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What Should I Do for Fracture First Aid?

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Have you ever encountered such a situation? When you see a bystander injured, you want to help, but there is nothing you can do; some of you are directing or helping in a haphazard way, and your incorrect knowledge of first aid is helping you more and more.

So it is still necessary to know some first aid knowledge of fracture in daily life. A little bit of science is dedicated to those who need it.Therefore, it is still necessary to know some first aid knowledge of fracture in daily life.


1. Removing the casualty from the environment

If the injured person has a limb compressed by a heavy object for a short period of time, try to remove the object; if the hand is injured by a machine, switch off the machine immediately. Those whose hands are pinched should even dismantle the machine and release the compression. Then quickly call the 120 emergency number and inform the injured person of the situation.

2. Dressing wounds

Wounded casualties should generally be bandaged in a timely manner. Generally small bleeding wounds can be compression bandage, which can reduce bleeding, or even completely stop bleeding, this method is very effective.

Large bleeding wounds can be used to compress the arterial method; bleeding in the limbs in other methods do not work can be used tourniquet hemostasis, will be a belt, silk scarf and other cord-like items ring tied to the proximal part of the bleeding site, but it should be noted that the need to ring tied at the contact with the skin padded with gauze or clothing, a single ring time shall not be more than one hour, more than one hour must be relaxed for 5-10 minutes before you can ring tied again.


3. Temporary immobilisation

Before moving a patient with a suspected fracture, it is best to perform simple immobilisation. This will prevent damage to blood vessels and nerves during movement, as well as reducing pain and bleeding. How can I tell if I have a fracture?

The possibility of a fracture should be considered at any site where pain, deformity, or paradoxical activity is present. In addition, spinal tenderness and posterior protrusion deformity are important tests for determining spinal fracture. If the presence of a fracture cannot be determined, it is best to treat it as a fracture.

Fractures of the bone and joint parts of the limbs can be fixed by binding with wooden rods and boards, and splints.

In the case of lower limbs, even the affected leg can be tied to the healthy side for fixation.

Upper limbs can be fixed by tying the affected limb to the chest wall.

Spinal fractures need to lie flat on a stretcher and be immobilised with clothing blocks on both sides of the head and neck or on both sides of the body.

Pelvic fractures require a circumferential bandage to be applied to the pelvic region while lying in the horizontal position, which can be done locally with bed sheets or clothing.

4. transfer the wounded

As soon as possible after the above treatment, the patient should be carried to an ambulance or other means of transport. If there are too many people without tools to carry a spinal fracture patient unassisted, usually at least three people stand on the same side of the injured person. The first person will drag up the head, neck, shoulders and back, the second person will drag up the waist, back and hip, the third person will drag up the lower limbs together, three people at the same time, the main point is to keep the head, neck and torso as a straight line, when the emergency single-handedly handling, can be used to back-to-back method.

When carrying patients with limb fracture, try to ensure the stability of the affected limbs. All handling processes should be directed by one person as much as possible, and the number of handling should be reduced as much as possible. Final transport to a medical facility.

tips: Children have more outdoor activities and lack awareness of safety and self-preparedness. Children's bones are growing and developing and are relatively fragile, making them susceptible to fractures in the event of a fall. Therefore, if a child suffers a fracture, parents are advised to take him/her to a professional orthopaedic department to receive regular examination and systematic treatment, so as to avoid complications that may affect the child's life in the future.

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