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What should I pay attention to spine boards with head immobilizers?

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Whether it is caused by trauma or illness, when it affects one's health, some medical devices will be selected as adjuvant treatment. For example, if there is a disease of the cervical spine, or a fracture, or a spine sprain, or a fracture, you will choose to use a spine board with a head immobilizer and shoulder strap. With the assistance of this medical device, the treatment effect that can be achieved during treatment is good, and the patient can recover quickly.

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1. Which patients are suitable for spine boards with head immobilizers and shoulder straps?

1.1 Cervical spine fracture

The cervical spine is a fragile part of the human body. It is particularly prone to fractures. Once fractured, it is easy to cause serious damage. To restore and protect the cervical spine, a reliable spine board with a head immobilizers and shoulder strap is chosen. Because the cervical spine is a part of different bone joints, if a bone fracture occurs, if it is not fixed, it is easy to cause damage to the nerve. Once the main nerve is injured, it will cause numbness and even paralysis of the lower limbs. Therefore, when the cervical spine is fractured, it needs to be fixed with a medical device. Generally, the fixation time is about three months.

1.2 Spinal nerve damage

If the spinal nerve in the neck area is damaged, such as caused by a sprain, a minor fracture, or a serious fracture, it is easy to cause bone marrow damage inside the cervical spine, because once the bone marrow in this area is injured, the consequences are more serious. To protect the cervical spine and the nerves in the spine from damage, you need to wear a head immobilizers or a spine board with a shoulder strap to protect the cervical spine and the nerves in the cervical vertebra.

spine board with head immobilizer

2. What should I pay attention to when buying a high-quality head immobilizers?

2.1 Purchase a head immobilizers that is comfortable to wear

Because everyone has a different neck thickness and neck length is also different, when you choose to buy a head immobilizers, you also need to choose to buy it according to your neck, so that when you wear it, it not only fits tightly with your neck but is also relatively comfortable to wear. Because the head immobilizers you choose to buy is not suitable for you, it is not only particularly uncomfortable to wear, but also does not protect the cervical spine and head. Therefore, when choosing to buy, be sure to compare and choose a head immobilizers that suits your cervical spine.

2.2 Choose a lighter head immobilizers

Once a patient wears a head immobilizer, they have to wear it for about 2-3 months, or even more than three months. Since it takes a long time to wear when choosing to buy this kind of head immobilizers, choose a lighter-weight one. The weight is relatively light, so it is more suitable for your neck after wearing it, so you won't feel particularly uncomfortable when you use it, and you can stick to it even if you take it for about 3 months.

2.3 Choose a cost-effective head immobilizers

Medical devices are relatively expensive, so when choosing to buy a head immobilizer, because different head immobilizers manufacturer have different prices, especially patients at their own expense, should choose cost-effective ones when choosing, so that they can save money.

spine board with head immobilizer manufacturer

3. What should I pay attention to when buying a spine board for shoulder straps?

3.1 Look at the quality of the spine board of the shoulder strap

When choosing a spine board for a shoulder strap, you also need to look at the quality. If the quality is not enough, it is easy to cause medical accidents when wearing it. Therefore, when purchasing, you must look at the quality. Only if the quality is passed can you wear it not only good for your cervical spine recovery but also make you feel more comfortable to wear. You can choose a spine board with guaranteed quality and comfortable shoulder straps through multiple comparisons at the time of purchase.

3.2 Choose a spine board with comfortable shoulder straps

When there is a fracture of the cervical spine, or other diseases, when wearing the spine board of the shoulder strap, it is often necessary to wear it for a longer time. When choosing a spine board with this shoulder strap, you must see if it is comfortable to wear, and the quality is guaranteed, you can buy it with confidence.

3.3 Purchase at an approved medical institution

Many suppliers sell spine boards for shoulder straps, such as those that can be purchased online, and medical devices can also be purchased through other channels. However, as a patient in need, when choosing to buy it, because this medical device is used to protect their spine and can help themselves recover quickly, only if they are purchased through regular channels can quality be guaranteed and cost-effective. When choosing to purchase, you can choose to purchase from an approved regular medical institution, which not only guarantees high-cost performance, but also guarantees quality, and is also more comfortable to wear, which is more helpful for your spine recovery.

What kind of patients is the spine board with head immobilizer and shoulder strap suitable for? As well as precautions for purchase, since the purpose of wearing this medical device is to prevent secondary injuries by fixing your spine, and to recover faster. Therefore, when choosing to purchase, you must purchase this kind of medical device that is comfortable to wear through formal channels to help you recover quickly.

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