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Transport Bed

  • DW ET-04



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Be Meticulous About Quality

The quality of our products is measured by the accuracy of hospital level. lt is made of high quality materials and advanced is strong and durable. It is beautiful, texture-rich, corrosion-resistant and has longer service life.

Keep improving. just to make better products.

Length1930mmHigh and low elevation510-850mmSafety working load
Width663mmBack lift0-70°Back lifting system
High and low adjustmentMetal rocker system, overload protection function, not easy to break.
Configuration list1. One bed body;
2. Integral guardrail 2 pieces;
3. Four double-sided casters;
4. Central control locking pedal 4 sets;
5. One set of the fifth round of the center;
6. One set of integral lifting rockers;
7. Back lift pneumatic spring set;
8. One large bottom tray;
9. One infusion stand;
10. Four jacks for standard infusion stand;
11. One oxygen cylinder hanger;
12. Transport 1 mattress;

Interior Panelling

PP resin formed two side guardrail board,height 300 mm, patients are safer, can alsobe horizontally fixed, increase the width ofthe bed, so that the infusion arm has acomfortable place to place; and has a doublesafety lock for locking, prevent misoperation,improve the safety of operation.

Interior Panelling

The guardrail board is equipped with angledisplay, which is convenient for nursing tounderstand the angle of the back rising. Thereare grooves in the middle of the guardrail boardson both sides to prevent the catheter from slidingand facilitate the infusion and drainage.Aluminumdie-casting integral moulding guardrail brackethas higher strength, humanization and betterappearance.

Castor Wheel

Central control lock double-sided anti-windingfunction casters, prevent hair and other debrisinto the casters and cause implementationfailure.Four 150 mm diameter casters, fourcorners of the cart have caster control system,one foot brake, four wheels fixed at the sametime.

The central control brake connecting rod isformed by an integrated circular pipe to ensurehigher strength.

Place Space

There are two-stage trays under the bed body.The trays are divided into two parts, which aredifferent in size and depth. There are sixleaking holes.The trays are easy to use andcan bear 10Kg.


The surface of the fabric is waterproof, easyto clean, with zippers, and the external fabriccan be washed.

Transfer Mattress

Fabric surface waterproof treatment, easy toclean, four corners equipped with zippers,external fabrics can be washed; anti-staticthree-stage structure, only one person canoperate parallel docking and transporting patients.

Transport of Bed
Transport of Bed


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