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Foldable Bed Handrail

Height Adjustable folding handrail Safety Bed Rail With Storage Pocket bedside handrail
  • DW-BH001



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Bed Handrail

Foldable Bed Handrail

Height adjustable, assist pregnant women and the elderly to get up, suitable for various bed types

Bed Handrail

Prevent The Elderly From Getting Up

Dizzy And Accidentally Falling Use bedside handrail

Bed Handrail

304 Stainless Steel Reinforced Handle Design

304 stainless steel foldable handle screw reinforcement, high quality hardware, long-term use, no slip and fracture

Bed Handrail

Flat Tube Bottom Design

The thickness of the pipe is only 1.5cm, the insertion part is lighter and thinner, and the thin mattress does not touch the back. It is suitable for all kinds of beds

Bed Handrail

Large Stress Area At The Bottom

It is 69.5cm wide and 55cm deep. The handrail is compacted in a large area and stable. The base is chrome plated to prevent rust and is always new for a long time

Bed Handrail

Widened PU Foam Handrail

Widened design, users can grasp the handrail from multiple angles, PU cushion is anti-skid, comfortable, dirt resistant and good grip

Bed Handrail

Carbon steel pipe, piano baking paint, beautiful and rust proof

Bed Handrail

Nylon Storage Bag

Velcro design for easy disassembly,Small item storage within reach

Bed Handrail

Carbon steel pipe is the basic material used in modern industry. It is not only widely used in construction, bridges, railways, vehicles, ships and various machinery manufacturing industries; And it has also been widely used in the petrochemical industry from generation to generation

Bed Handrail

Suitable For Various Bed Types


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