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How many types of hospital beds are there?

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With the rapid development of science and technology, medical beds have long been not the old model of the past, for those who do not often deal with the hospital, these new beds today has long been a bird in the hand, a variety of new functions, so that people see is dazzling. I'm here to introduce you to the basic types of medical beds and their basic functions.

1, single shaking bed, which is also called manual hospital bed. Single shaking bed use is relatively simple, it is mainly used for the general convalescence of patients with relatively mild illness. Single rocking bed back board can be raised by the rocker 0 to 65 degrees angle. The patient can sit up in bed and have the backboard to rely on through the backboard lift function. Under the bed can also put some daily necessities.

Electric Hospital Bed (3)

2、 Double rocking bed. Double shaking bed than single shaking bed function has an additional leg board lift function. This kind of bed is generally used by patients with leg disease, through the leg board function of lifting, the patient can lift the leg without their own force to lift, bending and other movements. Under the bed can also put some daily necessities.

3、Three shaking bed. The function of the three-shaker bed is more complicated. It has a leg board and back board in addition to the lifting function, the bed board can also have lifting function. Through the rocking of the handle, the bed board can be raised and lowered 50 to 70 centimeters. Three shaking bed in clinical use is generally seriously ill patients.

4、 The hospital bed with dining table. Bed with dining table is generally used for patients with mobility problems, this bed is equipped with a movable dining table at the end of the bed, through the table legs for the center of the moving radius can move the dining table to the center of the bed position for the patient to use when dining.

5、 Electric bed. This is a multi-functional electric turning bed, which is used for seriously ill patients who have difficulty even turning over. The multifunctional electric turning bed has comprehensive nursing functions, flexible and convenient operation. By operating the keyboard button, the bed can be lifted and lowered, and the bed board can fan up and down, which brings great convenience to rescue patients with acute illness and trauma.

Electric Hospital Bed (1)

6、 Multifunctional electric nursing bed. The biggest feature of this multifunctional electric nursing bed is that the patient can sit up in a real sense like in a tai shi chair, and can wander around in the company of nursing staff, which is convenient for nursing care and suitable for rehabilitation patients.

7、 Multifunctional turning nursing bed. This multi-functional turning nursing bed is convenient for nursing care, suitable for serious patients and paralyzed patients; it can be turned left and right to prevent bedsores in serious patients.

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