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Turkey Earthquake:How to use emergency product to protect yourself

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It is sad to learn that on February 6th, 2023, a 7.8 magnitude earthquake struck southern Turkey near the Syrian border. According to the latest news reports on February 7th, the earthquake has killed more than 3,800 people in both Turkey and Syria.

China quickly provided humanitarian aid and assistance to Turkey, not only sending rescue teams to the most severely damaged areas in Turkey, but also preparing a lot of rescue and warming supplies, such as sleeping bags and tents.

It is currently winter in Turkey, and the cold weather and snowfall in some areas also had an impact on the search and rescue. The rescued people were shivering in the cold wind. There are some people who are well prepared to provide basic first aid to themselves and their families and to protect themselves from the cold at this time.


In order to minimize the risk of injury to the general public in the face of a natural disaster such as an earthquake, these items can be kept on hand to protect yourself if necessary.

1. Emergency blanket. Emergency blanket is a PE aluminized film made of outdoor supplies, lightweight and portable, ideal for winter warmth to avoid loss of temperatu. This happened in the previous marathon. Although the size of the first aid blanket is small, it can be completely wrapped around the human body after unfolding to prevent heat loss, which is very effective in keeping warm and sufficient for use in cold environments. Now the emergency blanket has been necessary for the outdoor sports, travel enthusiasts, and the military. The same application of PE aluminized film design to achieve thermal insulation effect of PET sleeping bags and tents, according to their needs to choose to prepare different sizes, different structures of first aid items.


2. First aid kit for home use. Basic first aid kit contains some cleansing pads, dressings, band-aids and bandages required for dressing, etc., which can be used for basic disinfection and dressing of the injured. In addition, on the basis of the standard home first aid kit, you can add some common medicines according to your needs. First-aid kits should be placed in an easily accessible place for use when needed. If you do not have these items or it is not convenient to disinfect the wounds, you can use soap and water to clean and disinfect the wound before dressing it. If you are crushed under the rubble and a short period of time can not seek medical attention, you can use their own prepared bandages to dressing will be very useful.


3. Sleeping bag. Sleeping bags are used to keep warm in cold weather, improve the quality of sleep and preserve energy. In particular, the new sleeping bag improved in 2023, the application of water-resistant fabric, can be used to keep the interior of the sleeping bag dry in the wet winter. In addition the filler has polyester fiber, cotton down and other options, can withstand the low temperature of minus ten degrees. If necessary, you can also prepare a moisture-proof pad, and sleeping bags with the use of this can create a more comfortable sleeping environment.


4. Splint. The news of the earthquake in Turkey also came with some rescue images taken at the scene. We can see that there are many people did not have time to evacuate when the building collapsed, were injured by falling building debris. There are also some injured people with broken bones, unable to move on their own, and have to wait for rescue in place. As time goes by, the wounds deteriorate and the difficulty of rescue increases in bad weather conditions. Therefore it is recommended to have lightweight splints at home, such as aluminum splints, which can be used for temporary immobilization in case of fractures. You can also prepare finger splints to avoid bone deformation after a finger fracture before seeking medical attention.


5. A small emergency light or flashlight can be prepared at home. In addition to the lighting function, more importantly, this can increase your chances of a smooth rescue when you are trapped. If you are trapped in the rubble during an earthquake, using a flashlight to illuminate can attract attention.


If you are involved in first aid or medical rescue, then there are also some portable products that you may just need:

1. Soft stretcher. This is a stretcher made entirely of Oxford fabric, no hard steel bracket. Its structure determines that it is the most suitable for carrying a stretcher. There are ten handles on the edge of the stretcher, and two safety belts are attached to fix the injured person on the stretcher, which can be carried by two people together. Its load capacity of 160kg, the earthquake caused by the rugged terrain, difficult to push the stretcher with wheels forward in the environment of the transfer of the injured is very useful.


2. Folding stretcher. Compared to the soft stretcher, folding stretcher is more robust, stronger load-bearing, and more convenient for rescuers to use. The fabric of the folding stretcher is still easy to clean Oxford fabric, the frame has iron tubes, aluminum tubes to choose from, the most popular styles are two-fold, four-fold, etc..


We hope that these products that you may need for first aid after the earthquake will be of help to you. We also sincerely wish the people of Turkey safe, and when you need it, Dragon Medical, a professional Chinese manufacturer, could be your most loyal partner.


We'll try our best to become one of most reliance cooperation suppliers in emergency rescue and safety protection field, including spine board with head immobilizerfolding spine boardmedical carts for saleportable iv pole and electric dolly for stairs.

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