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What are the precautions for using a hospital bed?

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Beds used by patients or severely disabled people during inpatient recuperation and rehabilitation, there are ordinary hospital beds and multifunctional back beds.

They are also known as hospital beds, medical beds, multi-functional nursing beds, etc. They are used by patients during recuperation and rehabilitation treatment and are mainly used in hospitals, township health centres, community health service centres and rehabilitation institutions.

Manual Hospital Bed:

medical adjustable hospital bed with 3 functions

The use of manual hospital beds is similar to that of other functional hospital beds, only that they are simpler in various aspects such as operation, for example, compared to electric ones, many electric hospital beds have more complicated functions and more buttons, which are not quite suitable for the convenient and quick operation requirements of ordinary patients, and this is one of the reasons why many hospitals choose hand cranked medical hospital beds.

So what problems should be noted in the use of manual hospital beds? Since it is a hand crank hospital bed, then the natural control of the bed lift is the rocker, so the role of the rocker in this is very big, whether it is the patient's family or the hospital nurses, when operating the rocker rocker must pay attention to the force evenly, in order to avoid too much force led to the rocker off the wire condition, because if the wire will let the raised bed panel suddenly fall, causing physical and mental injuries to patients. Then is the daily maintenance of the three shaking four fold hospital bed, this is more important, because some manual hospital bed manufacturers of hand shaking medical hospital beds need to be at the rocker often on the lubricant, can make the normal use of its rocker.

In addition, in the daily manual hospital bed bed cleaning, be careful not to have foreign objects present at the bed links, which can easily cause irreversible damage to the bed when the bed is lifted, thus shortening the service life of the hand-operated hospital beds.

Electric Hospital Bed:

medical hospital function

First of all, as a multi-functional electric hospital bed manufacturers, after placing the product, will be the electric bed power line will be connected, and then there are professionals to debug, to ensure the smooth operation of the function. As a health care worker, in addition to listening to the technical staff sent by the manufacturer to explain, but also to fully understand the operating specifications of the product, especially the manual part must be read and understood clearly.

More importantly, because it is electric, and the ordinary manual hospital bed is different, so be sure to figure out the emergency disposal button of the electric hospital bed, so as to ensure that the product in the remote control operation failure can be the first time the bed operation system suspended, to avoid bringing unexpected harm to the patient.

On the use of hospital beds precautions, this and manual hospital beds precautions are actually similar, in addition to daily check the bed below the lifting system and lifting together whether there are debris and other accidents, as the most important point of the electric medical bed is to often check the situation of the wire, including whether the plug is solid, whether the appearance of the wire is broken and other situations occur.

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