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How many types of stretchers are there?

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The stretcher is one of the common equipment in emergency rescue work.

With the development of technology, the materials for making stretchers are constantly changing. Polypropylene fiber stretcher and aluminum stretcher have appeared. According to the requirements of modern war-wounded treatment, a variety of special stretchers have also come out and other types of stretchers have also been developed, forming a development situation with their own characteristics.


1. Folding stretcher

This is a stretcher made of high-strength aluminum alloy and Oxford leather. Folding Stretcher With Safety Belt has the characteristics of lightweight, small volume, convenient carrying, and safe use. Folding stretcher is widely used in hospitals, sports venues, ambulances, and troops in the field to transport patients.


2. Ambulance stretcher

The ambulance stretcher is made of high-quality aluminum alloy. The structure is light and flexible. It also uses foam cushions to lay the sick and lying comfortably. In addition, the head and tail of the stretcher are provided with telescopic handles to facilitate lifting the stretcher. Moreover, the low frame structure can move on the ground and lift up for walking.


3. Scoop stretcher

This kind of stretcher is composed of left and right aluminum alloy plates. When it is convenient to carry the injured, the injured can be placed in the supine position first, and then the neck can be fixed. Then the left and right pieces of the Scoop stretcher can be inserted into the back from the side of the wounded and can be carried after being buckled


4. Basket Stretcher

Also known as "stoke basket", it is divided into two types: aluminum alloy type and synthetic resin type. This type of stretcher is a bit like a "boat". When transporting the trapped persons, the trapped persons are placed in the Basket Stretcher, and the "raised" edges of the stretcher are matched with the flat belt on the front to "close" the trapped persons inside the stretcher. In this way, the trapped people will not be separated from the stretcher due to the displacement of the stretcher (such as overturning and shaking).


5. Rolling stretcher

This is a multifunctional stretcher, which is somewhat similar to the basket stretcher in use, but it is lighter (about 8 to 12 kg) and can be rolled up in a roller or backpack for easy carrying. It is made of special synthetic resin and has certain corrosion resistance. Its color is generally orange.

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