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DW-BC318 Baby Cart

  • DW-BC318



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Basic Skills:

1. Specifications: Full length 850mm, width 530mm, total height 920mm, sleeping basin adjustment angle 0-12°, product net weight 16kg.

2. Safe working load: sleeping basin 15kg, net basket 5kg

3. Sleeping basin lifting system: The sleeping basin lifting is controlled by high-quality silent gas springs, and the angle can be adjusted steplessly.

4. Mattress: It is made of waterproof material, which has the characteristics of waterproof, breathable, antibacterial and non-toxic.

5. Sleeping basin: South Korea imported transparent ABS injection molding, the size of the sleeping basin is enlarged to improve the comfort of the baby. The length and width are increased, which is more suitable for obese babies; the height is increased to improve safety performance. (Size of the sleeping basin: length 850mm width 500mm height 250mm)

6. Frame: It is made of high-quality steel welded by argon arc welding, and then sprayed by environmental protection to ensure that the safety performance of the crib can meet the requirements of firmness, drug resistance, and corrosion resistance.

7. Mesh basket: It is made of high-quality steel by bending and welding. The surface is dipped to improve the aesthetics and feel. It can be removed for easy care and use.

8. Casters: Use high-quality φ100mm full-angle brake casters, and resin double-sided wheels have better stability and safety.

Configuration List:

1. One bed body;

2. 1 set of waterproof mattress;

3. 1 set of angle adjustment handle;

4. 4 sets of brake casters;

5. 1 set of sleeping basin;

6. 1 set of sundries net basket;

7. Mosquito net (optional)

Baby Cart

Baby Cart

Baby Cart

Baby Cart

Baby Cart

Baby Cart


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