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Crash Cart(DW-MT 0011)

Crash Cart(DW-MT 0011) is also known as multifunctional medicine delivery cart, nursing emergency cart, dressing cart, beauty salon trolley, China emergency medical equipment supplier can provide you with the best crash cart price.
  • DW-MT 0011



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Structure of Crash Cart

  1. It is mainly composed of aluminum, steel, ABS engineering plastic structure, four-column load-bearing.

  2.  ABS curved bottom injection molding process with handrails on both sides. ABS integrated guardrail has no gap on three sides. The countertop includes a guardrail injection molding process. Once molding, the recessed countertop is 60-80mm high with transparent soft glass.

  3. Left side of the car body: sundries box.

  4. Right side of the vehicle body: single dirt bucket.

  5. Behind the body: no.

  6. Crash Cart body front: central control lock, equipped with four drawers, three middle drawers Inner space: one deep drawer, one side inner space: drawer with divider, can be separated freely, drawer handle is dovetail style, sealing slot sign, prevent liquid and dust from entering.

  7. The label area is designed according to the ergonomic principle, the slot type tilts upward for easy viewing, and the handle inner mold is thicker and more practical.

  8. Crash Cart Body Bottom: Luxury universal plug-in silent wheels, two of which have brake function, casters are made of high-strength polyurethane. Anti-static, anti-hair tangling, light, and flexible to move.


Model Product size Packing size Net weight Gross weight
850 Model 850*520*950 mm

750 Model 750*480*920mm 800*530*1030mm 40 44

Features of Crash Cart

1. Have a new look

Crash Cart has a complete sense of technology to ensure accurate drug delivery, error-free delivery, and improved efficiency, allowing nurses to leave more time for patients. Every detail of the touch is highlighted by the moving lines and shape of the body, bringing a new look to the interaction between nurses and drug dispensers.

2. Color

Crash Cart conveys optimistic, vibrant, and genuine “healing system” colors of sky blue and cloud white. The squares are cleverly designed and integrated to counteract the anxiety and tension of the hospital environment and create humanized care in the usage scene.

3. Environmental protection level

Native injection molding is due to Taiwan Chimei ABS native injection molding, which is anti-collision, has good rigidity, high strength, and particular anti-ultraviolet elements, is not easy to fade, environmentally friendly, non-toxic and tasteless, commonly used, and new.

4. Make the most of each

The drawer has different shades, and shades can accommodate other volumes of medicines or articles. The mechanical cushioning design effectively solves the problem of accidental sliding out of the drawer.

5. Double the efficiency

The Crash Cart pill box can be taken out and placed. The unique two-layer 48-cell pillbox and square round pill cup can be placed; the three-layer 20-cell deep pillbox can hold more bulky items.

Each tablet in the 48 pillboxes has a logo slot, which is classified and placed for different drugs; not only can it be accurately identified and checked, but it also can quickly complete drug delivery.

6. Lightweight and sturdy

The logo frame is carefully crafted for the pillbox to make up for the regret of the unmarked card slot of the 20-cell pillbox. It is easy to place, and three placement methods are optional, not easy to fall so that nurses can deliver medicine quickly and accurately.

The unique honeycomb bionic design of the side panel backboard makes the perfect combination of lightweight and strength. The exterior coating uses Dutch Aksu Nobel environmental protection powder, with a delicate surface, strong adhesion, corrosion resistance, and wear resistance.

7. Abundant accessories

Crash Cart has a variety of accessories, including soft glass, sub-workbench, storage mesh frame, sharps box, dirt bucket, central control safety lock, etc., to help medical care.

8. Easy push

medical carts for sale from China factory 100mm diameter double brake medical-grade casters, adopts industrial nylon wheel frame, Shore 50° high elastic TPR wheel surface, has good shock absorption and noise reduction effect, push to feel the charm of silent casters.

9. crash cart price

As a crash cart supplier, DRAGON can say that the medical carts for sale price is quite advantageous. If you need to know the crash cart price, you can call and contact us, and you will be satisfied.

Derived from the dedication to products and respect for users,DRAGON pours ingenuity into the Crash Cart cart industry, striving to create innovation and refinement in every detail. We regard after-sales service as profound and subtle art so that your satisfaction never ends. If you need to know about crash cart prices, call us.


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