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Patient Transfer Lift Chair

Cheap price multifunction powered patient transfer lift chair with commode


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Product description:

This versatile moving chair with commode is waterproof and can be used as a shower chair.
The chair can split in the middle to wide open to fit into where the patient sits so that the patient can sit in the chair effortlessly to be transferred to/from sofa, bed, wheelchair, toilet, etc.

Size 73*56*99 CM
Adjustable height 25 CM
spindle material solid steel column
pulley material medical silent pulley
bracket material thickness 2.0 steel pipe
backrest material PE/diaposable foam molding
sitting board material facial ABS/bottom steel plate
handshake environmentally friendly rubber
Load limit 120 kg

Patient Transfer Lift Chair


Lift-free Easy to move lOutdoor travel

solve the difficulty that a person can't hold

Provide comfortable and safe personal sernices for you and your family

Patient Transfer Lift Chair

1.Free it

2.Strong bearing force

3.Easy opening and closing

4.Front and rear brakes

5.The lacquer that boke

6.Simple ntallation



Patient Transfer Lift Chair


Patient Transfer Lift Chair


Can be unfolded 180 degrees, Suitable for a variety of furniture and patients

Patient Transfer Lift Chair


Adjustable height 25cm

free lifting and lowering adjustment, to meet the use of various places

Patient Transfer Lift Chair


use medical non-slip universal wheels, live steering, silent foot brake

Patient Transfer Lift Chair


Waterproof and non-slip handrait

ABS room temperature handrail, waterproof and non slip

Patient Transfer Lift Chair


Soft and comfortable

Easyto remove andwash

Patient Transfer Lift Chair
Patient Transfer Lift Chair

Emergency medicine is an important platform for the treatment of patients with acute and critical illnesses, and it is often necessary to transport patients with acute and critical illnesses during the process of in-hospital treatment, and successful transport is of positive significance to reduce the death rate of patients with acute and critical illnesses. Given that patients with acute and critical illnesses are critically ill, their conditions change rapidly, and they are often dependent on life support and difficult to transport, there is an urgent need to standardize and optimize the in-hospital transport process to ensure safe in-hospital transport of patients with acute and critical illnesses. According to the characteristics of emergency critical care patients and the clinical practice of emergency in-hospital transfer, this consensus collaborative group has developed a graded transfer plan based on the principles of "step-down planning, adequate assessment, optimal grading, optimal pathway, and dynamic assessment" to ensure the safety of transfer.

Basic concepts

Critically ill patients: Patients who need urgent and continuous effective airway management, respiratory, circulatory and other life support means due to one or more causes of life-threatening, transient or longer-term urgent pathophysiological impairment of organ function in the presence of a pre-existing (or no) underlying disease.

Intra-hospital transfer: Transfer between different medical regions in the same medical unit is called intra-hospital transfer, and safe transfer is done to achieve or complete better treatment measures in order to improve prognosis.

Graded transfer: According to the patient's condition characteristics and clinical practice, the patient's vital signs, state of consciousness, respiratory support, circulatory support, major clinical problems and transfer time are evaluated in six aspects to determine the grading of the transfer and the required personnel and equipment including transport chair for sale to achieve resource optimization and safe transfer.


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