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Electric Operation Table

Operating Table Electric Operating Table DL.C China Factory Hospital Theatre Room Electric OT Operating Table
  • OPB-KDT-Y08A-5



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Introduction of electric operation table

1. The electric operation table is highly automated, adopts a computer control system, and controls all body positions with one button.

2. The electric operation table has a simple structure, reasonable design, and ergonomic design, which can effectively reduce the labor intensity of the operating staff.

3. It has extended functions and a wide range of applications, which can meet the work requirements of various departments such as surgery, gynecology, urology, and ophthalmology.

4. The electric operation table is made of high-quality materials such as stainless steel and aluminum alloy, which are durable and has a long service life.

Electric Operation Table Description

  • Built-in kidney bridge, more convenient and nice appearance.

  • Be suitable for both x-ray and c-arm use.

  • Morden appearance design

  • Extra-long horizontal sliding, available for c-arm operation.

  • All function controlled by hand controller and controller in the column, and can be locked.

  • OEM Manufacturing welcome: Product, Package...

  • Sample order

  • We will reply you for your inquiry in 24 hours.

  • after sending, we will track the products for you once every two days, until you get the products. When you got the goods, test them, and give me

a feedback.If you have any questions about Electric Operation Table, contact with us, we will offer the solve way for you.

The working principle of the electric operating table

The electric operation table is powered by electro-hydraulic, and the main control structure is composed of a control switch, a speed regulating valve, and a solenoid valve. The hydraulic power source is provided by an electric-hydraulic gear pump to control the reciprocating motion of each two-way hydraulic cylinder. And through the handle, buttons to control the electric operation table to change various positions, such as lifting, left and right, forward and backward, lower back lifting, moving and fixing, and other functions so that it can meet the requirements of surgical operation.

The technical requirements of the electric operation table

Most of the electric operation tables use hydraulic cylinders or gas spring cylinders, and the base of the bed adopts a Y-shaped design to ensure that the operation table has relatively high stability and relatively free space so that medical staff has zero distance. Approaching the surgical patient. The operation table should have very good mobility, with a four-wheel landing design, be easy to move, have a central mechanical brake device, and the casters are locked or released through the center of the foot lever.

The bearings are all sealed and waterproof, easy to clean, and the water, blood, and suture heads during the operation will never be entangled in the bearings.

Head and foot tilt and left and right tilt just need to gently squeeze the head handle to obtain the clinically required position.

The leg and back joints are equipped with gas spring cylinder support structures, which make various adjustments gentle, silent, and vibration-free, and at the same time effectively protect the joint structure and prevent patients from falling.

The operation table product should adopt the double-leg plate structure as much as possible. The double-leg plate surface can be rotated to the two outer sides in the same plane. After the rotation, the angle between the inner sides of the two-leg plate surfaces is not less than 180°. All adjustments are made with step-less change.

Advantage of Our Company

  1. Professional medical products manufacture for more than 10 years

  2. High quality with competitive price

  3. Independent Design and Outstanding Sales Team

  4. Large Supply Ability

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External LxWxH 2060x500x(710-1010)mm
Reverse trendelenburg 0-25°
Trendelenburg 0-25°
Lateral tilt left/right 0-15°
Head plate up/down 0-40°/0-90°
Back plate up/down 0-80°/0-20°
Leg plate up/down 0-15°/0-90°
Kidney bridge up 110mm
Horizontal sliding C type arm 350mm
Lowest position of table top 710mm
Highest position of table top 1010mm
Right lateral tilt 0-20°
Left lateral tilt 0-20°
Technical configuration
Bed frame 1pc
Mattress 1set
Anesthsia screen frame 1pc
Shoulder holder with cushion 2pcs
Arm holder with cushion 2pcs
Leg support with cushion 2pcs
Foot support with cushion 2pcs
Hand controller 1pc
Kidney bridge handle 1pc
Battery standby time(h) 80
Power supply 220V 50HZ 350VA
Power control circuit 12V
Plug as required

Place of Origin Jiangsu, China
Brand Name Dragon
Warranty 1 Year
Product Name Hospital Clinic
Supply Ability 100 Piece/Pieces per Month
Lead Time
Quantity(Pieces) 1-10
Est. Time(days) 15
Service OEM ODM

The electric operation table has the following 7 operating requirements:

  1. The electric operation bed is a permanent installation device. The power input line must be inserted into the three-way socket with grounding wire prepared in advance by the medical institution, so as to be fully grounded and connected to the shell, which can effectively avoid the occurrence of electric shock due to excessive leakage current; And it can effectively avoid the accumulation of static electricity, friction and ignition, the danger of explosion caused by anesthesia gas in the operating room, and also avoid potential electromagnetic interference between devices or the occurrence of accidents.

  2. The operation of the electric operation table should be carried out by medical personnel trained by the manufacturer. After adjusting the lifting and turning of the electric operation table, the hand-held operator must be placed in a place that medical personnel should not touch to avoid misoperation and cause electric shock. The operating table moves or turns, causing the patient to be injured again accidentally and the condition aggravates.

  3. If the mains power fails during operation and the table still needs to be operated, it can be connected to the generator power supply prepared in advance by the medical institution, 220V/50HZ alternating current.

  4. The main power source of the electric operation table, the electric push rod, and the pneumatic spring is enclosed in hidden places. During maintenance and inspection, please do not disassemble its internal parts at will, so as not to affect the normal use.

  5. Replacement of the melting device: The melting device is in an obvious position at the power input of the base of the electric operating table.

  6. Cleaning and disinfection: After each operation, the operation table pad must be cleaned and disinfected.

  7. The electric operating table should be lowered to the lowest position after each operation, the table should be in a horizontal position, and the power plug should be unplugged so that the live wire and the neutral wire are double-cut, and the power supply is completely separated from the network.

Operation Table
Operation Table
Operation Table
Operation Table
Operation Table
Operation Table

Management requirements of the electric operation table

1. Positioning and quantitative placement

  1. According to the performance and usage of the operation table, place the operation table in a fixed operating room, and the accessories that are frequently used should be placed with the operation bed, or placed in a fixed position in the operating room, such as a headrest. , bracket, bed adjustment remote control board, etc. are not separated from the bed.

  2. The accessory rack is placed in a fixed place outside the operating room. For accessories that are used infrequently, such as leg racks, shoulder baffles, side baffles, etc., they are classified and arranged on the accessory rack.

2. The logo is clear enough to introduce the management concept of visual logo:

  1. An information card shall be set up for each operation table, and the card shall indicate the model of the bed, the number of accessories, the name, and the operating room number.

  2. The operating room number is marked with paint on each accessory, and each operating room has one color.

  3. The name is indicated on the accessories so that the time for finding accessories can be shortened.

3. Establish and improve the user registration system. Hang the use registration book on the accessory rack, and the user will register and classify it in time, so as to facilitate accurate search, management, and normal use.

4. The person in charge of the fixed person will check and record on a fixed date every week, carefully count the accessories on the operation table and the items on the accessory rack, and find out the misplacement or missing should be inquired and retrieved in time, returned to the original position, and registered in the department's error book It is regarded as a lack of work, and the relevant medical staff will check irregularly, at least twice a month.

5. Cleaning and maintenance. Each operation table is cleaned and maintained by a special person. After using the operation table and accessories, the janitor wipes the surface with chlorine-containing disinfectant every time, and then wipes it with a clean water towel, and is responsible for it every week. People clean, lubricate and maintain once.


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