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Classification and characteristics of stretcher carts

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As a new type of medical equipment, the stretcher cart is different from the general hospital movable bed in terms of convenience. In order to alleviate the pain index of patients and the convenience index of medical care, the index has been greatly improved. However, there is not only one type of stretcher. It can be divided into several types according to different functions and places of use. The following are some of the more common types of stretchers.

The first type of medical stretcher cart belongs to the technical field of medical equipment. The current stretcher trolley has a single function, and there is no infusion rack or drainage net, so it brings a lot of trouble to the medical staff. There must be several people holding the infusion rack, drainage net, and clothes and quilt to follow the stretcher trolley before it moves, thus it's really inconvenient. Compared with the previous one, this Ambulance Stretcher greatly brings convenience to medical staff and relieves the pain of patients.

The advantages of the utility model are: the structural design is reasonable and practical, because the infusion rack, the wardrobe, and the drainage net are arranged on the frame to reduce the number of medical personnel accompanying the stretcher cart, reduce the labor intensity, and bring a lot of conveniences. This type of stretcher is specially designed for hospitals.

The second is a utility model of a multi-purpose stretcher cart, which consists of an upper frame, a wheel bracket, an axle mounted on the wheel bracket, the axle is equipped with wheels and a rear bracket. This multi-purpose stretcher is more suitable for ambulances, aka, ambulance stretcher, it’s light, foldable, and easy to carry.

It can realize the functions of a stretcher cart and an individual soldier trailer by changing the different folding methods of the wheel bracket, auxiliary bracket, and rear bracket that are hinged on the upper frame. It is also very convenient to carry and use.

The third one is a new type of convenient stretcher trolley, which can be used with all docking trolleys. There is no need to worry about the cart model and the stretcher trolley. It is only necessary to set a concave rail groove in the middle of the borders of the two sides of the stretcher bed for the docking trolley and the bottom of the groove. There are magnets, which match the two magnetic pulleys on the back of the stretcher, that is, they are all inserted from the left and right sides of the wounded, and the bandages are fastened at both ends. It is easy to operate, saves manpower, and facilitates promotion in hospitals.

The fourth type is an ambulance stretcher cart with automatic damping and buffering up and downstairs, especially when patients live in high-rise residential areas. It consists of a bracket and a rotating shaft, a damping buffer, and a damping buffer frameset at the bottom of the middle of the stretcher. One end of the stretcher is provided with a handle, a support frame, and an auxiliary wheel, the other end of the stretcher is provided with an unlocking handle, a connecting rod, and a locker, and there is a stretcher cloth on the stretcher. Up and downstairs are controlled by the unlocking handle to rotate the damping buffer wheel and the driving wheel, and the damping buffer wheel and the damping driving wheel are folded through the rotating shaft. You can walk up and down the stairs easily.

Its advantages are that the structure is simple and the operation is convenient, it’s not bumpy when you go up and downstairs and thus very stable, the whole stretcher body is flexible when it turns in all directions, which saves time and effort and can be operated in time and rescue patients in a short time. This type of equipment is often widely adopted in hospitals when patients go up and downstairs, as well as on and off the ambulances. The stretcher-type patient carrier can be panned left and right and folded. This kind of stretcher belongs to the technical field of medical equipment. There is a guide rail at each end of the upper part of the car body, and there are guide sleeves on the guide rails, which can slide along the guide rails, and can roll the sheets under the patient's body into a stretcher. The stretcher can stand vertically to one side when not in use. The wheels of the car can be retracted, thus reducing the floor space.

The above are the various types of stretcher carts and their performance characteristics. As a medical device, stretcher trolleys play a very important role, so medical staff must be careful in their choice, a regular and reliable stretcher trolley manufacturer is unavoidable. Buying genuine products to ensure quality and quantity. Stretchers are critical for patients, it will cause secondary injury if a stretcher is festered with design defects or quality problems.

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