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LED X-Ray Film View Box(3A)

  • Triple DW-3A



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NameLED X-Ray Film View box 
ModelTriple DW-3A
ParametersExternal Size(mm)1200*502*38
Visual Size(mm)1080*422
Light source modeBack light mode
Light SourceSuper high brightness SMD LED 780PCS/panel;8 000K CT;LED Lifespan of 100 000hours 
Electric ParametersGlobal Voltage Adaptive built-in power;AC90V-240V;50/60Hz
Brightness SettingPWM dimming system;1.77 inch LCD displayer,brightness 0-100 stages adjustable among 0-6000cd/㎡
Clip deviceSlicone clip device
Mount Type Wall-mounte or bracket
Application FilmsGeneral film,digital film,breast mamography film
Sensor functionSeparate control of each panel,automatic sensing function,memory function,delay power off function
Viewing Uniformity≥90%
Working EnvironmentRoom Average Illuminance should no more than 100 lux
FeaturesHigh-efficient and durable LED light source technology  
Excellent light source arrangement  
Imported acrylic plate  
High frequency digital PWM technology  
High-definition reading experience  
 Innovative knob operation and LCD display  
Reliable silicone film clip device 

LED X-Ray Film View box


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