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4 Foldable Stretcher with Wheels for Ambulance


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  1. What is Foldable Stretcher?

The skeleton of the stretcher surface is made of no less than two long rods and no less than two short rods staggered together. There are no less than 4 folding support rods hinged on the long and/or short rods. A roller is installed on the side where the folding support rod touches the ground. Simply put, the stretcher can be pushed on a relatively gentle ground, saving time and effort to transport the wounded; and deeper, the stretcher can be changed into an operating table or a hospital bed without moving the injured many times, effectively preventing secondary injuries. The folding stretcher is also widely used in hospitals, nursing homes, and families. During use, the product is simple and convenient to operate, and can meet the needs of different roles such as patients, medical personnel, and transporters.

foldable stretchers

2.How to use foldable stretcher?

  1. First open the foldable stretcher

  2. Push away the support of the stretcher

  3. Connect the two main trunks of the stretcher completely straight, and the stretcher must be completely flattened, otherwise the patient will not be comfortable lying down

  4. Fix the patient with a lace-up, adjust the strap, and just moderate. Be careful with your feet facing forward.

3.What are the advantages and disadvantages of portable foldable stretcher beds?

3.1 Advantages

The main body of the foldable stretcher is made of high-strength lightweight alloy material and flushable polyethylene nylon cloth, which is light in weight and easy to fold and easy to store and transport. It is mainly suitable for rescue and transfer of wounded and sick people in various rescue teams, hospitals, troops, etc., and is one of the conventional medical emergency rescue facilities at present.

Some great benefits oftransportable folding stretcher bed contains the key benefits of not less in place of two long rods forming the frame within the portable flip stretching bed surface. The prolonged and/or short rods usually are not hinged to much less than some folding aids. Acurler privately of an old folding software. The foldable stretcher folds without difficulty and is particularly easy to transport . The stretcher can be pushed with a flat surface to carry the wounded. The stretcher can certainly be converted into a managing desk or clinic bed not having transferring the injured several situations.

3.2 Disadvantages

The downside is that the function is relatively single.Ordinary stretchers are simple in design and manufacture, easy to use, and relatively low in cost, but ordinary stretchers generally have no other special functions. In addition, the volume and space occupied by transportation will be relatively large, which is very inconvenient.


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