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Intelligent wheelchair Manufacturer]

Smart electric wheelchair intelligent wheelchair with the automatic grade lithium battery for the disabled and elderly


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Dragon Glide Flex

Dragon Glide Flex

Our latest innovation in electric medical mobility, it's a mobility revolution with Space-Saver X-Fold technology and Adaptive Height System

Dragon Glide Flex

Dynamic Control

Equipped with a precision-engineered battery motor system, the Dragon Glide Flex offers unmatched control and efficiency.

Smart electric wheelchair

Dragon Glide Flex

Space-Saver X-Fold

The "Dragon Glide Flex" features our patented Space-Saver X-Fold technology.

It’s ingeniously crafted to conserve space, folding flat with a simple, upright gesture.

This intuitive design spares the operator from bending, making folding and unfolding a smooth, effortless action that respects the user's need for convenience and comfort.

Dragon Glide Flex

Adaptive Height System

Tailor your ride with the Adaptive Height System, a defining feature of the "Dragon Glide Flex."

The seat height is easily adjustable to align with varying table heights or to meet the user's specific needs.

This function delivers an unparalleled level of customization, ensuring a perfect fit for the dining table, desk, or when transferring to other seats, enhancing user autonomy and comfort.

intelligent wheelchair

intelligent wheelchair

intelligent wheelchair

intelligent wheelchair

Custom Comfort

The Dragon Glide Flex E-Wheelchair is designed with a customizable seating system that allows for adjustable seat sizes, ensuring a perfect fit for every individual.

intelligent wheelchair

Exclusive Access

Be the first to market with a groundbreaking product that features our Space-Saver X-Fold technology and Adaptive Height System, designed for unmatched convenience and adaptability.

intelligent wheelchair

Compact and Portable

Minimalist appearance with a foldable design for easy transportation and storage. This feature is especially suited for seniors who can't bend or for users with limited storage space.


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