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How to use the hospital bed

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1. Posture adjustment

Firm pressure on the head position control handle releases the self-locking gas spring, extending the piston rod and simultaneously slowly raising the bed surface from the head position. Also hold the handle tightly and apply downward force to descend;

The lifting and lowering of the thigh bed surface is controlled by the thigh crank handle; the lifting and lowering of the foot bed surface is controlled by the foot position control handle.

When gripped tightly, the pulling pin is released from the positioning hole and lowered by its own weight. When the handle is released, the foot bed surface 12 is locked in this position when it reaches the desired angle;

The coordinated use of the control handle and the handle can enable the patient to obtain various postures from supine to semi-recumbent, bent legs, flat sitting, and upright sitting.

In addition, if the patient wants to lie on their side in the supine position, first pull one side of the hospital bed from supplier, lower the side rails, and press the control button on the outside of the bed with one hand to release the self-locking side gas spring, its piston rod extends.

At the same time, the lying surface on the side is slowly raised. When it rises to the required angle, release the control button to lock the bed surface in this position, and complete the side lying position from the surface. Also the same operation is used in reverse.

Manual 1 Function Bed

2.Use of defecation device

When the defecation locker is rotated clockwise, the toilet hole cover will automatically open, and the toilet carrier will automatically feed the patient's buttocks horizontally, allowing the patient to defecate or clean the lower part. keep it flat. Keep it flush.

At the same time, the bedpan is automatically sent to the operator's side, so that the nursing staff can take it away for cleaning, and put the cleaned bedpan back into the bedpan carrier for the next use.

Manual 3 Function Bed

3. Use of handrails on care beds

Hold the top edge of the side guardrail horizontally, lift it up about 20 mm vertically, and turn it down 180 degrees to lower the guardrail. After patient goes to hospital bed, After the patient goes to bed, lift the guardrail up and turn it 180 degrees, and press it vertically to complete the side guardrail raising. Note: The same way as foot guards used.

Electric 3 Function Bed

4. The use of living countertops

Align the opening of the plastic part on the back of the living table with the upper side of the side rail and press it down. Hold the handrail with one hand and lift the living table with the other to remove it.

5. Use of infusion hanger

No matter the state of the bed surface, the infusion pole can be used. When using the infusion wand, first twist the two parts of the infusion wand into one.

Then bend the hook under the infusion stand, align it with the upper horizontal tube, and at the same time, align the upper hook head with the round hole of the upper tube of the side guardrail and press down to use it. Lift the infusion stand and you can remove it.

6. Use of brakes

Press the brake with your feet or hands to brake. Lift and remove the infusion handle.

7. Use of seat belts

When the patient uses the bed or needs to change the body position, he must fasten the seat belt (the tightness of the seat belt is adjusted according to the individual) to prevent danger.

8. Operation of the foot washing device

When the foot bed surface is level, adjust the thigh handle and lift the thigh bed surface to prevent the patient from slipping; hold the foot control handle tightly, put the foot bed surface in the proper position, and turn down the foot activity board. Then shake the thigh handle to keep the foot activity board level, put it in the water basin, and you can wash your feet. After washing your feet, remove the basin and replace the foot pads. Hold the foot control handle and raise the soleplate to a horizontal position.


In the simplest case, China hospital beds from manufacturer can be used to sit on. Lower the bed to a position where you can rest your feet comfortably on the floor.

You can sit on the bed to have a rest from standing, or for intermittent fetal monitoring. Sitting in bed is much more comfortable than going into labor on your back. It can also be used for epidural sitting in bed. Off course upu can sit on the bed, with your legs and feet out flat or sitting cross-legged.

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