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Aluminum Alloy Ambulance Stretcher(DW-AL004)

This model is available in different heights, it is made of high strength aluminum alloy thick wall pipe, mainly used for ambulance, hospital, field, gymnasium to transport the sick and wounded with tools and instruments.
  • DW-AL004



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Product features

1. This ambulance stretcher is made of high strength aluminum alloy thick wall tubing.

2. Soft foam cushion surface with adjustable backrest makes the casualty feel comfortable.

3. Very easy to use, can be easily adjusted to a variety of positions.

4. Folding legs, the legs can be automatically folded under the stretcher when loaded, controlled by the handles at both ends of this ambulance stretcher.

5. The fixing device makes this ambulance stretcher locked in the ambulance.

6. This ambulance stretcher has the characteristics of light weight, easy to use, anti-corrosion and durable, easy to disinfect.

Product parameters

Model DW-AL004
Material Aluminum alloy
Product size 190*55*92cm
Folding size 190*55*25cm
Packing size 195*62*28cm
Net weight 40kg
Gross weight 46kg
Load Unit 159kg
Maximum angle of the back 75 degree

ambulance stretcher


The Top Selling Aluminium Alloy Foldable Wheelchair Ambulance Stretcher is made of high-strength aluminum alloy thick-wall pipes.

Technical Characteristics

Using high-quality aluminum alloy materials, aluminum alloy die.-casting parts. The sponge cushion is used to lie down comfortably, Leg folding mechanism, controlled by left and right handles. Only one ambulance officer needs to push the patient into the ambulance. The fixed bracket is fixed to the ambulance, and the stretcher can be locked after getting on the car through the slideway.

High-strength aluminum alloy

Get on the ambulance easily

Comfortable sponge cushion

Cotollable mechanical folding leg

ambulance stretcher


Made of high quality aluminum alloymaterial ,Durable and hard to rust.

ambulance stretcher


Built-in sponge cushion for the casualty to lie down comfortably.

ambulance stretcher


Folding leg mechanical structure, controlled by left and right handles, easy to operate

ambulance stretcher


The stretcher and the ambulance's fixtures can be locked on the stretcher

ambulance stretcher


This ambulance stretcher has multiple gears.Suitable for multiple angle adjustments

ambulance stretcher


The handles on both sides can be turned down to facilitate the wounded up and down


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