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  • How to use the hospital bed

    1. Posture adjustmentFirm pressure on the head position control handle releases the self-locking gas spring, extending the piston rod and simultaneously slowly raising the bed surface from the head position. Also hold the handle tightly and apply downward force to descend;The lifting and lowering of

  • What are the precautions for using a hospital bed?

    Beds used by patients or severely disabled people during inpatient recuperation and rehabilitation, there are ordinary hospital beds and multifunctional back beds.They are also known as hospital beds, medical beds, multi-functional nursing beds, etc. They are used by patients during recuperation and

  • How many types of hospital bed are there?

    Hospital beds are beds designed for individuals who typically require medical care/nursing with greater versatility,mobility,safety and comfort,as well as other specialized functions and features,than regular beds.The beds have been carefully designed to provide patients with a healthy recovery and

  • 3 best hospital bed in 2022

    Hospital beds can also be called medical beds, nursing beds, etc., which are used by patients when they are recovering. They are used in hospitals, township health centers, and community health service centers.About the material, it can be divided into ABS hospital bed, all stainless steel hospital

  • How many types of hospital beds are there?

    With the rapid development of science and technology, medical beds have long been not the old model of the past, for those who do not often deal with the hospital, these new beds today has long been a bird in the hand, a variety of new functions, so that people see is dazzling. I'm here to introduce

  • How to buy a more affordable manual hospital bed from the manufacturer?

    Why are manual beds priced differently, how can I buy them from manufacturers?The manual bed can also be said to be a movable hospital bed. Since there are 4 small wheels under the hospital bed, it can also be turned, and it is relatively more convenient to move, so more and more people choose this

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