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Electric Stair Climbing Dolly

The Electric Stair Climbing Dolly can help the operator to easily move heavy objects up and down the stairs quickly.The electric stair climbing dolly can easily climb stairs, which can better solve the problem of the elderly going up and downstairs, especially for those old-fashioned residential buildings without elevators.
$580.00 - $750.00/Piece
Est. Time:30-45days
  • DW-11A



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Electric Stair Climbing Dolly Introduction

DRAGON as an Electric Stair Climbing Dolly supplier, the Efficient electric dolly stair climber uses electronically controlled motors and strategically placed straps to provide maximum safety when going up and down stairs for whatever you move.

The electric dolly stair climber is actually four machines in one: an electric stair climber; an electric tailgate lift; a dock leveler and a well-balanced trolley. This cart does 100    % of the lifting work so you don't have to and reduces the physical effort required to carry heavy loads by 87%.

Carry heavy loads with half the labor! A job that required two people to move without a ladder truck now only requires one! Jobs that previously required four people can now be done safely with just two people in most cases!

The Electric Stair Climbing Dolly can help the operator to easily move heavy objects up and down the stairs quickly.

It greatly improves the efficiency of stair climbing and handling and reduces the labor cost. It is widely used for moving goods and equipment up and down the floors, such as home appliances, drinks and liquor, furniture, etc.

Electric Stair Climbing Trolley

Design principle of Electric Stair Climbing Dolly

China electric stair climbing dolly is divided into two parts: control part and body part

  • The main function of the control part is to control the motor movement of each part of the car body, including the forward and reverse rotation of the front and rear gears, and the forward and reverse rotation of the front and rear wheels.

  • The important part of the car body is the climbing mechanism. The climbing mechanism adopts two sets of rack and pinion mechanisms, each of which is located at the front and rear.


  • The design principle is intuitive.

  • The trolley has a simple structure and is easy to manufacture.

  • Stairs with variable height can be climbed.

  • The whole climbing process can keep the body moving safely and smoothly.

  • According to the principle of ascending, it is also possible to move down the steps.

  • The electric dolly stair climber is made of a strong and durable metal frame for durability.

  • It's made of high strength aluminum alloy.

  • The track angle after back rest with three position adjustment, suitable for different floors.

  • Three position lift bar help any size operator move the stair climber on the stairs.

  • Electric Stair Climbing Dolly just need one person to operate.

  • The controller of this chair is easy and convenient to operate.It has strong power by two motors.

  • Intelligent electromagnetic brake keeps users safe.

  • Electric Stair Climbing Dolly can help to carry goods safety.

Color Option Yellow
Material Aluminum/(steel plate)
Unfold Size(L*W*H) 95cm*48cm*171cm(±3.5cm)
Fold Size(L*W*H) 116cm*48cm*23cm(±3.5cm)
Packing Size(L*W*H) 118cm*58cm*31cm(±2cm) (Wooden Box)
N.W. 32±2 kg
G.W. 42±2kg
Front / Back Wheel Size 3"/5"
Track Angle <35°
Loading Capacity 169kg
Climbing Speed 40 steps/mins±5%
Motor Spec 24V 120W
Battery Spec 24V/13.6Ah(Max)
Charging Voltage AC100-240v 50/60Hz
Using Time / Charger 500 steps

electric stair climbing dolly Ease of operation

The key to using a stair climbing machine is the operation skills. A good stair climbing machine should be easy to learn and able to master the operation quickly.


In addition to skilled operation skills, the machine operation switch adopts a touch-type (click to move) design, press to move, release to stop, the touch-type design can effectively avoid accidents during distribution and handling.

2. Stair climbing speed

It is a mistake to blindly pursue speed without considering the safety of operators and items. The speed of the electric dolly stair climber needs to be reasonably considered, and the speed should be reasonably designed under the condition of ensuring the weight limit of the operator and the safe handling of the equipment. It is recommended to have two speeds, one fast and one slow. The slow gear setting is usually used for beginners to practice. After you are proficient, you can choose the fast file to improve work efficiency.

3. Noise

When working indoors, it is necessary to consider whether the noise generated during the operation of the stair climber affects people's normal life. When the electric dolly stair climber operates, most of the noise comes from the motor. In order to better control the noise, the selection of the motor is also a knowledge. The brushless DC motor is recommended. On the premise of ensuring the maximum load of 200 kg, it can also reduce the noise to a reasonable level. Controlled below 70 decibels.


4. The core technology of the product

For electric machines like the electric dolly stair climber, the core technology is like the human brain. The control system of the heavy object climbing operation must be stable, low failure rate, and durable. Therefore, it is extremely important to choose an experienced R&D team who can provide strong support for our core technology. This will give you more peace of mind when using the device.

5. Fast after-sales service

The quality and function of the product itself must be considered when purchasing a suitable electric dolly stair climber, but after-sales service is also very important. Choosing a company with strength and brand protection can solve your worries.

How to maintain China electric stair climbing dolly?

  1. If the electric stair climbing dolly works in a high temperature and high humidity environment like this summer, it is prone to performance degradation, so the workers should usually place the stair climbing dolly indoors to ensure that its metal The structure is more stable, can exert its performance, and can prolong the life of the battery at the same time!

  2.  Do not put the stair climber in the trunk of the car. After using the electric dolly stair climber, many customers directly prevent the stair climber from the trunk, and then park it in the sun exposure environment, because the electric dolly stair climber The power supply is the battery. For any battery, we must be careful not to prevent it from being in a high temperature and airtight environment, which is a very dangerous thing.

  3. It is necessary to check the parts of the electric dolly stair climber regularly, so as to effectively avoid the damage of the plastic parts from breaking or deforming due to the high temperature, and ensure the safety of the stair climber. Before each use of the stair climbing machine, carefully check the screws and other parts of the stair climbing machine to ensure that there is no problem before starting to use it.

  4. Pay attention to charging in time. In summer, it is necessary to charge frequently to ensure that the battery is always in a "full" state, so as to ensure the battery life and the electric dolly stair climber to operate normally. At the same time, choose to charge it in a dry, ventilated, and no direct sunlight environment, but do not charge overnight, and the charging time should not be too long. It is recommended to charge at least once a month, otherwise it will seriously affect the battery life!

Based on the above points, we recommend the stair climbing machine developed by China DRAGON. As the supplier of electric dolly stair climber products, We have a series of products that can solve almost all the working conditions of heavy objects going up and down the stairs. Such as home appliances, water, meals, gas bottles, building materials, etc. The company has many years of experience in developing, manufacturing and producing electric stair climbing dolly. And continuously update the product according to customer needs and feedback. If there is a problem with the machine, don't worry, the professional after-sales team can solve all problems for you.

Working principle of electric stair climbing dolly

On the whole, the electric stair climbing dolly system and two large wheels of the electric stair climbing dolly are similar to ordinary pullers. Its design focuses on the rear, including power system, controller and actuator. The actuator is the decisive part of whether the electric stair climbing dolly can successfully complete the task. The actuator is hidden between two large wheels and adopts the structural design of crank slider. When the machine starts running, the outrigger of the crank slider mechanism will stretch out backward and build on the steps of the stairs. Under the operation of the crank slider mechanism, the bracket will lift the whole car body, send it to the next step, and shrink back to its original position at the same time. Each time the car body is lifted, the wheels on both sides should be pulled to the front of the steps to position and ensure that the pace of the actuator is in place.

How can China electric stair climbing dolly avoid stepping on empty things?

A positioning design is added to the wheels on both sides. If the big wheel is in the suspended position, the positioning device will fall due to gravity and get stuck on the wheels, making the wheels unable to move. In this way, the car body is prevented from being too close to the edge of the steps, resulting in the phenomenon of stepping empty, which is now known as the brake system of the climbing machine.

Function of electric stair climbing dolly

The building electric stair climbing dolly from China factory is mainly used in movers, construction sites and logistics distribution. The main rated loads of the building climbing machine are: 340 kg, 400 kg and 500 kg. For novices, as long as they practice, they can use the building electric stair climbing dolly to carry heavy objects, which greatly reduces human consumption and improves the efficiency of heavy object handling.

Electric Stair Climbing Trolley


We'll try our best to become one of most reliance cooperation suppliers in emergency rescue and safety protection field, including spine board with head immobilizerfolding spine boardmedical carts for saleportable iv pole and electric dolly for stairs.

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