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Spine Board(two in One for Adult And Child)

The spine board can also be called spinal board, lift board, plastic stretcher, fixed lift board, floating rescue board, spine board stretcher. China emergency rescue supplier spine board with head immobilizer can avoid secondary injury to patients with spinal injuries during transportation.
  • DW-PE008



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Product Description

Spine boards with head immobilizer also known as long spine boards and spine boards.In the field of first aid, it is important to optimize storage space and meet all requirements for ergonomically advanced rescue equipment. Optimizing space and performance is the route China DRAGON follows as a stretcher Supplier. The spine board with head immobilizer is a new design that combines robustness, dynamics, space and performance while setting a new standard for high performance spine boards.

Excellent performance of spine board with head immobilizer, especially for patients; adults and children. Allows two different profiles to be used in one product, reducing costs and inventory.

The Spine Board(two in One for Adult And Child) is always ready to collaborate and reinforce each other. You can save 2 lives with just one device. You can rescue an adult and a child or an infant at the same time. Rescuers and first responders around the world describe the board as "the most advanced and versatile spinal board ever built." A small hole in the head of the adult spinal plate is designed to hold the head immobilizer.

The spine board with head immobilizer is the only backboard on the market that can be split in two. The Spine Board, which combines the adult spine board and the children's spine board into one product, can be separated very easily and quickly if necessary. Compared with other common spinal boards, the new integrated spinal board has many advantages;

Introduction of spine board with head immobilizer

  1. Sturdy, strong anti-collision performance; qualitative structure, easy to continue CPR and cardiac compression rescue during the transfer process.

  2.  It can carry out X-ray, MRI, CT penetration effect, which is convenient for the inspection of the injured and minimizes the pain caused to the patient during the handling process.

  3. spine board with head immobilizer can be used with head immobilizer and neck brace.

  4. Equipped with a bundled fixing belt with a quick latch to fix the wounded.

  5. The hand ports are evenly distributed around, which can be carried, carried and carried by multiple people at the same time.

  6. The floating life-saving stretcher is mainly used in swimming places to rescue the injured, and can fix the injured head and limbs. It is composed of spinal cord plate head immobilizer straps.

  7. Load bearing capacity: ≤159kg.

spine board with head immobilizer product advantages

  • DRAGON as China stretcher Supplier, can customize products more suitable for users according to the needs of various industries.

  • With national CE certification, quality is guaranteed, China DRAGON is prepared for rescue and safety.

  • Tough texture: spine board with head immobilizer is made of high-density plastic polyethylene blow molding at one time, which is durable and not easy to age.

  • Resistance performance: acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance.

  • Clean and beautiful: The appearance is beautiful and streamlined, and it is not easy to get dirty, and it is easy to remove dirt.

  • Arc-shaped multi-handle, not hurting the hand, more labor-saving.

  • Heat and Freeze Resistance: Good heat resistance and freeze resistance, can be used at 80-40 degrees Celsius.

  • Fine workmanship, each product strictly controls the quality, and the excellent quality makes consumers feel at ease.

  • Suitable for emergency rescue in various places.

spine board with head immobilizer process

  • Feeding: Load the weighed plastic into the mold in the form of liquid or powder.

  • Heating: The rotomolding machine rotates with the mold in two directions, and adds a heating furnace to heat the mold, and all the plastic adheres and sinters on the inner surface of the mold cavity.

  • Cooling: With the continuous rotation of the mold, the mold is simultaneously transferred out of the heating furnace into the cooling chamber, where the rotomolded plastic is cooled and formed.

  • Demoulding: The rotational molding machine turns to the mold opening position, the mold stops rotating, open the mold, and take it out.

Product parameters

ModelProductSizeNet weightLoad LimitQuantitySize(L*W*H)G.W
DW-PE008Adult size:183*44.5*5.5cm;Child size:120*32*4.5cm14kg159kg1185*46*7cm

Spine board with head immobilizer Product Features

  • Sturdy one-piece HDPE plastic construction.

  • Quick release button design, the pediatric spine board can be released in two seconds, which is very convenient to use.

  • The larger one can be used to transport adults, the smaller yellow one can be used as a pediatric spine board.

  • Lightweight, the net weight of two boards is only 9.5kg.

  • Compact size for easy storage.

  • The design is easy to achieve smooth log rolls.

  • spine board with head immobilizer one product allows 2 different profiles (adult and child).

  • The Pediatric Spine Plate is an important support that helps keep the pediatric patient's spine between 45 and 150 cm in height, maintain a natural position, and gain breathing.

  • Adult Spine Plate Due to its X-ray compatibility and four-sided grip, the adult plate allows for proper fixation and easy transportation.

  • Rigid load bearing surface for injured persons, designed to prevent movement of the spine during transport to prevent further damage to it.

  • The fine textured surface also prevents slippage and is easy to disinfect and clean.

Spine Board


We'll try our best to become one of most reliance cooperation suppliers in emergency rescue and safety protection field, including spine board with head immobilizerfolding spine boardmedical carts for saleportable iv pole and electric dolly for stairs.

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