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Lightweight Carbon Fiber Foldable Stretcher

The Lightweight Carbon Fiber Foldable Stretcher is made of high-strength aluminum alloy and Oxford leather material. It has the characteristics of light weight, small size, easy to carry, easy to sterilize, etc.
  • DW-F007X



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Special stretcher for disaster and EMS services, high strength and carbon fiber structure light weight, large capacity for easy use and storage, foldable in length and width, reinforced poles and legs provide stable support, fabric material and color can be customized as follows: 1, PVC fabric: fireproof, waterproof, easy to clean. 2, PVC coated canvas: fireproof, waterproof, crack resistant, easy to clean.

Carbon fiber military foldable stretche has many excellent properties such as ultra-light, strong, durable, excellent heat resistance, good fatigue durability, and X-ray transmission. The best properties of carbon fiber exceed the strength and modulus of the fiber, which is more than 3 times higher than that of steel and aluminum alloys. If aluminum alloy foldable stretche can be used for 3 years, then carbon fiber can reach 6-8 years.

The well-known foldable stretche is often used in emergency situations to transfer patients quickly and safely. As a leader in emergency equipment suppliers, the Lightweight Carbon Fiber Foldable Stretcher offers outstanding versatility for wounded and patients in hospitals, sports fields, ambulances, and the military. As a foldable stretcher supplier, China DRAGON can be customized according to customers' specifications and materials.

Lightweight Carbon Fiber Foldable Stretcher parameters

  1. This Lightweight Carbon Fiber Foldable Stretcher is made of high-strength aluminum alloy and Oxford material.

  2. this Lightweight Carbon Fiber Foldable Stretcher has the characteristics of light weight, small size, easy to carry, easy to sterilize, etc. 

  3. Lightweight Carbon Fiber Foldable Stretcher mainly used in hospitals, sports, ambulances, battlefield transport of the sick and wounded.

Lightweight Carbon Fiber Foldable Stretcher features

Product size228*57*15.5cm
Foldaway size53*22*22cm
Packing size61*25*25cm
Frame materialAluminum Alloy
Fabric materialOxford and texlilene

Lightweight Carbon Fiber Foldable Stretcher Features

  1. It passed the EN1789 test.

  2. Easy to disinfect and keep clean.

  3. The extremely light net weight reduces the physical strength required by the operator.

  4. The foldable stretcher is compatible with MRI and CT scans, and is translucent to X-rays with a penetration rate of 99%.

  5. The good properties of high strength and high toughness of carbon fiber make it not easy to deform and crack. Even under the load of 250KG, the deformation value is less than 1cm. So the service life is long.

  6. The net weight of foldable stretcher is 50% lighter than aluminum stretcher and 40% lighter than plastic scoop stretcher.

  7. It can withstand high temperature of 200℃, which is the ideal rescue equipment for firefighters.

  8. With large carrying capacity, it is an ideal rescue equipment for transporting severe patients.

  9. Anti-static and anti-corrosion, making it capable of rescue in extreme conditions and environments.

  10. The telescopic tube is available in four adjustable lengths to suit patients of different heights.

Types and uses of foldable stretchers

There are many kinds of rescue stretchers with different names, the common ones are folding stretchers, multifunctional stretchers and basket rescue stretchers.

Folding rescue stretcher

Folding rescue stretcher by the metal frame and Oxford leather fabric (or canvas) composition, has a small size, light weight, easy to use, etc., unfolded casualty can lie flat on it, upper body, waist and feet are protected by straps, suitable for general occasions to transport transfer personnel.

Multifunctional stretcher

Multifunctional stretcher has a small size, very light weight, easy to carry, etc., usually can be rolled into a volume, when using the horizontal or vertical lifting, but also in the smooth ground dragging, inside the casualty will not fall off, mostly used in high altitude, underground, confined spaces and mountain rescue operations.

Basket type rescue stretcher

Basket rescue stretcher is mostly used for air or sea rescue, its frame is strong and durable, easy and reliable operation performance allows the operator to take first aid measures safely and quickly. With the basket rescue stretcher with the hook hanging can be connected with the hook on the aircraft to achieve field rescue.

Notes on the use of rescue stretchers

  • for different injuries (illness) of the sick and wounded require different body position.

  • the sick and wounded on the stretcher must be buckled up to prevent the fall.

  • the sick and wounded up and down the stairs should keep the head high, as far as possible to maintain a horizontal state.

  • The stretcher should be fixed after boarding, and the casualty should be kept in a position with the head facing forward and the feet backward.


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