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Speak aids | best transport chair

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1. Summary

The transport chair is a very widely used tool, suitable for people with lower limb disabilities, hemiplegia, subthoracic paraplegia, and people with reduced mobility. As a caregiver, it is necessary to understand the characteristics of the transport chair and choose the most suitable transport chair and the correct way to use it.

2. Classification of transport chairs

1. Electric transport chair

Different specifications can be used by adults or children separately. To meet the needs of people with varying degrees of disability, the electric transport chair has various control methods. If the hand or forearm function is partially disabled, the electric transport chair can be operated by hand or forearm. The electric buttons or joysticks of this transport chair are very sensitive and can be used with the slightest touch of a finger or forearm. An electric transport chair with jaw manipulation is available for patients with complete loss of hand and forearm function.

2. Other special transport chairs

There are also a variety of unique transport chairs for the specific needs of some disabled patients. Such as one-sided passive wheelchairs, unique transport chairs for toilet use, and some transport chairs with lifting devices

3. Folding transport chair

The frame, etc., can be folded for easy carrying and transportation. This is currently the most widely used at home and abroad. Depending on the seat width and height of the transport chair, it can be used by adults, teenagers, and children, and some transport chairs can be changed to more significant seatbacks and backrests to meet the growing needs of children. The armrests or footrest of the folding transport chair are removable.

4. Recliner transport chair

The backrest can be tilted from vertical to horizontal. The footrest can also change the angle freely.

5. Sports transport chair

A particular transport chair is designed according to the game. It is lightweight and can run faster in outdoor applications. To reduce weight and use high-strength lightweight materials such as aluminum, some sports transport chairs can remove not only the armrests and footrests but also the handles of the backrest.

6. Push-type transport chair

This is the best transport chair for others. The armrests can be fixed, open, or foldable, and the push-type transport chair is mainly used as a nursing chair.


3. What is the best transport chair

DRAGON's best transport chair, also called patient care machine, paralysis patient care machine, rehabilitation walking aid, etc., is a mobile aid for the elderly, paralyzed patients, disabled people, semi-disabled people, people with reduced mobility and unable to care for themselves. It helps disabled people to shift, reduce the work intensity of nursing staff, and reduce the chance of injury during patient transfer.

4. Features of the best transport chair

  1. The pushers on the head are interchangeable.

  2. The best transport chair backrest can adjust the angle according to users' needs. It can be adjusted to a comfortable angle whether you take a bath, wash your hair, rest, or work.

  3.  The headrest can be adjusted to a comfortable use height according to the user's needs, and better head support makes it more comfortable.

  4. The height of the armrest 3 gears is adjustable, and the lower gear is parallel to the seat cushion. Convenient for mobile users. The pinball and knob are fixed more firmly.

  5. The cushion is filled with memory foam, and the front end is thickened to a certain extent to reduce the risk of slipping forward when users sit down and take a bath.

  6. Enlarged toilet hole design, U-shaped side hole, leather sofa mother and child cushion, passive and not tired, waterproof and mildew proof, better cleaning, better care, more comfortable.

  7.  Foldable foot pedal, convenient and comfortable for various needs.

  8. Four-wheel stabilizer with brakes, no need to inflate the wheels.

  9. Pull out toilet bucket with lid, effectively prevent leakage.

  10.  Aluminum alloy pipe, moderate hardness and thickness, waterproof and not rusty.


5. Specific applicable groups

1) People who have some mobility but are physically inconvenient need to use the best transport chair. The most common is hemiplegia caregivers with limited physical mobility on one side.

2) Rheumatism and rheumatoid cause joint deformation, especially in the morning, stiff joints, and difficulty getting up and squatting. In particular, people who also use squats are more suitable for mobile toilets.

3) Parkinson's disease caregivers are prone to falling due to tremors, paralysis, and unstable walking. Such caregivers are also more suitable for using mobile toilets next to the bed.

4) Elderly and weakened older adults need help from others to a large extent when moving, and it is more laborious to move. The best transport chair is very convenient for him.

5) The activity has no endurance, is not suitable for people doing a lot of activities, and is also ideal for using the best transport chair. For example, postoperative patients, after more extensive surgeries, patients with cardiac insufficiency may be asthmatic and unwell if they move a little and are not suitable to walk far to the bathroom. Moving has a significant impact on his heart function. If such a person is uncomfortable defecating while lying down, has some mobility, but does not have enough mobility, he can use the best transport chair next to the bed. During the acute onset of the disease, some monitoring leads or small pipes on the body will not be suitable for going to the bathroom.

6) End-of-life caregivers are frail, very serious, and unable to stay far from the bed.

7) Frequent urination at night. Some older adults often have frequent night urination. It is very inconvenient to get up at night and go to the bathroom. It may go several times a night, increasing the risk of falling and occurring at night.

8) People who need to develop excretion habits are people who adapt to mobile toilets.

9) In hospitals and intensive care units, rehabilitation after surgery, cardiac rehabilitation, or lung rehabilitation, unlike before a major surgery requiring rest, now advocates early getting out of bed activities when physical conditions permit. ICU will be equipped with some rehabilitation aids, including walking aids. Of course, there can also be the best transport chair next to the bed to encourage people to get out of bed Self-defecation at an early stage.

6. Summary of functions

  • Get up: Some disabled, older adults don't want to lie in bed all the time. They can use the transport chair to get up and reduce bedsores.

  • Shifting: Help the elderly to move position, can be placed in wheelchairs, stools, and other places you want to go.

  • Toilet: You can use the transport chair to enter the toilet directly and place it in the bathroom.

  • Bathing: Use the best transport chair to push the elderly into the bathroom to take a bath.

  • Going out: When the elderly need to go out, they can use the best transport chair to enter the elevator, the entertainment room in the community.

  • Rehabilitation: Use the best transport chair to enter rehabilitation training, saving time, effort, and money.

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