbing equipment. Electric load stair climbing machines are widely used in transportation, distribution, and other related industries. It can reduce the burden of heavy

Necessary items for a home first aid kit and how to store them correctly

For the health and safety of family members, there are many details that need to be paid attention to when stocking first aid items in terms of type selection, storage environment, cleaning and disposal. But do you know what should be in a home first aid kit and how to store it properly?

What is medical carts for sale?

1. Introduction:The medical industry has been a tough one to navigate for many years. The rise of mobile technology and the ubiquity of smartphones have led to an increase in the number of medical workers.A survey conducted by market research house Euromonitor International found that in 2017, the n

Why Choosing an Outdoor Electric Wheelchair?

1. Introduction: Why choosing a outdoor electric wheelchair?If you are a disabled person and have mobility issues, an outdoor electric wheelchair is a great product for you. However, this article will focus more on your experience with the outdoor electric wheelchair, with some context about why you

How to use the hospital bed

1. Posture adjustmentFirm pressure on the head position control handle releases the self-locking gas spring, extending the piston rod and simultaneously slowly raising the bed surface from the head position. Also hold the handle tightly and apply downward force to descend;The lifting and lowering of

How to Choose Transport Chair for Sale?

1. Introduction: Why people with disabilities need transport chairs.In order to help people with disabilities to compensate for their functions, improve their condition, reduce the burden on families and participate in social life, transport chairs need to be developed. Transport chair is a type of

How to choose a basket stretcher?

Basket stretchers are stretcher equipment equipped in ambulances and are used during first aid. Basket stretchers, also known as boat stretchers, can provide good rescue services to people in need of rescue, and patients can be better placed on the stretcher to avoid patients leaving the stretcher w

Lets Talk about China IV Stand Price

People eat grains and cereals, it is inevitable that there are times when they get sick, and nowadays, with advanced medical care, when you get sick, of course, you will go to the hospital for treatment. Most people are treated through intravenous infusions to reduce inflammation and cough, etc. The


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  • How to choose an electric wheelchair suitable for the elderly?

    1. Safety: The elderly and the disabled have limited mobility and use electric wheelchairs to ensure safety is the first priority.
    The safety design of the outdoor electric wheelchair mainly includes: anti-backward small wheels, seat belts, anti-skid tires, electromagnetic brakes, and differential motors. In addition, two points should be noted: first, the center of gravity of the electric wheelchair should not be too high; second, the wheelchair will not slide on the slope and can stop smoothly.
    2. Comfort
    Comfort mainly refers to the seat system of the wheelchair, involving seat width, cushion material, backrest height, etc. Cushion material and backrest height, generally sofa chair + high backrest is the most comfortable.
    3. Portability
    Portability is the biggest point linked to personal needs. Pure mobility wheelchairs are generally easy to fold and store, while functional wheelchairs and long battery life are relatively heavy and not portable.
  • What types of ambulance stretchers are there?

    The ambulance stretcher car uses a negative pressure inflatable cushion to fix the stretcher, which is a good tool for transporting the injured with multiple fractures and spinal injuries. The main categories are as follows:
    1. Lifting stretcher, wheeled stretcher
    2. Negative pressure inflatable cushion type fixed stretcher
    3.scoop stretcher
    4.basket stretcher
    5. Roll stretcher
  • What is Medical Cart?

    A Medical Cart is any trolley used in a medical environment. Medical Cart refers to the ward protection transfer of medical equipment, surgical instruments, drugs, and transport patients. The operation burden of caregivers can be reduced to a great extent. In terms of product classification, medical carts are luxurious, medium and ordinary. According to the material of the product, the medical cart has ABS, stainless steel and spray plastic. Different types of medical carts include medical carts, emergency trolleys, anesthesia trolleys, isolation trolleys and small trolleys.
  • How can I help my old person go downstairs?

    Your elder parents need your help to go outside of the home for refreshment and entertainment. They may need to visit outdoor parks for refreshments. It is not a big issue if they can move and your home is on one level. But if your home has a multilevel building, you should take some initiatives for their safe landing. There are some ideas to help your old person go downstairs.You can choose electric stair climbing dollyelectric dolly for stairs or outdoor electric wheelchair for them.
  • What is the difference between a mobile stairlift and a wheelchair?

    Wheelchairs and mobile stairlifts are not much different both are used for transport of sick, disable, injured, and older people. But they also have different wheelchair can only be used for transport who cannot walk on the smooth roads or flour.
    But a stairlift is designed as it carries both the wheelchair and the rider simultaneously. It uses to transport persons up and down the stairs. These are safe, and even one person can quickly get up and down the stairs but need proper training to operate the stairlift; otherwise, he may face an accident. Wheelchairs are less expensive than stairlifts.
  • How much is a mobile stairlift?

    Do you know what a mobile stairlift is? Most of us think that wheelchair and stairlift are the same, but it is not. A mobile stairlift is a helpful device for you to transport people up and down the stairs with security and safety. Mobile stairlifts are also supposed to be quickly gone up and down the stairs without help or any rider.
  • Is there a wheelchair climbing stair?

    You may know well about the wheelchair; it helps us transport the sick, disabled, and older people from one place to another place with ease and safety. Wheelchairs have wheels to move on the flour or roads. But you may not know that modern wheelchairs could be the best alternative for mobile stairlifts. You may do not see it before. No worry, we have found two best wheelchair climbing stairs that are perfect for you to choose from.

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