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  • Expomed Eurasia 2023
    Exhibition Name:Expomed Eurasia 2023Time: 16th March -18th March Booth: Hall 8, 809 Expomed Eurasia 2023 will be held in Istanbul from March 16th to 18th. As a major importer of medical devices, Turkey’s imports of medical supplies and equipment have maintained an annual growth rate of 10% to 20% in
  • Turkey Earthquake:How to use emergency product to protect yourself
    It is sad to learn that on February 6th, 2023, a 7.8 magnitude earthquake struck southern Turkey near the Syrian border. According to the latest news reports on February 7th, the earthquake has killed more than 3,800 people in both Turkey and Syria.China quickly provided humanitarian aid and assista
  • Arab Health 2023
    Exhibition Name:Arab Health 2023Time: 30th January -2nd FebruaryBooth: RD75
  • How does a footboard help in nursing care?
    In nursing care, ensuring patient comfort and safety is paramount. A crucial, yet often underappreciated, tool in this endeavor is the footboard. Though simple in design, footboards provide significant benefits in patient care. This article explores how footboards contribute to nursing care, backed
  • How to Use a Rescue Scoop Stretcher Correctly
    In emergency medical services (EMS), ensuring the proper handling and transportation of patients is critical. Among the various tools employed by paramedics and emergency responders, the rescue scoop stretcher stands out for its versatility and effectiveness in safely moving injured individuals, par
  • What Is The Width of An Ambulance Stretcher?
    In emergency medical services (EMS), every piece of equipment is designed with precision to optimize patient care and operational efficiency. One of the most critical components in any ambulance is the stretcher, also known as a gurney. The width of an ambulance stretcher, while seemingly a straight
  • Are Spine Boards Safe?
    Spine boards, also known as backboards, are essential tools in emergency medical services (EMS) for immobilizing patients with suspected spinal injuries. These devices aim to prevent further injury during transport to medical facilities. However, the use of spine boards has come under scrutiny in re
  • How to Maintain a Basket Stretcher
    How to Maintain a Basket StretcherIntroductionA basket stretcher is indispensable in emergency rescue operations, especially in difficult and unpredictable terrains. These stretchers are engineered to safely transport patients from remote or hazardous locations to medical facilities. Given their cri
  • How To Use A Stokes Basket?
    IntroductionA Stokes basket, commonly referred to as a rescue basket, is an indispensable tool in various emergency rescue operations. This specialized stretcher is designed to safely transport patients from remote or confined locations where traditional stretchers cannot go. Made from durable mater
  • How To Use Rescue Scoop Stretcher for Children
    IntroductionScoop stretchers are a critical tool in emergency medical services, primarily designed to transport accident victims without exacerbating their injuries. This analysis aims to determine if these devices, typically designed with adults in mind, are also suitable for pediatric use. We will
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