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Operation Table

The operation table produced by China emergency medical equipment supplier can be used for comprehensive operations in obstetrics and gynecology, orthopedics, brain surgery, etc. It can meet the requirements of the surgical position and provide more flexible surgical space for medical staff.
  • OPB-KDT-Y098



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The operation table is a platform for performing surgery and anesthesia.The operation table is designed to meet the challenges of today's operating room. Increase efficiency, reduce costs, and improve patient safety with an operating table ready to handle virtually any procedure or specialty. How the STERIS 4095 general operating table works

China DRAGON operation table's large size table slide allows easy positioning for any type of surgical speciality, such as cardiothoracic, orthopedic or neurosurgery. There is no need to turn the table and reconfigure it for certain situations like other operating tables, just slide the operation table to the desired position.

With the development of science and technology, the operation table has been developed from manual drive to electronically controlled hydraulic type, electric operating bed. The DRAGON operation table is not only more convenient and labour-saving to operate but also enhances the safety and stability of patients in different positions and develops in the two directions of versatility and specialization.

The operation table has unique advantages

  • Intuitive hand control with pre-programmed swivel positions and beach chair for easy setup.

  • The operation table uses a four-segment table top that can contour almost all patient postures.

  • Accommodates nearly all patients with a wide range of heights and weights.

  • Provides excellent access to the C-arm, allowing clear high-quality images essential for MIS, cardiothoracic, orthopaedic and neurosurgery procedures.

  • The operation table compensates for uneven operating room floors through a unique self-leveling floor lock.

  • Use Auto Limit Sensor™ to prevent collision of section and table base.

  • The main position adjustment of the operating table, such as lifting, left and right tilt, translation, etc., is realized by button operation and electric push rod transmission.

  • The operation table can be moved longitudinally, and can be used for radiographic diagnosis or shooting with the C-arm. The operating table top is made of high-strength black acrylic board, and the mattress is molded of polyurethane foam;

  • The operation table leg plate is detachable, manually rotated and abducted, folded down, easy to adjust, very convenient for urological surgery.

  • The operation table hand-held manipulator adopts 24V DC voltage, which is easy to operate, safe and reliable.

  • The remote control has LED backlight with symbol position numbers, it can be used even in the dark.

  • The base of the table is a heavy duty base covered with scientifically designed "T" shaped SS, which provides optimal foot space for the surgeon's comfortable posture.

  • The operation table performs comprehensive weight compensation by manually adjusting the head and leg sections.

  • Corrosion-resistant stainless steel 304G construction, including table top frame, accessory rails, base cover and column telescopic cover.

  • The pedal-operated braking system holds the table in its place when in use.

  • Universal Mobility Stable chassis ensures 100% controllable and energy-efficient mobility for added safety.

  • The use of operation table memory foam pads guarantees maximum patient comfort and ideal bedsore prevention.

lnnovation design, High quality Material, Safety product, Easy operation,High quality, Beauty, comfortable feeling, long lifetime.

Product description

The operation table consists of a bed body (including support, transmission, and electric control parts) and accessories. The support part usually consists of a countertop (various support plates), a lifting column and a base. According to the transmission principle, it can be divided into three transmission structure forms: hydraulic, mechanical and pneumatic. The headboard, backplane, leg board and countertop are adjustable.

Structural composition

The operation table consists of tabletop, electronic control, main body, and accessories. The operating table is composed of a head plate, a backplate, a leg plate and a seat plate, including a backplate, a headboard surface, a left leg surface, a seat plate, a waist plate, and a suitable leg surface.

The operation control device of the electric operating bed often uses electro-hydraulic transmission, mainly composed of hydraulic drum, electric gear oil pump, solenoid valve, relief valve, power supply and positioning control switch and other related components.

Its electro-hydraulic transmission control is accomplished through a wired handpress controller, foot controller, infrared remote control, and auxiliary controller. Standard accessories include leg brace, arm tray, dirt bucket, arm plate, anesthesia rod, head frame and infusion stand to help adjust the position to meet the needs of surgery.

Product functions

The operation table is suitable for thoracic and abdominal surgery, brain surgery, facial features, obstetrics and gynecology, urology, orthopedics, etc., and is a high-grade comprehensive multifunctional operating table.

  1. The lifting, forward/backward, left/right tilt, backplane rotation, leg plate rotation, translation and braking are all-electric.

  2. Super long translation distance, 400mm longitudinal translation, guarantee the whole body C-arm examination without moving the patient.

  3. Built-in lumbar bridge to meet the needs of kidney surgery.

  4.  Large casters ensure smooth running and reliable locking.

  5. Bed table control panel.

  6. Optional suspended orthopedic frame, multi-function headrest. Easy and flexible installation, ready to use.

Operation Table (3)

How to use

The operation table's lifting, left/right tilting, forward and backward tilting are all electrically controlled and equipped with a mobile control button box. When the button of the desired action is pressed, the corresponding motor acts, and the button is released, and the work is stopped immediately.

  • Plugin the power plug of the operating table.

  • When the operating table needs to perform actions such as rising, falling, leaning back and forth, left/right, turning the backplate, etc., press the corresponding button on the button box, the operation table can automatically realize the action.

  • Braking the operating table is achieved by stepping on the foot pedal and pushing it under the stop bar; when the operating table needs to be moved, remove the foot from under the stop bar to move the operating table.

  • You only need to control the corresponding handles for waist lifting, headboard rotation, and leg board rotation.

Name of operation table

Electric operating bed (table), electric comprehensive functional bed (table), electromechanical active bed (table), electro-hydraulic operating bed (table), electro-hydraulic surgical bed (table), electric facial features operating bed (table).

Routine maintenance

If the operation table fails suddenly during use, it will not only affect the smooth operation but may also cause damage to the patient's nerves, limbs or organs.

If the fault cannot be eliminated in a short period and no spare electric operating bed is available to replace, the hospital faces a greater clinical risk and may cause severe social and economic losses.

Daily maintenance of the operation table and timely repair when a fault occurs can effectively increase the utilization rate of the operation table and effectively prolong its service life, and plays a vital role in the use of the electric operating bed.

  • Check each plug, power cord, and power switch indicator for abnormalities.

  • Check whether the bed fastening screws are locked, etc., and observe whether accessories such as backboard, bed board and bedside fastening bolts are damaged.

  • Because the electric operating bed applies hydraulic pressure, the fuel tank should be inspected, the bed surface should be reduced to a minimum, the remaining amount of hydraulic oil in the tank should be observed, whether the oil is emulsified, and the oil should be replaced immediately if it occurs.

  • The hygiene of the operation table should be kept clean for a long time. After the operation is completed, the power must be cut off, the outside must be cleaned, the dirt and blood stains left by the operation must be removed, and water is strictly prohibited for cleaning.

One-Stop Service

Professional Engineer Team

Excellent Production Devices

OEM & ODM Service

Length 2020mm Lateral Tilt≥20°
Width 500mm Back Plate(up/down)≥75°/≥15°
Height 550mm-800mm Head Plate(up/down)≥30°/≥90°
Elevation≥250mm Kidney bridge elevation≥100mm
Trendelenburg≥22° Leg plate (down)≥90°
Reverse Trendelenburg≥22° Kidney bridge elevation≥120~180mm°

China DRAGON has a good reputation as an operation table manufacturer, Supplier and exporter of high quality healthcare and surgical equipment. China DRAGON provides comprehensive operating room equipment and general operating tables. DRAGON is a company dedicated to providing quality products and prompt service. All its products meet various international quality standards. In China there is a team of seasoned professionals in the industry with years of experience. A company's entire business operations are geared toward achieving overall customer satisfaction.

Multifunctional electric operating table for general surgery, obstetrics and gynecology, urology, ENT and thoracoscopy.

The table can be moved longitudinally. lt can be used in conjunction with the C-arm for radiographic examination or filming. The countertop is supported by a high-strength plastic sheet, and the mattress ismemory foam.

The main body adjustments such as table lifting, tilting back and forth, tilting left and right, and translation are all operated bybuttons, and the electric push rod is turned.

The leg plate is detachable, manually rotated 180 degrees, and abduction down 90 degrees. lt is easy to adjust and veryconvenient.The handheld manipulator uses 24V DC voltage for simple, safe andreliable operation.


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