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Portable Iv Pole

China portable iv pole manufacturer can help patients with infusion tubes on their bodies to move freely in the corridors of the ward, no longer confined to the hospital bed, hurry up to use the portable iv pole.
  • DW-IS02



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Adjustable fixing bracket, more stable andconvenient; Height adjustable rotary knob.

Thickened stainless steel pipe,Corrosionresistance, high temperature resistance,strong and reliable.

The base is firm and not easy to fall, and a variety of styles are available.


A portable infusion stand becomes a little helper for patients and family members. One person can solve the problems of going to the toilet and walking, which not only solves the difficulties of patients walking after surgery, but also reduces the burden on family members.

Have you ever experienced mobility problems being tied to fixed infusion racks in hospitals or clinics? Whether it's going up and down stairs, entering and exiting elevators, eating, washing, going to the toilet, etc., it will cause patients to be unable to leave and solve. Because the traditional infusion stand is fixed, large in size and high weight all make everyone feel inconvenient.

The concept of rapid rehabilitation surgery was first proposed by Danish surgeon Kehlet in 2001, with the aim of adopting various perioperative management methods to accelerate patient recovery, shorten hospitalization time and reduce hospitalization costs in order to cope with the increasing medical burden on governments and hospitals. The concept has received worldwide response, and has been highly regarded and promoted in Europe and the United States, especially in some European countries.

Model Description
DW-15A Material of pole:Stainless steel;
Material of base:Cast lron base;
Height of pole:1100mm~2100mm;
DW-15C Material of pole:Stainless steel;
Material of base:Aluminium alloy base;
Height of pole:1100mm-2100mm;

Portable iv pole has the following major advantages

  • Small size, light weight, can be moved at will, easy to use, learn and understand as soon as you use it.

  • Easy to store, can be retracted in a cabinet or hung on a wall.

  • For outpatient infusion, the infusion stand is more convenient and the patient can move more easily.

  • A convenient hanging tool is provided for patients who are infusing at home.

  • Portable IV pole appearance, including fixing clip, telescopic pull rod and hanging blue hook

  • The fixing clip consists of a clamp body, a fixing handle, a tightening screw, and a movable clip.

  • The telescopic tie rod is composed of multiple sections, and the height can be adjusted according to actual needs.

  • The hanging blue hook adopts a lost hook structure, which is not afraid of swinging and tilting.

Portable iv pole Product parameters

  • Product noun: portable iv pole

  • Brand: China DRAGON

  • Main material: reinforced stainless steel material selection

  • Base caster: tripod

  • Base material: stainless steel

  • Applicable people: suitable for hospitals, large and small outpatient clinics, home infusion

  • Wheels: can be with brakes

  • Product features: thickened stainless steel material, adjustable height, stable base, etc.

Our portable IV pole consists of four parts: upper, middle, lower, and bottom. The upper part is composed of an infusion bottle hook dry and an adjusting rod, the suspension height of the infusion bottle can be adjusted according to the patient's height, and the middle part is composed of a disc, which can keep the center of gravity of the infusion stand stable, meanwhile, the patient can support the disc to move forward, the lower half is composed of a drainage pipe bracket and a wheeled chassis, the drainage bracket can hang various drainage pipes, the wheels below the chassis are universal wheels, can be in all directions mobile.

Introduction to portable iv pole

  1. The portable iv pole is made of stainless steel, thickened steel, has good bearing capacity and does not rust, creating a convenient infusion stand for you to use.

  2. Multi-hook design, can hang multiple hanging bottles during infusion, and it is more convenient for multiple people to use one infusion stand.

  3. Infusion holder height adjustment knob, freely adjust the appropriate height to make the design more user-friendly.

  4. With silent universal wheel base, with brake, wear-resistant and non-slip, more convenient to move.

  5. Stainless steel extra-large pentagon base for added stability.

  6. Easy to install, rotate and fix, easy to install in a few minutes.

  7. Integrated precision design, comfortable hand feeling and beautiful appearance.

  8. Portable iv pole parts are made of high quality materials, eco-friendly, anti-bacterial and anti-aging.

Classification of portable Iv pole

1.portable Iv pole

portable Iv pole is also called floor infusion stand; The bottom of the portable Iv pole from China manufacturer is made of stainless steel, and the base is equipped with 5 steering; The height adjustment is equipped with a threaded locking button wheel; The infusion rod is also made of stainless steel; The adjustment range is 1.2 to 2 meters; Most of the application places are around the hospital bed, outpatient room, consulting room, etc.

2. Sky rail portable Iv pole

The suspender uses stainless steel double rods for expansion and contraction; The hook is made of aluminum alloy and steel chrome plating; Lifting adjustment is stepless  manual range height adjustment; The conjoined body is also made of chrome plated steel; The lifting height of inner pipe is about 0.5m; The height from the opening to the ground is about 1.5m; Together, the height from the ground is about 2m; The length of the outer pipe of the hanger is customized according to the height of the room.

Features of stable portable Iv pole From China manufacturer

1. this stable portable Iv pole is generally made of stainless steel, which is more durable.

2. portable Iv pole can make the height adjustment of the infusion bottle easy, flexible, convenient, labor-saving and comfortable;

3. Fine design, strong product integrity, comfortable hand feel, very convenient for cleaning, and more beautiful appearance;

4. The components are made of original high-quality materials, which are environmentally friendly and anti-aging;

5. The infusion hanger can also be installed with a hook and shared with the hanging basket, which is suitable for the fixation of infusion bottles of different specifications and infusion forms;

6. The bracket base is equipped with universal pulley, which can move flexibly;

7. Equipped with special tray, suitable for infusion equipment of manufacturers in different countries;

8. The special infusion stand can be customized according to the manufacturer of infusion pump and injection pump.

9. The diversified design of infusion hangers can be suitable for wards of different styles and grades, sterile and clean operating rooms, ICUs and other scenes;

10. The suspender has a variety of materials and colors to choose from to match the overall decoration style of the ward.

Material of pole:
Stainless steel;
Material of base:
Cast lron base;
Height of pole:
Material of pole:
Stainless steel;
Material of base:
Aluminium alloy base;
Height of pole:

Patient Room Accessories

We'll try our best to become one of most reliance cooperation suppliers in emergency rescue and safety protection field, including spine board with head immobilizerfolding spine boardmedical carts for saleportable iv pole and electric dolly for stairs.

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