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Manual Hospital Bed

The manual hospital bed produced by China manual hospital bed manufacturer is very convenient for shifting and transferring during the daily care of patients with inconvenient mobility.
Customized packaging(Min. Order: 100 Sets)
Customized logo(Min. Order: 100 Sets)


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The manual hospital bed depends on the number of joysticks, and can generally be divided into deluxe multi-functional Hospital Manual Bed With 3 Functions, 2 Function Manual Patient Bed, two-shake three-fold bed and single-shake bed. DRAGON as China Supplier, the main features of the multi-functional nursing bed are the rocker device and different accessories that can be configured, such as a bedpan, reasonable process design and different choices of materials.

The Manual Hospital Bed from DragonMFC manufacturer is a medical device designed for use in hospitals, nursing homes, and other healthcare facilities. This bed is equipped with a hand crank or lever that allows the patient or caregiver to adjust the height of the bed, as well as the headrest and footrest. It also has side rails to help prevent falls and accidents, and lockable wheels for easy movement within the room or between rooms. The bed is made of durable materials and is designed to be comfortable and supportive, helping patients to rest and sleep more comfortably. Overall, the Manual Hospital Bed from DragonMFC is a cost-effective solution for healthcare facilities looking to provide their patients with a comfortable and safe place to sleep and rest.


China manual hospital bed composition

  1. Use personalized ABS headboard, which is strong and durable.

  2. The Manual Hospital Bed uses a separate brake brake wheel, with double bearings embedded in the caster, rolling flexibly, without noise, and without shaking. Manual Hospital Bed3, using six-speed aluminum alloy guardrail, high safety factor.

high quality Manual Hospital Bed Details

  1. The bed surface production process, the introduction of advanced German technology, the first in the country, and the quality assurance.

  2. The lead screw measures the connecting plate, which is stamped and formed at one time, without deformation, and is safe and secure.

  3. Bedside hook anti-scratch technology, humanized design, reduce worries

  4. Manual Hospital Bed product accessories are well made, and every detail can stand the test.

Item value
Specific Use Hospital Bed
General Use Commercial Furniture Hospital Furniture
Size 2150*950*350-690mm
Certificate CE & ISO:13485
Color Customized
Packing 1SetlCtn Standard Exported Packing
Loading Capacity 210KG
OEM Availabe
  • Lead Time:

  • Quantity(Sets) 1 - 50 51 - 500 501 - 1000 >1000
    Est. Time(days) 10 20 30 To be negotiated


DRAGON as China Manual Hospital Bed Supplier, the multifunctional nursing bed has huge advantages compared with other ordinary products

  1. Set up an independent spraying process workshop to ensure the quality of spraying, and the bed surface has no welding points and is smooth and tidy.

  2.  Carpets are laid on the floor of the warehouse to ensure that there are no scratches on the sprayed surface when storing and transporting products.

  3. The product packaging is upgraded, each bed is equipped with an independent accessory kit, and the design is more user-friendly.

  4. The overall material of the double-shake manual hospital bed is more sufficient, the weight is increased, the bearing capacity is doubled, and the maximum bearing capacity is 750kg.

  5. The design of the DRAGON manual hospital bed is reasonable, breaking the simplicity of traditional hospital beds, with fine workmanship and dense bed boards.

  6. The manual hospital bed uses a one-time stamping and forming link piece, which is simple and beautiful, breaking the clumsiness of ordinary hospital beds and reflecting the characteristics of beauty and delicacy.

  7. High-quality off-gear lead screw, light and quiet, prolong life.

  8.  The aluminum alloy heightened folding guardrail adopts high-quality iron connectors to continuously meet the higher requirements of customers.

Manual Hospital Bed Features

  1.  Foldable guardrail: It is convenient to get in and out of bed and reduce secondary injuries.

  2.  Detachable dining table: It is convenient to take care of the elderly's diet and will not be in a hurry.

  3. Back up function: reduce back pressure.

  4. Leg lift function: promote blood circulation and reduce muscle atrophy.

  5. Assist function: one-handed operation, convenient and quick.

  6. Shampoo function: The shampoo basin for manual hospital bed is equipped with a water outlet to facilitate patients to wash their hair.

  7. Turn over function: effectively prevent the growth of bedsores, it is recommended to turn over once every 1-2 hours.

  8. Configure the infusion stand: the height of the manual hospital bed can be adjusted for peace of mind infusion.

As a manual hospital bed manufacturer, China DRAGON has a very scientific design and strong compatibility. The manual hospital bed has armrests that are easy to lift or fold, the side rails are easy to adjust, can work with individual or central braking system The design makes it very ergonomic for the backrest and knee support. You can call if necessary.

The application of Manual Hospital Bed can greatly improve the life of patients, but how to operate the manual nursing bed suitable for short-term nursing?

The use method of Manual Hospital Bed is as follows:

1. Body position adjustment: hold the head position control handle tightly to release the self-locking of the gas spring, and its piston rod extends. At the same time, drive the head position bed surface to rise slowly. When it rises to the required angle, release the handle, and the bed surface will be locked at this position; Similarly, hold the handle tightly and apply force downward to lower; The rise and fall of the upper leg bed surface is controlled by the upper leg rocker; The lifting and lowering of the foot position bed surface is controlled by the foot position control handle. When it is clenched, make the pull pin separate from the positioning hole and fall by its own weight. When it reaches the required angle, loosen the handle and the foot position bed surface will be locked in this position; By using the control handle and the handle in coordination, the patient can obtain various postures from lying flat to half lying, bending legs, sitting flat and sitting upright. In addition, when the patient is lying flat, if he wants to lie on his side, first pull out the small head of the bed on one side, turn over the guardrail on that side, press the control button on the outside of the bed with one hand, so that the side gas spring releases the self-locking, and its piston rod extends out. At the same time, drive the side bed surface to rise slowly. When it rises to the required angle, release the control button, and the bed surface will be locked in this position to complete the side lying posture from the surface. Note: reverse the same operation.

2. Use of defecation device: turn the defecation handle clockwise, and the defecation hole cover will automatically open. At the same time, the toilet carrier will automatically be sent to the patient's buttocks along the horizontal direction. The patient can urinate or clean the lower part. Turn the defecation handle counterclockwise, and the defecation hole cover will be closed and kept flush with the bed surface. At the same time, the defecation basin will be automatically sent to the operator's side, so that the nursing staff can take away the cleaned toilet basin, and the cleaned toilet basin will be put back into the toilet basin carrier for next use.

3. Use the guardrail of the nursing bed to hold the top edge of the side guardrail horizontally, lift it vertically by about 20mm, turn it down 180 degrees, and then put down the guardrail. After the patient goes to bed, lift and turn the guardrail up 180 degrees, and press it vertically to complete the lifting of the side guardrail. Note: the use method of foot guard is the same.

4. Use of living table: align the opening of the plastic part on the back of the living table with the upper side of the side guardrail and press it down. Press the guardrail with one hand and lift the living table with the other hand, and then it can be removed.

5. Use of infusion hanger: no matter the bed surface is in any state, the infusion rack can be used. When using the infusion rack, first screw the two sections of the infusion rack into one, then align the hook under the infusion rack with the upper horizontal pipe, at the same time, align the hook head above with the round hole of the pipe above the side guardrail, press it down, and then use it. Lift up the infusion hanger to remove it.

6. Use of brake: when pressing the brake with feet or hands, it is braking, and lifting it is loosening.

7. Use of safety belt: when patients use this bed or need to change their position, they must fasten the safety belt (the tightness of the safety belt should be adjusted appropriately according to different individuals) to prevent danger.

8. Operation of the foot washing device: when the bed surface of the foot position is horizontal, adjust the rocker of the thigh position and lift the bed surface of the thigh position to prevent the patient from slipping; Hold the foot position control handle tightly, put the foot position bed surface in a proper position, turn down the foot position movable board, and then shake the thigh position rocker to keep the foot position movable board horizontal, put on the basin, and then wash your feet. After washing your feet, take out the water basin and reset the foot position movable board to its original place. Hold the foot position control handle tightly and lift the foot position bed surface upward to the horizontal position.

Product Function

Height adjustable from 350 to 690mm

by manual crank

Back-rest lifting angle is 0-75°(±5°) 

by manual crank

Knee-rest lifting angle is 0-45°(±5°) 

by manual crank

Product Display

ABS Headboard

Detachable ABS head/foot board

Foldable Siderail

Collapsible aluminum alloy guardrails

Silent Castor

The quality attains national standard. lt is equipped with wheel which is quiet and noiseless and able to support over220kgs.


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