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Electric Dolly for Stair

China electric dolly for stair supplier is committed to solving the problem of barrier-free travel of stairs for the elderly, serving the elderly and the disabled, helping them to easily overcome obstacles such as stairs and ramps.
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  • DW-LH06



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1. Introduction

Electric climbers are mainly divided into loaded climbers and manned climbers. The electric manned floor climber consists of the central unit, the joystick, and the battery.

Load climbers are often used in logistics handling to help people easily carry heavy loads up and down the stairs. The operated climbing machine is suitable for disabled people and the elderly who need to go up and downstairs, making it barrier-free on the stairs of buildings that do not have the proper equipment to go up and downstairs.

The electric dolly for stairs designed and developed by Dragon has won wide application and unanimous praise from customers with its lightness, agility, and speed advantages. Products are widely used in the upstairs handling of goods such as household appliances, furniture, beverages, air conditioners, refrigerators, hardware, flour, liquefied gas tanks, floor tiles, marble, cement, and other goods and equipment. Heavy objects that initially required three or four people to lift the stairs together are now easy to handle for one person and one machine.

The electric dolly for stairs designed and developed by Dragon is an electric drive crawler type crawler climbing machine, the crawler covers the three-level staircase all the time, and the safety is highest; the chassis is at the bottom of the climbing machine, which is safer and more stable, can adjust the climbing speed according to needs, saving time and effort. The current maximum load capacity is 250 kg.

A high-strength rubber track with teeth clasp for stairs can run on stairs of various materials without any damage—high-strength aluminum alloy chassis, sturdy and durable. Depending on the load capacity, there are a variety of models and corresponding accessories to choose from.

Stair Climber Trolley

2. Advantages of electric dolly for stairs

  • With the motor-driven control system, only one operator can push the wheelchair up and down the stairs quickly, which provides convenience for people with wheelchairs to travel.

  • Its electric traction control system ensures that the climber safely travels up and downstairs. It also provides passengers with a smooth and comfortable ride.

  • electric dolly for stairs adopts a portable battery-driven system; users only need to sit up or fasten the simple locking device on the wheelchair and the equipment, ensure that the track is in close contact with the steps during operation, can safely and efficiently operate the equipment up and down the stairs, the whole operation process is very smooth and quiet.

  • Suitable for commercial, residential, indoor, outdoor, and other applications. Electric dolly for stairs is currently the mainstream manned climbing equipment, but it is not suitable for use in environments where stairs are exceptionally smooth, too large, and narrow.

3. Characteristics of electric dolly for stairs

  • The unique design makes the rubber track firmly bite the leading edge of the stairs and will not slip off even when the electromagnetic brake is started up and down.

  • Electronic traction control system, quiet, stable, and safe.

  • The lock is easy to operate, firmly fixes the wheelchair to ensure safety.

  • Overcharge protection device.

  •  Lightweight can be disassembled, easy to carry and store.

  • The appearance is compact and beautiful.

Stair Climber Trolley

4. Precautions for an electric dolly for stairs

  • Operators must be trained before using the climbing machine.

  • The electric-operated climbing machine should keep the person's face facing forward to maintain balance when going up and down the stairs. Please fasten your seat belt and use it with trained personnel.

  •  Before using the climbing machine, ensure that the use environment is suitable (such as the slope angle of the stairs, whether the stairs are slippery, the aisles are barrier-free, etc.) and sufficient electricity.

  • The mechanical and electrical equipment of the climbing machine should be maintained regularly and charged frequently.

With the increasing degree of aging in China, multi-story elevator-free housing, pension institutions, hospitals, schools, subway stations, stations, airports, and other prominent public places, the elderly and the disabled with reduced mobility have become the biggest problem. Through electric dolly for stairs, the elderly and disabled can be solved. The climbing machine is easy to operate and can use a wheelchair after simple training.


Quick Details
Material Aluminum alloy
Battery voltage 24 V
Net Weight 29 KG
Gross weight 38 KG
Capacity 250 KG
Packing size 121*68*37cm
Place of Origin: Jiangsu, China
Brand Name: Dragon
Model Number: DW-LH06
Power Source: Electric
Warranty: 1 Year
After-sale Service: Online technical support
Material: Aluminum
Shelf Life: 1years
Quality Certification: ce
Instrument classification: Class I
Supply Ability 1000 Piece/Pieces per Month
Lead Time:
Quantity(Pieces) 501 - 1000
Est. Time(days) 30
Packaging & Delivery
Packaging Details 1PC/CTN
Port Shanghai Port

With the urgent need to develop the economy, improve logistics efficiency and reduce labor costs, an electric dolly for stairs will increasingly appear in the logistics distribution industry, mainly traditional manual handling. It can help operators quickly move heavy objects up and down stairs safely and promptly, significantly improving climbing and handling efficiency and reducing labor costs.

DRAGON is market-oriented, continuously optimizes product quality, constantly meets customer needs, introduces high-end talents, and strives to build the company into a well-known enterprise at home and abroad with advanced technology and equipment, muscular R&D strength. Achieve the mission of "creating value for society, serving customers, and realizing ideals for employees." While pursuing the material and spiritual happiness of all employees, we contribute to the progress of humanity.

On construction sites, we often see piles of sand, cement, bricks, and steel bars. In this way, the material itself is relatively heavy, and it is very laborious to carry it by hand, not to mention the need to climb the stairs to carry it.

In the past, light-weight flat carts could be seen on construction sites, with simple structure and easy operation. However, because there is no climbing structure, it is impossible to climb the stairs with load, and can only undertake the task of carrying on the ground. Many large building materials are still carried by workers by hand. But now construction sites often see portable electric step-by-step Electric Dolly for Stair. These Electric Dolly for Stair can climb the building materials within 250KG, and have become the "standard" for many construction sites.

Hit the "pain point" directly, it is no longer difficult to move bricks and climb stairs

For a long time, the most tiring thing on construction sites is to carry building materials and climb the stairs. Although there are cranes, lifts, etc., they all have their own shortcomings. In many cases, they have little effect or are not used. It is a particularly useful tool, and workers can only laboriously carry and climb stairs by hand, and the emergence of electric stair climbing machines solves this problem.

For workers, it is not the heavy or bulky building materials that are difficult to handle. These building materials are of little significance to take the stairs, and are often carried by cranes and elevators. The difficulty is the building materials that are small in size and have a certain weight, such as sand, cement, bricks, etc. These building materials often need to "shuttle" between floors, and their positions are constantly changing.

This requires the corresponding tools to be "flexible" enough to move anytime, anywhere while solving the problem of climbing stairs. The electric stair climbing machine just meets the above conditions. Its load capacity is generally within 200KG-250KG, and the self-weight is only about 30KG. The Electric Dolly for Stair is relatively fast and can be operated by a single person, which fills the gap of this kind of stair climbing equipment.

High cost performance, commonly used in construction sites

Another important reason why electric stair climbers are becoming more and more popular is that they are practical and inexpensive. The price of a step-by-step electric stair climbing machine ranges from 3,000 to 5,000, but it can practically solve the problem of building materials handling. For workers, the stair climbing machine is a "practical" tool, especially in cross When moving floors, stair climbers are even more "necessities" and have become "standard" on many construction sites.

Moreover, the electric stair climbing machine can be used by one person, and there is no need for others to assist from loading to handling to unloading, which can greatly improve the construction efficiency of the construction site, and the stair climbing machine is gradually becoming as common as a "trolley".

Electric stair climbing machine skills

1. The novice must practice repeatedly with an empty car in the early stage.

2. The first load is recommended to be around 150kg-250kg.

3. There will be a lot of recoil when going upstairs. Be sure to raise your arms and press down hard to prevent rollovers.

4. The lower the operator's body posture, the safer it is when going upstairs.

5. When going downstairs, the tires of the climbing car must be close to the edge of the stairs, which will be safer.

6. The rod of the stair climbing car can be telescopically adjusted to adjust the length, and it can also be adjusted in the opposite direction to make it easier.

7. The machine must be charged with the battery turned on. If the battery switch is not turned on, it will not be able to charge.

8. If the power of the machine is insufficient, be sure to charge it in time to avoid damage to the machine or personnel due to unexpected situations when climbing stairs.

9. If the machine accidentally rolls over, let go of it as soon as possible to ensure your own safety.

Electric stair climbers are mainly divided into two categories: load climbers and people climbers. Load climbers are often used in the field of logistics and can help people to carry heavy objects up and down the stairs easily. The manned stair climbers are suitable for the disabled and elderly who need to go up and down stairs, making them accessible on the stairs of buildings without suitable stair climbing equipment. The stair climber includes a metal skeleton that moves up and down the stairs using a conversion support system, and a pair of wheels for use on flat surfaces. The stair climber operating lever can be used with most wheelchairs. The control buttons on the lever are ergonomically designed.

The stair climber is suitable for disabled and elderly people who need to go up and down stairs to make them accessible on the stairs of buildings without suitable equipment for going up and down stairs. The stair climber consists of a metal skeleton that moves up and down the stairs using a conversion support system, and a pair of wheels for use on flat surfaces. The stair climber operating lever can be used with most wheelchairs. The control buttons on the lever are ergonomically designed.

Features: The equipment is easy to transport, and the detachable design of the operating column saves overall size and weight, making operation more convenient. The main body of the equipment is activated by an operator panel button at the heel. The load frame is electrically welded iron with an electrophoretic finish and the operating mechanism contains a chrome-plated iron frame. The heat-formed high-impact polystyrene chassis is sophisticated and modern. The proper height of the unit makes it easy to load all types of wheelchairs.

Electric cargo truck is a new type of labor-saving handling tool. With the urgent need of economic development, improving logistics efficiency and reducing labor cost, the electric truck will appear more and more in the traditional manual handling-based logistics and distribution industry. The electric truck can help the operator to easily move heavy objects up and down the stairs safely and quickly. It greatly improves the efficiency of floor climbing and handling and reduces labor cost. It is widely used to carry goods and equipment up and down the stairs of home appliances, drinks and liquor, furniture, etc.


We'll try our best to become one of most reliance cooperation suppliers in emergency rescue and safety protection field, including spine board with head immobilizerfolding spine boardmedical carts for saleportable iv pole and electric dolly for stairs.

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