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How to choose a suitable medical equipment cart?

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1 Confirm the information of your medical equipment cart

Including product grade, price, weight, size, and installation interface, whether it needs to be lifted or lowered. Based on this information, it is generally possible to judge what kind of medical equipment trolley is needed to cooperate with.


2 Are there any product standards for medical equipment trolleys, especially safety standards?

Yes. This global standard is also the national standard of our country, referred to as IEC60601 for short.

People's Republic of China National Standard GB9706.15-2008/IEC60601-1- 1-1:2000 Medical Electrical Equipment Part 1-1: General Safety Requirements.

Juxtaposition standards: safety requirements for medical electrical systems.

Basic requirements for medical equipment trolleys:

Can't fall on a 10-degree slope;

After the brakes are locked, the cart cannot move on a 10-degree slope;

Capable of carrying loads up to 4 times the safety factor.


3 Is it necessary to choose an electric lifting medical equipment trolley?

Electric lifts are naturally a good feature, but there are pros and cons.

Without electricity, it's more troublesome, especially in a hospital environment, where the safest way is actually mechanical lifting.

If mechanical lifting is less labor-intensive, there is no need to use electricity at all.

However, some special cases may require electricity, including ophthalmic equipment, which requires precise height adjustment; in some environments, the remote control is required to adjust the lift.


4 What kind of medical equipment cart desktop design is good?

If the desktop needs to be opened frequently, naturally it is best to have a convenient lid, which is best replaced with a drawer;

The desktop of the medical equipment cart is generally not recommended to have a lid, otherwise, there will be gaps on the desktop, and if there are stains, bacteria, it is difficult to clean.

In addition, important items, especially electronic products, cannot be placed in the basement of the desktop with gaps. If water leaks, the circuit will burn out. Therefore, it is recommended that the desktop is not at any risk.


5 What material is good for the desktop of medical equipment trolleys?

Aluminum alloy: strong, but generally too rudimentary in shape, mainly used for supporting the structure inside the desktop. Powder spraying or sandblasting for surface treatment.

Stainless steel: Stronger, but generally too rudimentary in shape, mainly used for supporting the structure inside the desktop. Brushed or sandblasted for surface treatment.

ABS: The most common engineering plastic on the market. Advantages: hard, high density, low price; disadvantages: very heavy, poor pressure resistance.

If the mold is of good quality, you can use plastic to match the color directly, and the surface can be a smooth mirror or textured. The advantage is that the surface color will not be damaged with long-term use.

However, low-grade molds or 3D printed or engraved desktops often have many defects on the surface and need to be treated with spray paint. The disadvantage is that after the paint falls off, the appearance will be severely damaged.

You can gently scrape the ABS Medical Cart with a knife. If other colors appear, it means that the plastic surface has been painted.


ABS+PC: lightweight, heat resistance, wear resistance, toughness and impact resistance, etc., better impact resistance, and high toughness.

The surface treatment is the same as ABS, it is better to use the color of the material itself, painting is not recommended.


6 Are there any reserved wiring slots for medical equipment carts?

Medical equipment carts generally need to put computers, monitors, printers, scanners, and other equipment, and at least 5 wiring slots need to be reserved.


7 Is the keyboard tray of the medical device cart safe and locatable?

The keyboard tray of the medical equipment cart actually needs to carry more than just a keyboard. During normal use, most people will put their hands or the whole body on the tray, and the weight at this time is at least 30kg.

Therefore, the weight of the keyboard tray needs to be more than 30kg. However, in order to save costs, most of the trolleys on the market use ball bearings, and the restrictions on the installation methods on the carts, their total load capacity is far less than 30kg, and it is very easy to break.

In addition, the disadvantage of using ball bearings is that the position of the keypad holder is very difficult to fix on the cart, and the hand is placed on it, the tray moves back and forth, resulting in inefficient typing.


8 Is the medical equipment cart base heavy enough?

The weight and design of the medical device cart base determine the stability and safety of the entire cart. If the base is light and small, the cart will easily tip over. Medical trolleys need to be satisfied on a 10-degree slope, plus all the load, can not be dumped at any angle.

Therefore, well-designed carts mostly use metal structures at the bottom and even add an additional 5~10kg counterweight to ensure the safety of the cart. Low-cost carts often use only plastic structures for the entire base, which poses a great safety risk.


9 How to choose the color of the medical equipment cart?

The medical equipment cart itself is an auxiliary device, and its main mission is to carry medical equipment, computers, printers, etc. placed on it. Therefore, the color of the cart is recommended in light colors such as gray and white. Highlight the characteristics of medical equipment itself and cannot be overtaken by the crowd.


10 Where is the medical equipment cart battery placed?

Many customers like to hide the battery in the base or in the desktop for aesthetics. But in developed countries such as the United States and Germany, most of the batteries are placed outside the cart, and doctors can see it at any time. Place it outside the cart. If there is an abnormality, the doctor can detect it the first time to avoid further loss.


11 Is it better to choose a bigger caster or a smaller one?

Big casters encounter wires, small steps, and it's easy to go over, and the grade is a little higher.

However, oversized casters can cause the center of the cart to be high and easy to tip over. Therefore, large casters need to be rotated under safe conditions.


12 Which parts of medical equipment trolleys are easy to break?

Gas springs and casters are the most important core parts of medical equipment carts. Due to the need for long-term movement and wear, the service life of the trolley will be greatly shortened if improperly selected. Low-grade products often choose unbranded suppliers. If possible, it's best to find out with the cart supplier. Well-designed carts generally have no other parts to damage, and the regular manufacturer's warranty period is at least 2 years. Manufacturers that use high-quality core components have a shelf life of 5 or 10 years.


13 Is the lifting of medical equipment trolleys controlled by hand or by foot?

The most professional medical trolley manufacturers in Europe and America use foot control to lift and lift. The main reason is that doctors, especially operating room doctors, need to touch patients and even wounds with their hands and need to keep their hands clean. If you need to adjust the height by hand, it increases the risk of infection. There are no restrictions on civilian carts in this regard.

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