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ABS Medical Cart for Sale

The medical carts sold by China emergency medical equipment supplier can be used in hospitals, clinics, beauty salons, medical laboratories.
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Medical carts for sale are essentially medical technology that helps doctors and nurses to do their work. It is used in hospitals, clinics, beauty salons, and medical laboratories. This can improve the productivity of healthcare workers, in hospitals provide nurses with medical nursing mobile strollers to assist them in their work.

Introduction of Our ABS Medical Cart for Sale

To improve the productivity of healthcare workers, hospitals provide nurses with medical nursing mobile strollers to assist them in their work.

This is ubiquitous medical equipment in hospitals. Medical carts for sale integrate clinical care work such as mobile room inspection, drug distribution, infusion treatment, nursing operation, and other clinical care in response to hospital and nursing needs.

Effectively reduce the frequency of nurses to and from workstations, record daily work and teaching at any time, reduce clinical nursing errors, truly take patients as the center, return nurses' time to patients, realize innovative nursing services, and fundamentally improve hospital service quality.

Medical carts for sale use zinc-aluminum alloy, high-grade engineering plastics, and steel as safe, environmentally friendly, durable manufacturing materials. Gently grip the wrench below to adjust the height of the table. It is suitable for healthcare workers of different sizes to avoid bending over.

Casters are designed to be silent casters, reducing noise generated while pushing and affecting patient rest. The front two casters can also be fixed when stopped to prevent slipping.


ABS Medical Cart for Sale Description

  1. A layer of transparent film is specially added on the desktop of medical carts for sale, which can be removed for cleaning and disinfection. The top of the cart is designed as a workbench, which is used to place computers, check data, and write medical records.

  2. Car body: medical carts for sale are mainly composed of aluminum, steel, ABS engineering plastic structure, four-column aluminum alloy inside and outside design.

  3. Upper part: The table top is formed by injection molding process, equipped with transparent soft glass, recessed design, better appearance and strength, 304 stainless steel three-sided fence ABS cover pad, to prevent medical staff from mishandling medicines from falling.

  4. The left side of the car body: medical carts for sale hidden writing table, three-fold mute guide rail is designed on the lower part of the table, and the lower part is equipped with an ABS transparent rollover material box. Convenient to store medical records and other information.

  5. On the right side of the car body: two ABS dirt buckets, which are convenient for sorting and storing garbage. The right side is equipped with a set of infusion stand (lifting infusion stand with locking screw head, outer rod 304 stainless steel, inner rod 304 stainless steel, 4 turns, the bottom of the infusion stand has a professionally designed ABS gasket, the height adjustment range of the infusion stand: 1085 ~1885 (mm) hook).

  6. Back: The upper and lower support hooks on the defibrillation board will not swing left and right when pushed, the 5M power plug board is professionally designed in the recessed board, and the oxygen cylinder base has a reverse buckle type cable tie;

  7. Bottom: 4-inch flat silent casters. (Two of them have brakes, which can be used in any state.) Sturdy and durable. It can be pushed and turned arbitrarily on flat ground, and the casters are made of high-strength polyurethane. Anti-static, anti-hair entanglement, light and flexible to move.

  8. Medical carts for sale are detachable dirt buckets with lids, making garbage disposal more convenient

  9. The interior of the drawer is movable, and the size of the inner grid can be distinguished according to the actual use needs. The multi-layer drawer can meet different use needs.

  10. Movable pressing plate and socket, convenient and space-saving.

Features of Our ABS Medical Cart for Sale

Defibrillator Shelf

Sorting Trash Can

One-piece Countertop

Inserted Oxygen Bottle Holde


File Box

Infusion Stand

Extendable Worktop

Drawer Holder

Power Supply

Drawer Insize Big & Deeper

Heavy Duty Constrtuction

Medical carts for sale management system

1. The Ministry of Nursing uniformly numbers and manages medical carts for sale.

2. Establish a management book, including the following contents 

  • General catalog; 

  • Medical carts for a sale management system; 

  • Emergency drugs, article list; 

  • Emergency drug knowledge; 

  • Medical carts for sale specification requirements; 

  • Drug product expiration registration form; 

  • First aid related register record specification; 

  • Emergency drug article handover register; oral Record book of execution of medical orders.

3. Medical carts for sale include commonly used drugs and articles. All products are guaranteed quality, complete functions, and are in an emergency state.

4. The management of medical carts for sale achieves "five determinations"; fixed quantity of varieties, improved placement, designated personnel management, regular disinfection and sterilization, regular inspection, and maintenance.

5. No sundries are allowed on the medical carts for sale; keep them clean, dust-free, complete, and standardized. Receive replenishment in time for emergency drugs and articles after use, timely inspection and maintenance records, convenient disinfection without expiration.

6. Carry out class inventory and handover according to the list of medical carts for sale items and drugs, and fill in the handover registration form. The responsible person checks the emergency items twice a week and registers and signs them, and the head nurse checks the first aid items once a week and signs in red pen.

7. All nursing staff are proficient in the dosage, effects, and adverse reactions of emergency drugs; skilled in using rescue instruments.

In medical equipment, China DRAGON medical carts for sale plays a great role. It can effectively improve the work efficiency of medical staff, reduce the operating burden of caregivers, and is an indispensable medical tool.

At present, medical carts for sale have got rid of the requirements of function, and began to develop towards consumerism and medical specialization. It is necessary to create a design that is close to the people and makes medical staff and patients have affinity. At the same time, it can meet different business needs, and separate the host from the cart to provide business and services. Mobile therapy and diagnosis are very important components of hospital diagnosis and treatment.

The new medical carts for sale is designed to help you assemble and move the required equipment configuration, such as respiratory monitoring, endoscopy, minimally invasive surgery, etc. for cross department use, the equipment is more convenient, equipped with standard side rails, spacious and fashionable design. The width of the instrument table and the height of the column can be designed according to your requirements, which is more flexible and humanized. Power sockets, oxygen cylinders, etc. are integrated on the mobile platform It can reduce the potential danger caused by the confusion of cables and gas pipes; The rounded and smooth surface reduces the possibility of injury of medical staff and makes cleaning more convenient.

The design of multifunctional medical carts for sale takes function as the main body, fully considers the relationship between volume and function, adopts foldable structure, conforms to ergonomics, and is simple and convenient to operate. Bottom pulley design, movable, convenient for medical personnel to use; Foldable design, the medical cart for sale can be folded and placed after use, which takes up a small space; The height of the trolley can be adjusted freely. Users can adjust the height of the trolley to their most comfortable position when using the trolley according to their habits; The design of the four corners of the trolley is humanized, and the arc design is adopted, which is smooth and not sharp, reducing the injury caused by people's careless collision.

In terms of the experience of using the medical cart, the laser treatment head is reasonably summarized in the middle part, the upper and lower outgoing lines are more convenient and unimpeded, and it is easy to take, which reduces the operation burden of the caregiver. The color matching conforms to the clean and sterile environment of the hospital. Its shape is fashionable and beautiful, which is very in line with the aesthetic standards of users. In terms of function, it adopts the structural design mode that the host and cart can be separated, and meets the needs of different customers at the same time. To learn more about the price of medical carts and the content of medical display brackets.

Why Using ABS Material?

ABS is one of the five synthetic resins, its impact resistance, heat resistance, low temperature resistance, chemical resistance and excellent electrical properties, but also has easy processing, product dimensional stability, surface gloss and other characteristics, easy to paint, colouring, but also for the surface of the metal spraying, plating, welding, hot pressing and bonding and other secondary processing, widely used in machinery, automobiles, electrical and electronic appliances, instrumentation, textiles and construction and other industrial fields, is an extremely versatile thermoplastic engineering plastics. Widely used in machinery, automotive, electronics and electrical appliances, instrumentation, textiles and construction and other industrial fields, is a thermoplastic engineering plastics with a wide range of uses.

ABS material is also known as ABS engineering plastics, the appearance of opaque ivory-coloured granules, its products can be painted into colourful, and has a high gloss. the relative density of ABS is 1.05 or so, low water absorption. the combination of ABS and other materials is good, easy to surface printing, coating and plating. the oxygen index of ABS is 18 to 20, is a flammable polymer, the flame is yellow, black smoke, and ABS is a flammable polymer with an oxygen index of 18 to 20, a yellow flame, black smoke and a special odour.

ABS resin is currently the largest production, the most widely used polymers, it will PS, SAN, BS of the various properties of the organic unity, both tough, hard, rigid balance of excellent mechanical properties.ABS is acrylonitrile, butadiene and styrene terpolymer, A on behalf of the acrylonitrile, B on behalf of the butadiene, S on behalf of the styrene.

ABS has good electrical insulation, and is almost independent of temperature, humidity and frequency, can be used in most environments, at the same time is a thermoplastic with excellent processing performance, can be processed by universal processing methods, widely used in automotive, electrical and electronic appliances and building materials, mobile phone shells are also mostly made of ABS engineering plastics.

Product Usage

The ABS Medical Cart is a car for storing first aid medicines and articles. Therefore, it has the characteristics of being timely, accurate, convenient and easy to take in the rescue of critically ill patients. Therefore, it is required that the first aid medicines, materials and instruments of the ambulance car are complete and relatively positioned with good performance. , in the standby state, how to effectively manage the ambulance so that the patient can be rescued quickly, timely and effectively in the event of an emergency, which is a problem faced by every nurse.

Precautions before Using Medical Cart for Sale

It is forbidden to use alcohol to clean the abs treatment cart, because there is acrylonitrile in ABS, and general solvents cannot dissolve it; ABS will not oxidize, but it will have an aging effect, but alcohol will not accelerate its aging. Dissolving the pigment on the surface, the pigment re-diffuses and causes the surface to not be as smooth as the original paint, so there is a matting effect.

Advantages of ABS Medical Carts

  1. The plastic material of ABS Medical Cart has a good dyeing performance and can be dyed quickly.

  2. ABS plastic treatment car This plastic material is a very hard material, and ABS plastic is widely used in many industries.

  3. The plastic material of ABS Medical Cart is not easy to burn, which brings you a safer feeling.

Why are medical carts important in healthcare?

Medical carts for sale is not so much about the product itself as it is about how it is used and what people do with it. There are a handful of products that are very effective in their intended function but even they aren’t operating efficiently (because they are not being used) — they are just sitting around waiting to be picked up. The same goes for medical carts, there are a number of products that would be beneficial in certain situations but have no use in others, or only have some applications — so why do medical carts need to exist at all?


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We'll try our best to become one of most reliance cooperation suppliers in emergency rescue and safety protection field, including spine board with head immobilizerfolding spine boardmedical carts for saleportable iv pole and electric dolly for stairs.

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