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PE Plastic Waterproof Spine Board

A spinal board is a flat, full-body support. This restraining medical device is used to restrain a patient with a spinal injury, possibly a spinal injury. Most boards have additional straps or additional foam pads to further immobilize the head and neck.
  • DW-PE001



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Description of PE Plastic Waterproof Spine Board

PE Plastic Waterproof Spine Board are also known as long spine boards. x-rays need to be able to penetrate the spine board, which needs to be strong but light in weight. x-rays also need to be able to penetrate the board so that the patient's spinal injury can be evaluated without removing the patient from the board. To accommodate these specifications, backboards are usually made of plastic or wood.

Features of PE Plastic Waterproof Spine Board

1、This spine board with safety belt is made of PE material, which is free from emission pollutants and durable.

2、This plastic spine board provided by our company can also be used as a floating device.

3、This structure is completely transparent, so it can be X-rayed.

4、This spine board is compatible with most head fixation devices and back strap mechanisms.

5. The spine board is mainly used in hospitals, sports, ambulances and outdoor handling of patients and casualties.

5. The spine board can be used with neck brace, head immobilizer and spade stretcher in addition to head immobilizer.

6. It can float on the water and can be used during X-ray examination.

Product parameters


ProductSize Net weight Load Limit Quantity Size(L*W*H)G.W
DW-PE001 186*41*5cm 8.8kg 159kg 1 188*43*7cm

spine platecwopitonal


ABS density is small

Light and easy to lift

High strength aluminum alloy

Pressure resistance is not

easy to damage

Strong and sturdy

Wear-resistant and clean

spine platecwopitonal


it is equipped with lockable side protection rail retractable folding infusion stand(iv pole) and has the feature of good appearanoe, novel structure and easy t0 handle.

spine platecwopitonal

First aid business, of course, we must choose raw materials

Made of high-quality PE material, it is light and firm, and has strong load-bearing capacity. Moisture resistant and durable.

spine platecwopitonal

Floating water, reducing the difficulty of rescue

Greatily reduce the ifculty of water rescue, faster and more convenient Rescue the wounded.

spine platecwopitonal

Easy to perform CPR (heart compression)

Hard material for easy rescue during rushing

spine platecwopitonal

Curved handle design

The arc shape of the handle makes it more convenient and convenient

spine platecwopitonal

Multiple handle designs

Multiple handle holes around for easy handling Wounded with head immobilizer

spine platecwopitonal

Head fixed design

Head holder with nead nolder mounting positin

spine platecwopitonal

Good Quality, More Professional

Beautiful appearance, reasonable structure, easy operation and easy cleaning strong and sturdy.

spine platecwopitonal

Heart Quality, Reaching The World

“We have been involved in the emergency business"

Do things with your heart, be careful with your heart, listen carefully

Quality first, first class products

Made in China, developing smart enterprise


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