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PE Spine Board

This ISO CE certification Long spine board stretcher with pins and straps can be used with head immobilize at the same time.
  • DW-PE006



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Product Features

1、This spine board with safety belt is made of PE material, which is free from emission pollutants and durable.

2、This plastic spine board provided by our company can also be used as a floating device.

3、This structure is completely transparent, so it can be X-rayed.

4、This spine board is compatible with most head fixation devices and back strap mechanisms.

5、The spine board is mainly used in hospitals, sports, ambulances and outdoors to carry patients and casualties.

6、Once there is a fracture or even a sprain in any of these three parts, the spine board will need to be used to fix it so as not to cause secondary damage.

Product parameters

Model ProductSize Net weight Load Limit Quantity Size(L*W*H)G.W
DW-PE006 186*41*5cm 11kg 80kg 1 142*39*8cm

  Spinal injuries are a very serious injury in trauma. If improper first aid is given at the scene, it can cause further injury to the injured person, which can lead to paraplegia or even death in serious cases. Especially for cervical spine injury, if we blindly move the injured person and do not do the corresponding first aid treatment, we will definitely get half the result with twice the effort. The famous sports player Mulan accidentally caused a cervical spine injury during the game, and the use of the correct first aid method on the spot saved her life. It is true that spinal and especially cervical spine injuries are common in sports, but we can also encounter similar situations in our daily lives. So what can we do?

  First, to ensure the safety of the scene, the correct diagnosis of whether there is an injury. Usually we judge according to the scene of the injury, such as: driving rear-end, the head by inertia caused by the neck "whip-like" movement; shallow water diving head landing; high fall injuries caused by neck distortion, etc., that is, we consider these factors may cause head and neck or spine injury should be handled by the spine cervical spine injury, and promptly call the emergency number 120. And promptly call the emergency telephone 120.

  Second, the reasonable use of appropriate items on site first aid. Usually we use both hands to fix the head first, and then use items to fix the neck, such as: use newspaper, clothing around the neck protection or two rolls of handkerchief paper clamped around the neck, and then use cloth tape to fix the handkerchief ring and so on.

  Third, a quick check of the injury, you can determine the consciousness by asking, by watching whether there is bleeding, there is no physical activity disorder to determine the severity of the injury.

  Fourth, the correct rescue. If the injured person is lying flat position, we should use a larger hard object to tie the body with it to ensure that the spine cervical vertebrae without movement. If the injured person is sitting position, we should apply a shorter hard object to fix the back to transfer it to a long hard board lying flat.

  Fifth, prevention-oriented, to avoid causing injury. For example, we should do some corresponding protection for ourselves especially the neck and spine when doing high-intensity sports; when driving should be protective on the seat belt, the best head and neck with a headrest or neck fixed pillow to stabilize the neck; meet the scene of danger as far as possible with both hands to protect the head and neck to prevent injury. The child should sit in a protective chair.

  When the first-aiders do not arrive at the scene, the casualty moves or does not move?

  Principle: First aid in place, do not move

  In particular, do not move in the following cases: when spinal injury is suspected and not fixed properly; when there is heavy bleeding and the bleeding is not effectively stopped.

  Under what circumstances should I move?

When there is danger at the scene, such as on a traffic artery, fire, collapse, smoke; circumstances that are not conducive to first aid at the scene;

  There are other reasons to move, but not to aggravate the injury or endanger life.

  Before moving, you should: estimate the injury, maintain the position when you were found, and observe the injury. Are there any severe crush injuries? Spinal injuries?


We'll try our best to become one of most reliance cooperation suppliers in emergency rescue and safety protection field, including spine board with head immobilizerfolding spine boardmedical carts for saleportable iv pole and electric dolly for stairs.

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