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Four Folding PE Spine Board

It is designed to provide rigid support during movement of a person with suspected spinal or limb injuries. The four folding PE spine boards are designed to be slightly wider and longer than the average human body to accommodate the immobilization straps, and have handles for carrying the patient.
  • DW-PE004



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The folding spine board is flat full-body support with holes along the edge of the spine board through which straps are passed to secure and immobilize the patient. The folding spine board is often used to safely transport severely injured and mobility-impaired patients. The main application is the rapid transfer of severely wounded patients; this restraint medical device is used to restrain patients with spinal injuries and possible spinal injuries. It is an emergency transfer equipment equipped for the medical department.

The folding spine board has additional straps or foam pads to further secure the head and neck. The spinal plate is also known as the long spinal plate the spinal plate, the X-ray needs to be able to penetrate the spinal plate, and the spinal plate needs to be strong but lightweight. X-rays also need to penetrate the plank so that a patient's spinal injury can be assessed without removing the patient from the plank. The backboard may also need to be buoyant to assist in water rescue.


Folding spine board features:

  1. This quadruple-fold spine board is made of PE material, which is free of emitted contaminants and durable.

  2. The folding spine board is manufactured with quality-assured materials and advanced technology, making it up to standard in this extremely challenging field.

  3. Aluminum alloy folding joint, smooth surface and easy to clean, prevent liquid from infiltrating, thickened pipe design is firm.

  4. Porous handle, ergonomically designed for a comfortable grip.

  5. Two loose fixing straps to reduce bumps.

  6. The stretcher is easy to fold and easy to carry.

  7. Plastic without splicing, integral molding, durable and anti-aging. Lightweight, heavy duty and easy to store.

  8. The folding spine board can float on the water and can be used as a floating device.

  9. The structure is completely transparent and can be X-rayed.

  10. Compatible with most head immobilization devices and strapping mechanisms.

  11. Use the folding spine board to safely transfer the patient from one place to another.

  12. It is mainly used in hospitals, sports, ambulances and outdoor transport of patients and casualties.

Folding spine board product parameters:

Model: DW-PEOO4

Product size (L*W*H) 191*47*3cm

Folding size (L*W*H) 13*47*52cm

Package size (1pcs) 48*15*54cm

Weight: <=159kg

N.W(1pc ): 8kg

Gross weight: 9kg

Model ProductSize Net weight Load Limit Quantity Size(L*W*H)G.W
DW-PE004 Size:191*47*3cm,fold:13*47*52cm 9kg 159kg 1 48*15*54cm

Spine Board

Points to note when using folding spine board:

  1. Patients with spinal injury should maintain the overall unified handling and not pull the head, neck, waist, etc., individually. These handling methods are all wrong.

  2. The patient should be placed on the folding spine board, and the patient should be lifted as a whole to avoid the part of the spine injury which will cause secondary damage.

  3. When patients with spinal injury need to be transported, they must pay attention to the axial turning method and transport the patient's spine to prevent the injured part of the spine from damaging the spinal cord, nerve roots, and the venous plexus behind.

  4. Patients with spinal injuries, such as those with neck injuries, should be protected by a neck brace to prevent suffocation during transportation and cause life-threatening.

  5. if you want to realize how to choose a folding spine board, it's depend on many things.

Spinal boards play an important role in fire rescues, hospital care, sports contusions, and outdoor rescues. DRAGON is the real source factory of folding spine boards, supplier of folding spine boards, quality assurance, and worry-free after-sales.


We'll try our best to become one of most reliance cooperation suppliers in emergency rescue and safety protection field, including spine board with head immobilizerfolding spine boardmedical carts for saleportable iv pole and electric dolly for stairs.

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