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How many types of hospital bed are there?

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Hospital beds are beds designed for individuals who typically require medical care/nursing with greater versatility,mobility,safety and comfort,as well as other specialized functions and features,than regular beds.The beds have been carefully designed to provide patients with a healthy recovery and rehabilitation environment with great attention to their comfort,stability and safety.However,one type of bed may perfectly meet the requirements of a specific user;some specific patients require different types of beds.The wide variety of beds available can be divided into three main types of bed options:

Manual 3 Function Bed

1. Manual hospital bed;

2.Semi-electric hospital bed;

3.Fully electric hospital bed;

4.Adjustable hospital bed;

5.Specialty hospital bed.

Manual hospital beds use hand cranks for mechanical adjustment (eg headrest/footrest/bed height,depending on the function of the bed).These beds use hand cranks to adjust the height of the bed and raise and lower the head and feet. The patient or caregiver must be able to operate the crank, reducing the usability of such beds and thus reducing patient independence and comfort.The hand crank is usually located at the foot of the bed. Depending on the functions available to the bed,there may be more than one crank per adjustment function (ie,one hand crank for headrest adjustment,one hand crank for footrest adjustment,etc.).

Electric 3 Function Bed

These are great if you're on a tight budget but you need a functional bed for your home.While they are cheaper,you have to make sure that the person using the bed can physically manipulate it.Often,the bed must be shaken manually to adjust the bed to the desired position.These beds have fallen out of favor in recent years as semi-electric and fully-electric home hospital beds have become more popular and more affordable.Semi-electric beds are the middle ground between manual beds and fully electric beds.In this type of medical bed,the headrest and footrests are usually adjusted electrically,while the overall height is adjusted manually using a hand crank.All adjustments of the fully electric hospital bed are carried out by the motor control unit,which adjusts the different functions of the bed (such as headrest,footrest, height,etc.).If you think the person using the bed doesn't have the physical ability to use a manual bed,but you're still on a tight budget,a semi-electric bed is a great option.These beds are less expensive than fully electric beds;while providing the user with comfort and support.The sleeping part of the bed including back and leg adjustments is electric, but the bed height still needs to be adjusted manually a function usually handled by a caregiver.Electric motor lifts the head and feet of the bed.Adjusting the height of the bed is performed by the patient or caregiver using a hand crank.These adjustments are made by pressing buttons on the remote or on the side/foot pedal controls of the bed (depending on what's included in your bed).Fully electric hospital beds often need to be plugged in to operate.


The patient can control the height and position of the bed using a pendant or remote control.It doesn't require a hand crank,making it easier to get in and out of bed or raise the bed to a comfortable height so caregivers can care for patients or change sheets. Some models can also be moved to more positions.Some fully electric beds have additional features such as Trendelenburg and reverse Trendelenburg,CPR capabilities,etc.Today, electric hospital beds are a mainstream choice for individuals looking to purchase a home hospital bed.They provide users with the best level of support,convenience and comfort.Because every functional part of the bed is electrically powered,its daily operation requires little effort from caregivers and patients.Functions such as raising and lowering the bed,adjusting the backrest and leg rests of the bed are all one-touch. Most electric home beds come with a durable and easy-to-use wired remote.Some high-end hospital beds are equipped with wireless remote controls,which are often difficult for users to find.Adjustable hospital beds come in a variety of options;they are designed to look like regular beds but have the functionality of a home hospital bed.These beds come in a variety of sizes-from double to king.If you're looking to equip your room with a hospital bed as a permanent fixture,and you want aesthetic value,then an adjustable bed is the way to go.Specialty beds are high-end beds that function most similarly to the beds you'll see in a hospital. Equipped with plastic railings,advanced positioning options,embedded controls for personnel and silent operation,these hospital beds bring the latest technological advancements to the home care environment.If you want to buy a special hospital bed,you will pay more than a standard electric hospital bed-however,you will get what you pay for:an upgraded level of functionality and quality.

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