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How to buy a more affordable manual hospital bed from the manufacturer?

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The manual hospital bed can also be said to be a movable hospital bed. Since there are 4 small wheels under the hospital bed, it can also be turned, and it is relatively more convenient to move, so more and more people choose this kind of manual hospital bed, whether in hospitals or at home. However, when choosing to buy this kind of manual hospital bed, in order to purchase it at a more affordable price, you need to understand the reasons for the different prices of The manual hospital beds and how to buy them from manufacturers.

Manual Medical Bed

1.  Why is there a big gap in the price of manual hospital beds?

1. 1 Different materials

The reason why the price of manual hospital beds is very different is often directly related to the different materials. For example, if you choose stainless steel, which is relatively high in terms of price. If you choose some steel pipe materials of poor quality, it will save a lot of money compared to stainless steel materials. There are also high-quality The manual hospital beds made of polyethylene material, which are relatively inexpensive in terms of price, so be sure to choose according to The manual hospital bed material when purchasing.

1.2 Different sizes

The price of a The manual hospital bed is also directly related to the size. For example, different heights, the relative height is slightly higher than the short one, and the width and length are different, and there are also differences in price. Therefore, users, especially hospitals, need to buy such beds in large quantities, and even more need to buy them according to the size they need.

1.3 Different production processes

The manual hospital beds made of different materials are different in terms of process. In particular, The manual hospital beds made of metal materials and The manual hospital beds made of polyethylene materials are different in terms of process. If the process is relatively complex and more advanced, there will also be differences in the price of The manual hospital beds.

1.4 Different purchase methods

If the purchase method is different, there is also a difference in price. For example, if you buy in a real area, the price is relatively expensive. If you choose to buy online, the price is slightly cheaper. Of course, if you sign a purchase agreement directly with the manufacturer, it will be cheaper in terms of price.

Manual Medical Bed side view

2. How many types of manual hospital beds are there?

2.1 Integrated manual hospital bed

The manual hospital beds like this are relatively non-collapsible, because in the whole design, it is a simple design, so although this The manual hospital bed can be moved, the degree of automation is much worse, and it can only be moved slightly in the room, or rolled out to bask in the sun, etc., which is relatively convenient. But if the patient wants to put his legs on top of it, this kind of hospital bed is not practical.

2.2 Folding manual hospital bed

Folding manual hospital beds are relatively more advanced than one-piece beds, and many one-piece beds can only be shaken up on the backrest and can sit on the bed at most. However, this foldable manual hospital bed is like a wheelchair. Not only can the back rest be swung up, but it can also be folded at the bend of the leg, so this kind of hospital bed is more convenient like a wheelchair, and some can even stand. This kind of manual hospital bed is suitable for some people with cervical or lumbar fractures, and some people with hemiplegia.
3 function manual hospital bed

3. How to choose manufacturers to buy manual hospital beds?

3.1 Look at the manufacturer's popularity

Many users who need buy excellent performance manual hospital beds, whether for home use, or hospitals need to buy a lot, if you choose to buy in the manufacturer, you must look at the manufacturer's popularity more seriously, all of which are relatively well-known, prove that there are many hospitals, including individuals willing to buy directly in the factory, so that manufacturers are more well-known in the industry. Only by purchasing from such manufacturers can we guarantee the quality of manual hospital beds, which are also relatively high in terms of cost performance.

3.2 Look at the manufacturer's after-sales service

Manufacturers that produce manual hospital beds now pay attention not only to product quality, but also to service, because consumers now look at service with the same quality, so as manufacturers, if the service can keep up, it can also attract more consumers willing to buy manual hospital beds from manufacturers. Therefore, as a user who needs to purchase manual hospital beds, you must look at the manufacturer's after-sales service when purchasing. As long as the after-sales service commitment is full, you can rest assured that you can buy The manual hospital beds you need from such manufacturers.

3.3 Look at the manufacturer's cost performance ratio

Although consumers pay attention to choosing well-known manufacturers when buying manual hospital beds, they also choose to buy from manufacturers with good after-sales service. However, as consumers, we also pay special attention to the cost performance ratio of manufacturers. If you go through multiple comparisons, the same popularity, and good after-sales service, you will choose the one with a lower price for safe and reliable manual hospital beds, which not only guarantees the quality of the hospital beds, but also allows customers to spend less money on purchases.

Users who need safe manual hospital beds have learned the reasons for the different prices of The manual hospital beds, the types of beds, and how to buy them at manufacturers. When purchasing, you must buy a manual hospital bed that suits you according to your needs, and if you buy from a manufacturer, you need to know more about whether it is well-known, good after-sales service, and high cost performance, so that you can buy with confidence.

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