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How to choose a folding spine board? Which patients can use it?

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The spine mainly includes three parts: the cervical spine, thoracic spine, and lumbar spine. Once there is a fracture or even a sprain in any of these three parts, the spine board will need to be used to fix it so as not to cause secondary damage. However, when buying a spine board, you need to choose an excellent performance folding spine board for ease of use, and how do you know how to choose it before you buy it? And which patients can use it, including how to buy it, to buy this kind of spine board that is more suitable for the patient.

folding spine board front

1. How to choose a folding spine board?

1.1 Light and easy to use

When choosing a stable stackable spine board, put lightness first. If there is a relative weight during the whole wearing process, it will put a certain burden on the patient. Therefore, when choosing, be sure to see if it is relatively light. As long as it is relatively light, and it is convenient, and simple to use, a spine board like this can be used. Certainly, patients generally need to protect their spine for a long time after using this kind of spine board. Generally, the protection time will reach about three months.

1.2 No odor

Some medical devices have a bad smell in the process of use, and some medical devices like this are not selectable. As a patient, when choosing a spine board, you also need to smell if there is an unpleasant smell. If there is an unpleasant smell, you cannot choose it. In particular, some unpleasant smells that are harmful to the human body, such as formaldehyde, including benzene, often cause harm to the patient's body, and after wearing it, they also feel uncomfortable in terms of mood due to their heavy taste.

1.3 Choose a thinner spine board

Some spine boards are relatively thick, so they are relatively clumsy after wearing them. Especially patients like some patients whose spine itself is not too damaged and can sneak around everywhere should choose some relatively thin spine boards, so that after putting on a coat, they don't look very bloated, and can even do some minor things. Plus, the thinner spine board is relatively light and comfortable to wear.

two folding spine board

2. Which diseases can the spine board be used for?

2.1 Scoliosis

If scoliosis occurs, you need to use a reliable folding spine board, because if the scoliosis is not fixed, the curvature will be measured quickly and the damage to the spinal cord will be severe. Therefore, when scoliosis is found, it is necessary to fix it with an upper spine board as soon as possible when slight scoliosis is found so that further scoliosis of the spine can be prevented, which is beneficial for the recovery and treatment of scoliosis.

2.2 Spine cracks

The appearance of a spinal crack is caused by disease or trauma. Regardless of the condition of the spine crack, if the spine cracks appear, it is easy to cause spine injury. At this time, the medical folding spine board should be selected for fixation, and after the spine board is fixed, the crack will heal slowly, which is beneficial to the patient's recovery.

2.3 Spinal fracture

A spinal fracture caused by trauma is a more serious type of trauma because whether it is a fracture of the cervical spine, thoracic or lumbar spine, it is easy to cause spinal cord injuries in the vertebrae. Once the spinal cord is injured, it will cause lower-limb paralysis. Therefore, when a spinal fracture occurs, whether a spinal cord injury has been caused, you need to fix your body and spine with a spine board as soon as possible, so that secondary damage can be avoided.

Three angles view of folding spine board

3. How do I buy a spine board?

3.1 Can be purchased online

Patients who need a foldable spine board can purchase it online when purchasing because many online medical stores now also sell this type of spine board, as well as some other medical devices. Buying online is relatively convenient and simple. You only need to choose according to the picture, you can buy it directly, and it will be quickly delivered to you. In addition, buying online is relatively cheaper in terms of price.

3.2 Can be purchased directly at the hospital

Nowadays, hospitals all provide spine boards, especially some major hospitals, and some medical devices like this for patients to use. However, when purchasing at a hospital, because hospitals have relatively few types of spine boards like this, they often choose not suitable for you when choosing. Therefore, when purchasing at a hospital, if the medical board introduced by the hospital is more suitable for you, especially if it is comfortable to wear and the price is not expensive, you can choose to use the spine board provided by the hospital.

3.3 Can be purchased from the manufacturer

As an individual or a user who needs to purchase this safe folding spine board in large quantities, you can choose to purchase it from the manufacturer. However, when choosing a manufacturer, since there are many manufacturers like this, you cannot buy them at will. You can compare them to see which one has a high reputation, good reputation, and after-sales service in place. In particular, in terms of sales methods, direct sales are chosen. Since direct sales do not have middlemen to make price differences, they can be cheaper in terms of price, so that consumers can buy cheaper prices, and guarantee quality.

folding spine boards are one of the most used types at present. As patients in need, when choosing a folding spine board in stock, as long as they are comfortable to wear according to their needs, especially if they are comfortable to wear, and purchased through approved purchasing channels, they can be guaranteed to be more practical and allow themselves not to spend wrong money.

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