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Spine Board with Head Immobilizer


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Technical characteristics of the spine board:

  1. Made of high-strength engineering plastic, durable, not easy to age, and can be X-ray

  2. Able to safely transfer the wounded and sick, is a kind of emergency transfer equipment that can be equipped to medical departments.

spine board part

Technical characteristics of the head immobilizer:

  1. Made of high-density plastic material with two round ear holes on both sides of the head to observe bleeding

or drainage.

  1. The whole material is metal-free, and X-ray, CT scan, MRI can be performed without removing the head retainer. Imaging tests.

  2. It is waterproof, easy to clean, anti-virus infection, etc. and can be used with spinal cord plates and shovel stretchers.

head immobilizer

Application parameters of China Reliable Spine Board with Head Immobilizer:

  1. Fire resue

  2. Force exercises

  3. Treatment of the wounded

  4. Pool lifesaving

  5. Saving particular patients

Advantages of China Spine board with head immobilizer:

1. Simple structure and easy operation of this spine board with head immobilizer.

2. The inner material is soft, and the injured person feels comfortable during wearing to avoid secondary scratches.

3. The unique locking lock ensures the firmness and symmetry of the neck support.

4. There are a variety of different sizes to choose from, suitable for different groups of people, and the product is clearly marked, so it is easy to adjust according to the actual situation when using.

5. Spine board with head immobilizer With metal-free design, X-ray, MRI, CT penetration effect is excellent.

6. The oversized airway opening is convenient for carotid artery monitoring.

7. The spine board with head immobilizer rear opening design is convenient for diagnosis and ventilation.

8. Can be used with spine fixation plates and head fixators

How to use a Spine board with head immobilize? Check this guidence


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