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Military Emergency Rescue Foldable Stretcher

Factory wholesale Aluminum alloy Military Folding Stretcher for rescue
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The China DRAGON Military Foldable Stretcher is the ultimate rescue stretcher at the heart of the combat medic. Four-fold, light weight and extremely high tensile strength. Ability to deploy quickly and efficiently on the battlefield.

Super compact

The Military Foldable Stretcher is a lightweight folding stretcher that folds into four sections. When folded it's short enough to fit comfortably around your back without exceeding shoulder level. It allows complete freedom of movement and even if the neck is twisted, the helmet will not hit it. Don't worry about being hung in low hollows or showing high profile targets to enemy fire. The Military Foldable Stretcher is out of sight as long as the shoulders are out of sight.


The Military Foldable Stretcher weighs only 8.5kg. It opens quickly and easily. Simply open it and its patented joint configuration automatically locks into place. No need to waste precious time fiddling with the locking mechanism like other folding stretchers. Once opened, it stays open.

Not just for the military

All the attributes that make the Military Foldable Stretcher an ideal battlefield stretcher also make it ideal for a wide range of civilian rescue and evacuation operations. Firefighting, Helicopter Evacuation, Ski Patrol, Wilderness Adventure, Camping, etc.

Solid and reliable simplicity

The revolutionary joint configuration of the Military Foldable Stretcher eliminates the need for springs and complex locking mechanisms. With only 3 folding joints on both sides, it can be opened and closed with natural movement.

Easy to transport and store

The Military Foldable Stretcher's small foldable bulk and light weight mean more beds can be stored in tight spaces. This is important in evacuation vehicles such as helicopters where space and weight are at a premium.

The Military Foldable Stretcher is the best stretcher for the job; lightweight, portable, easy to use and reliable.

Military Foldable Stretcher Product parameters

Frame material
Aluminum alloy
Fabric material
Oxford and texlilene
Product size
202*54*16 cm
Packing size
56*24*22 cm
8 kg
8.5 kg
Loading capacity
159 kg

military stretcher


It is mainly used for fheld rescue.


Learm more about poduct nomation

military stretcher

Military Foldable Stretcher Product features:

1.With flexible handle

2.military tactical stretcher is made of high strength aluminum alloy material and the waterproof leather materials.

3.military tactical stretcher has characterizes of light-weighted, small-sized, easy-carried, reliable quality, use-safely and
easy for sterilization, etc.

4.military tactical stretcher is commonly used in hospital, gymnasium, ambulance, and battle fields to carry patients and wounded person.

military stretcher

Made of high-strength aluminum alloy and oxford materials.

military stretcher

The portable army stretcher is equipped of outrigger, portable backpack.

military stretcher

Oxford cloth

Comfortable, breathable and durable

military stretcher

Aluminum alloy frame

Made of high-strength aluminum alloy,durable

military stretcher

Folded joint

Thickened joints, n rust, no deformatic

military stretcher

Snap-on straps

Delivery of fixed straps to fix the patient,more secure

military stretcher

Thickening stent

Thickened brackets are durable and wear-resistant.

military stretcher


Easy to carry

military stretcher


Sutable for a vaniety of scenanios

military stretcher


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