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Hospital Manual Bed With 3 Functions

Customized packaging(Min. Order: 100 Sets)
Customized logo(Min. Order: 100 Sets)
  • DW-MB03-2



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Multifunctional electric nursing bedMultifunctional electric nursing bed can be generally divided into five-functional electric nursing bed, four-functional electric nursing bed, three-functional electric nursing bed and two-functional electric nursing bed according to the number of imported motors. Its main features also lie in the motor, process design and luxury configuration equipment.

The Hospital Manual Bed with 3 Functions is a high-quality medical bed designed to provide optimal comfort and support for patients. The bed is constructed from sturdy materials, ensuring durability and longevity even under heavy use. It features a manual crank system that allows for easy adjustment of the bed's height, backrest, and leg rest. The bed's height can be adjusted to accommodate patients of different heights, while the backrest and leg rest can be adjusted to provide optimal comfort and support. The bed is also equipped with safety rails to prevent patients from falling off the bed.

Hospital Manual Bed With 3 Functions Material

1. The bed frame of the manual hospital bed is made of high-quality carbon steel rectangular profiles, and the size of the bed frame is 30×60×1.2mm.

2. The head of the bed and the foot of the bed are made of high-grade composite manual hospital bed head, which has a beautiful appearance and can also be used as a CRP board for emergency use.

3. All the locking parts at the head of the manual hospital bed are made of steel, with symmetrical quick sockets, which can be quickly disassembled, and there is a medical record card slot at the end of the bed.

4. Excellent impact resistance, heat resistance, low temperature resistance, chemical resistance and electrical properties.

5. The color of the head and tail of the manual hospital bed can be selected from blue, wood grain, and can also be customized.

6. The manual hospital bed from China factory surface is made of high-quality cold-rolled steel plate by one-time stamping, with a thickness of 1.2mm. The concave multi-porous design is convenient for ventilation and has anti-skid function, which is in line with the curve of the human body.

7. There are no solder joints on the surface, and there are steel reinforcement ribs on the back. The double support and unloading structure is adopted to prolong the life of the hospital bed.

8. The manual hospital bed surface connection parts are all steel parts, with a thickness of 3.5mm.

Electric Hospital Bed (1)

Hospital Manual Bed With 3 FunctionsFunction Configuration

1. The back is 0-70°±5°, the bent leg is 0-40±5°, and the height is 400-650mm.

2. Double side guardrail: ABS material, can be raised and lowered, length ≥ 1.2 meters.

3.Hospital Manual Bed With 3 Functions The head and foot of the bed can be easily disassembled, and has a locking device, and the outside of the foot of the bed is equipped with a bedside sign. There are anti-collision corners and anti-collision wheels at the four corners.

4. The central control brake can lock 4 wheels at the same time. (side brake and middle brake optional)

5. There is a steel drainage hook on each side of the manual hospital bed.

6. Surface treatment of carbon steel for manual hospital bed: The self-owned automatic electrostatic powder spraying line is used for one-time completion, and then electrostatic powder spraying is carried out to achieve internal and external rust prevention and prolong the service life of the hospital bed.

7. Adopt high-grade silent casters with a diameter of 125mm, and the bracket is made of stainless steel. The wheel surface is made of polyurethane material, which is resistant to acid and alkali, corrosion resistance, and never rusts. At the same time, it has the characteristics of flexible movement and reliable braking.

8. Manual 3 Function Crank Hospital Bed adopts robot group welding to ensure welding precision.

9. All plastic parts are injection-molded at one time using injection molding equipment.

10. Equipped with a matching special mattress, the size of the mattress complements the general manual hospital bed.

11. The cloth is made of a new type of beef tendon waterproof cloth, which is impermeable to liquid and easy to wipe. It can keep the China manual hospital bed surface clean and hygienic for a long time, and has air permeability and slip resistance.

12. Built-in 4 cm high-elastic hard sponge, comfortable and durable, not deformed. 4 cm natural Hainan coconut shredded, hygienic and environmentally friendly. The mattress is equipped with a zipper for easy loading, unloading and cleaning.

Name Manual 3 Function Hospital Bed
Model DW-MB03-2
Size 2000*950*450~690mm
Packing Size 200*95*28cm,102kg
Backrest 0-70°
Legrest 0-40°
Wheels 5 medical universal wheel with break          
Material ABS Headboard and Footboard
Collapsible aluminum guardrails

Quantity(Sets) 1 - 50 51 - 500 501 - 1000 >1000
Est. Time(days) 10 20 30 To be negotiated

how to use the 3 function hospital manual bed?

1. Back lift function

This function is the most important, on the one hand, to promote blood circulation, on the other hand, the user can sit up to eat and read, which can solve many problems, and this is the function that all nursing beds on the market have. The Medstead nursing bed can realize 0~70° back raising to meet the daily nursing needs.

2.Lift and drop leg function

Basically, it is divided into raising the leg upward and lowering the leg downward, both upward and downward can promote blood circulation, each person has its own needs, some nursing beds on the market only have a function of upward or downward. Medstead electric nursing bed can realize two functions of raising and lowering legs, which is suitable for users' daily leg activities.

3. Turning function

People who are paralyzed, comatose, partially traumatized and other long-term bedridden people need to be turned frequently to prevent bed sores. Manual turning requires more than 1 to 2 people to complete. After turning, caregivers can assist in adjusting the side sleeping position to make it more comfortable to rest. The Medstead electric nursing bed can be set to turn around 1°~50° at regular intervals to relieve long-term local pressure.

4. Mobile function

This function is practical and allows the user to sit up like in a chair and push around a bit.

5. Urination and defecation function

Electric potty open, with the use of back, leg bending function, can realize the human body sitting vertical urination and defecation, convenient for the care recipient to do clean-up work.

6. Head and foot washing function

The mattress at the head of the nursing bed is removed and embedded into the special hair washing basin for people with mobility problems, and with the back-raising function at a certain angle, the hair washing function can be realized. You can also take off the end of the bed, with the wheelchair function can be more convenient for people to wash their feet, massage.

7. Folding guardrail function

This function is mainly convenient for nursing care, in order to facilitate the mobility of people getting in and out of bed, it is recommended to choose a better guardrail, otherwise stuck in there up and down, in turn, more bad.


Manual Hospital Bed


Manual Hospital Bed


Manual Hospital Bed



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