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Stretchers & Immobilization

Foldable Stretcher

The foldable stretcher is suitable for the first-aid transfer of the wounded and the sick in the field, and is also suitable for the transfer of the wounded and the sick during outdoor and field operations and for use in hospitals at all levels.

The main parts of the foldable stretche are made of aluminum alloy or stainless steel, and have the characteristics of light weight, small foldable volume, easy to carry, and strong performance.

China emergency medical equipment supplier provides users with different products: Aluminum Alloy Foldable Stretcher Chair, Foldable Patient Transport Stretcher, etc.

foldable stretcher from China factory

DRAGON foldable stretcher is made of high-strength aluminum alloy material and oxford leather surface; it is lightweight, small size, easy to carry, safe to use, etc. It is mainly suitable for hospitals, stadiums, ambulances, and army fields to transport the wounded and sick.

The inner layer conduit can slide in the sleeve, adjust the distance between AC and CD by adjusting the distance between AB, fixed by pins, and is very reliable; the angle between the two can be changed, the angle between the mainframe and the bracket can be realized, and the transportation of different road conditions can be learned, and the design requirements can be met.

The skeleton of the foldable stretcher surface is made of two long rods and no less than two short rods intersecting and splicing. No less than 4 folding support bars are connected to long and short bars. Rollers are installed on the side where the stacked support bar touches the ground.

The foldable stretcher can be conveniently folded, convenient for transportation, has good maneuverability; the stretcher can be pushed on relatively smooth ground, saving time and effort to transport the wounded: deeper, the stretcher can be changed into an operating table or hospital bed, without moving the casualty multiple times, effectively preventing one folding injury stretcher also hospital, nursing home, family, a wide range of use.

During use, the product is convenient and straightforward to operate and can meet the needs of different roles such as patients, medical personnel, transportation personnel, etc.

China foldable stretcher manufacturer

Scope of application of foldable stretcher

Suitable for fire casualty handling, traffic accidents, residential community accident rescue, etc.

Check before using of the foldable stretcher from China factory

  1. Check whether the stretcher is damaged and whether the fabric is damaged to prevent secondary injury during the handling of the injured.

  2. Check whether the screw fixing rod at the folding point of the stretcher is firm to ensure regular use.

  3. Check that the plastic roller is intact and used commonly.

  4. Check that the bracket is firmly fixed.

  5. Check that the protective belt is not damaged.

Use process of foldable stretcher

  1. Unfold the DRAGON foldable stretcher protective belt and unfold the stretcher in turn.

  2. Unfold the stretcher and buckle the front and rear support bars.

  3. Connect the two trunks of the stretcher completely straight, and the stretcher must be completely flat. Otherwise, the patient will not be comfortable lying down.

  4. Fix the patient with a lacing, adjust the strap, and be moderate. Be careful to have your feet facing forward.

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