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What are the causes of operation beds failure?

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  The operating room is inevitably furnished with surgical beds, and the surgical bed is an indispensable piece of equipment in surgery, which is equivalent to the operating table of the medical staff, so what are the reasons for the failure of electric surgical beds?

  What are the causes of electric surgical bed failure?

  1, electric operating table no action, that is, the control panel on the ten action keys do not respond. This may be due to no AC 220 volts input to: the wall socket, no electricity or a blown 5 amp fuse.

  2, five actions on the left or right column on the control panel failed, probably because one of the two tubes on the upper and lower panels of the control panel was damaged.

  3、The yellow or orange wire under the control panel is disconnected in the middle of the connecting wire: the coil of the solenoid reversing valve can also cause problems in the control panel.

  4、The ten action keys on the control panel are not consistent with the actual bed action. Generally because of the control of the corresponding action in the solenoid cabinet silicone wide core gasket long time immersed in oil and wear. So that the solenoid valve can not be closed when not working.

What is the cause of electric surgical bed failure?

  How to analyze the development prospects of electric surgical beds?

  1、Major changes in operation mode

  The operation of surgical bed includes bed lifting, tilting back and forth, tilting left and right, etc. The operation of early surgical beds was simple, driven by people and carried out purely manually by medical personnel, which was complicated and lacked convenience and flexibility. Currently, pedal hydraulic drive is widely used. With the development of electronic technology, the electric oil pump variable position operating table and the all-mechanical motor-driven operating table are gradually being replaced by the far-infrared remote control without electromagnetic interference and computer-aided surgical line barriers. In short, the operation of the operating table increasingly tends to automation and intelligence to reduce the burden of the operator, to facilitate remote control, to meet the needs of surgery and other aspects.

  2、Multi-functionalization and chemical development trend

  Multi-function is an important direction for the development of operating beds. The electric universal surgical bed comes standard with chest bridge and detached leg plates with pan function for whole body photography and catheterization. Each plate can be moved at a large angle to achieve the position required for various operations, and there are a large number of optional accessories. Can meet the needs of a variety of professional surgery. Generally built-in high-capacity battery, fully charged to meet the power requirements for L-week operation. This comprehensive surgical bed can be used in hospital operating rooms for head and neck, thoracic and abdominal cavity, and extremity surgery, as well as for obstetrics and gynecology, five senses and orthopedics.

  How to choose electric surgical bed?

  1, according to different shopping malls, there are different equipment, the product is more popular. Consumers can choose the right surgical bed according to their own conditions.

  2、Driven, electric operating tables are driven by electric motors.

  3, easy to operate, flexible and reliable movement.

  4、Simple operation.

  5、Protection and convenience.

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