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Emergency Blanket

The emergency blanket first aid is an international emergency life-saving must-have product, suitable for use in field exploration, inspection, tourism, and disasters. It is easy to carry, compact and practical.
The emergency blanket first aid is generally made of tin foil or aluminum film, and is divided into three types: double-sided gold, double-sided silver, and gold and silver. There are other names called sun blankets, or cold blankets.


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Emergency Blanket First Aid

Any other size can be customized;

Application:Outdoor or Disaster use;

Emergency Blanket First Aid to be used as emergency shelter. Also great for camping, hiking, and surviving the cold outdoors. Excellent as liner of sleeping bag

Many people don't know much about first aid blankets in real life, but this seemingly simple first aid blanket is a "life-saving blanket for some people who travel outdoors all year round."

The emergency blanket first aid is an international emergency life-saving must-have product suitable for field exploration, inspection, tourism, and disasters. It is easy to carry, compact, and practical.

Emergency blanket first aid is also called emergency blanket, survival blanket, cold blanket, thermal blanket, sunscreen blanket, etc. Its main function is to protect against cold and keep warm in an emergency. We can see that the first aid blanket is plated with silver and gold aluminum foil on both sides. Its function is to use the reflection principle to reflect the heat radiation of our body by using the aluminum foil to slow down the heat dissipation of the human body and achieve the effect of keeping warm.

Emergency Blanket
Emergency Blanket

The principle of the warm-keeping effect of emergency blanket

The DRAGON emergency blanket first aid obtained this thin, foldable, and heat-reflective blanket by depositing gaseous aluminum onto a plastic film. Aluminum is a relatively easy metal to tear and has low strength. Therefore, the main purpose of the composite plastic film is to increase the toughness and power of the emergency blanket.

There are two main ways to keep warm; one way is to add a thermal layer: the thermal layer is generally some soft material, and the air mixed with the fluffy air is used to form a non-flowing air layer on the surface of the object.

The air itself is a poor conductor of heat, so it can play a certain role in keeping warm. General down and cotton use this method to keep warm.

The second method is heat reflective warmth: highly reflective materials reflect heat radiation. We all know that white clothes are cooler than black because white reflects stronger than black and can reflect sunlight, and emergency blankets combine these two principles.

The folded emergency blanket first aid is only half the size of a palm and only a few millimeters thick. Packing such a thing in the bag will not be burdensome at all.

Emergency Blanket

emergency blanket first aid role

1. Sunscreen

In the hot sun, wearing a first aid blanket over your body can protect your body from direct sunlight.

2. Keep warm

Wrapping a first aid blanket around your body absorbs heat and reduces body heat loss during cold weather in the wild.

3. Reflective

Wrap the emergency blanket first aid around your body and use its reflective effect to help rescuers find targets; in addition, if you want to take beautiful photos and the light is too low, the emergency blanket can be turned into a reflector, and a dozen lights will illuminate your beauty.

4. Stretcher

The emergency blanket first aid has good toughness, lightweight, softness, and strong plasticity and can be used as a stretcher. Of course, this kind of stretcher is only a temporary measure for short-distance use. Please pay attention to synchronous operation when using it; otherwise, it will be easily torn, and the patient will be injured.

5. Sand sculpture props

If I said you want to experience the feeling of being a "superman," you can put the first aid blanket on your body and easily realize your superman dream.

the occasion of emergency blanket first aid

1. After an accident, the body can be covered with an emergency blanket first aid to prevent the body temperature from dropping sharply.

2. When the vehicle breaks down in cold areas or at night, it can be used to keep the body warm.

3. It can be used as a reflective film to signal the rescuer.

4. On rainy days, the first aid blanket can be used as a rain poncho and can also be opened to make a canopy.

5. Parking under direct sunlight in summer, cover the front windshield of the car with emergency blanket first aid, which can reduce the heat absorption in the vehicle.

6. Put a first aid blanket in the sleeping bag to keep warm.

7. It can be used as a moisture-proof pad when camping or picnicking.

8. Use a blanket as aluminum foil to heat food near the charcoal. Melt a small amount of snow on a space blanket in the sun and pour it into a container.

9. Make a food/bear cache by wrapping the food in a blanket, tying it with string, throwing the line over a tall branch, lifting, and connecting the other end.

10. Build an outdoor refrigerator by wrapping food into balls, tying it up, and dropping it into a creek. (Press the end of the bag with a rock to keep it from floating away.)

Emergency Blanket

How to use both sides of the emergency blanket first aid gold/silver?

Under hypothermia, the human body can wrap silver in it, gold absorbs heat, and silver returns heat. And when we are too hot and need shade, we can turn the silver towards the outside to reflect sunlight. "

Seeing this, we learned about the material, function, use, and principle of emergency blanket first aid. We found that although this inconspicuous thing can play such a big role at a critical moment in life.

Emergency blanket first aid is a must-have tool for survival in the wild. If you lose your equipment due to an accident and fall into desperation, this thin life-saving blanket in your pocket can support your confidence, protect you and support you until rescue comes, and provide a lot for life. A guarantee. Small objects have great functions, don't ignore their great role in the outdoors; please include DRAGON emergency blanket first aid as a must-have item for your outdoor travel!


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