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  • Early assessment and emergency management of spinal injuries

    IntroductionThe basic principles of trauma management are careful, thorough, and immediate initial (early) assessment, which provides a good foundation for further comprehensive treatment. In the case of spinal trauma patients, the importance of an accurate early assessment is to prevent permanent n

  • how to choose the best crash cart price?

    1. What is a portable iv pole?There is a lot of misinformation floating around concerning portable iv poles. First, there are no such things as “portable iv poles”. Second, generally speaking, portable iv poles are not used for IVs. Third, a portable iv pole is a very civilized thing to use when you

  • what is a spine board?

    1. What is a spine board?A spine board is a medical device used to immobilize the head and neck of a patient with a spinal injury, possibly a spinal injury. Most boards have additional straps or additional foam pads to further immobilize the head and neck.The above is from an article on The Spine Bo

  • Must-Know before Buying Outdoor Electric wheelchair

    The first thing we have to take into account is that electric wheelchairs are all for the user, and each user's situation is different. From the user's point of view, we must make a comprehensive and detailed assessment based on the individual's limb consciousness condition, basic data such as heigh

  • How to move a patient on a folding spine board?

    2. What is a folding spine board?The spine board is made of fiberglass or fiberglass-reinforced plastic. The main advantage of this kind of material is that it can be easily folded and molded into any shape. It can be used to hold the spine and protect it from damage.It’s a fairly simple setup: ther

  • What is Electric Stair Climbing Dolly?

    1. Introductionelectric stair climbing dolly (ESTDC), a new type of stair climbing equipment, was developed to overcome the problem of short-term power supply interruption and long-term maintenance. It can be used in the transport industry, distribution, and other related industries.This product is

  • what is scoop stretcher?

    1. IntroductionIn the field of hospital and sports emergency use, an aluminum alloy scoop stretcher with nylon belts for hospital and sports emergency use is made of aluminum alloy material. It is characterized by its being light-weighted, small-sized, easy-carried, use-safely, and easy to sterilize

  • how to choose electric wheelchair suppliers?

    1. Introduction: Why it's important to choose the right electric wheelchair suppliers.There are a lot of electric wheelchair suppliers in the world. What are the costs involved in choosing the right one? Many people ask me this question. I'm sure you have probably seen that some of them were listed

  • How to use the hospital bed

    1. Posture adjustmentFirm pressure on the head position control handle releases the self-locking gas spring, extending the piston rod and simultaneously slowly raising the bed surface from the head position. Also hold the handle tightly and apply downward force to descend;The lifting and lowering of

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