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What are the performance characteristics of an ambulance stretcher? What is the scope of application?

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Nowadays, in terms of material selection, stretchers are made of high-quality aluminum alloy materials, and plush foam cushions, so they are not only more suitable for rescuing patients when using them but are also more convenient to use and relatively simple to operate. In particular, the current use of stretchers with ambulances can better reflect its value and characteristics. If you want to buy safe ambulance stretchers in large quantities, you can learn about the performance and characteristics of this stretcher, as well as the scope of application, including how to choose the manufacturer when buying.

the ambulance stretcher

1. Performance characteristics of ambulance stretcher

1.1 Light and flexible structure

The ambulance stretcher is different from other stretchers because the ambulance has a relatively small space. In selecting the stretcher-making materials, stretcher length and width, it must be light and dexterous in terms of structure, so that it is more convenient to use when going up and down the ambulance. Therefore, the stretchers used in ambulances today are all made of aluminum alloy materials, which are relatively light in weight, and appear more flexible and convenient throughout the use process.

1.2 Allow patients and the wounded to lie down comfortably

ambulance stretchers are mainly used to pick up sick patients or patients with severe trauma. When choosing a stretcher like this, it is important to consider the patient's comfort in lying down, so that the patient can rest quietly while lying on it. Especially for patients with limb injuries, if they are not comfortable lying on the stretcher themselves, it will cause patients with severe physical injuries to be more impatient. Therefore, foam cushions will be laid on this stretcher, and lying on it will not look like a hard board will hurt people. Even if the limb injury is serious, or the patient himself is thin due to malnutrition due to illness, he will not feel uncomfortable.

1.3 Easy to lift the stretcher

The ambulance stretcher used today is relatively scientific in design, so telescopic handles are provided on both ends of the stretcher because the stretcher needs to enter the patient's room, and even cross stairways or elevators. If we treat some seriously injured people, the environment is worse, so if possible, both ends should be designed with shrink handles, which will be more convenient and practical when lifting patients.

1.4. Faster implementation with wheels

There are no wheels on urban rescue stretchers. If the distance is relatively long, it will be more difficult to lift patients, and it will take longer. Therefore, when designing a stretcher, it is necessary to have wheels underneath, so that it can be pushed and walked when rescuing patients. This is faster than carrying and walking, shortens the time to save people, and will do a better job of saving the patient's life.

Aluminum Alloy Ambulance Stretcher

2. Scope of adaptation of stretchers for ambulances

2.1 Hospitals

ambulance stretchers are one of the most commonly used in hospitals because when patients have heart infarction, or other need first aid, they need to call 120, then the ambulance will come to the scene with the stretcher, so now hospital ambulances will be equipped with stretchers, which can transport patients faster and more practical, directly when the ambulance to the patient area, can be pushed to the patient's room by pushing the stretcher. When you arrive at the hospital, you can push the stretcher directly to the hospital ward.

2.2 Stadiums and battlefields

Some competitive sports are also prone to severe collisions between limbs and fractures. Stadiums such as stadiums can also be equipped with ambulance stretchers. Of course, this kind of stretcher will also be used in the field, and an ambulance can be driven directly to the scene so that it can be faster when rescuing the wounded.

First Aid Aluminium Ambulance Stretcher

3. How to choose a manufacturer when purchasing

3.1 Look at the manufacturer's production capacity

When buying an reliable ambulance stretcher, since there are many manufacturers like this, you should also look at the manufacturer's production capacity through multiple comparisons before purchasing. If the manufacturer itself has a strong production capacity, it can also guarantee the quality of the stretcher.

3.2 Look at the cost-performance ratio

Currently, the number of manufacturers producing stretchers is relatively large, so competition is fierce, not only in terms of technology but also in terms of price. To ensure that the stretcher purchased is highly practical and of guaranteed quality, we also need to take a look at the cost-performance ratio. If the manufacturer can sell according to direct sales, since direct sales do not have middlemen earn, and the price is cheaper, the user can make the price lower when buying.

3.3 Look at the manufacturer's after-sales service

If the manufacturer you choose cannot follow up on after-sales service, it proves that they do not dare to take responsibility for the quality of the stretchers they produce. When choosing a manufacturer to buy, you must see if after-sales service is in place. Anything that has after-sales service in place proves that the stretcher quality is relatively excellent. Buying from such manufacturers, because they have good after-sales service, users can only buy without worries.

Users, who need to buy an high performance ambulance stretcher, especially when buying a relatively large amount at a time, have learned the performance characteristics, the scope of application, and how to choose a manufacturer when purchasing this stretcher? As long as you buy stretchers according to your own needs at the time of purchase, and when selecting manufacturers, you can buy medical stretchers from approved manufacturers with confidence through comparison to see which one is in place in terms of production capacity, cost performance, and after-sales service.

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