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The difference between electric stair climbing wheelchair and traditional wheelchair

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The emergence of wheelchairs has greatly facilitated the lives of the elderly, although many of them often need to be pushed by others because they are physically weak. Therefore, electric wheelchairs came to be, and with the development of electric wheelchairs, electric stair climbing wheelchairs gradually began to appear. This wheelchair can easily achieve climbing stairs, which can better solve the problem of elderly people going up and down stairs, especially for those old residential buildings without elevators. The electric stair climbing wheelchair is divided into step support stair climbing wheelchair, star wheel stair climbing wheelchair and crawler stair climbing wheelchair. Next, we will look at the detailed knowledge of electric stair climbing wheelchair together.

For the absolute need of safety for the disabled and the elderly to go up and down stairs, the safer rather than the cheaper stair climbing wheelchairs will still be given priority. It is believed that with the embodiment of the high reliability of the step-supported stair climbing wheelchair, it will gradually become the mainstream stair climbing wheelchair to serve more disabled and elderly groups in the future.


The difference between electric stair climbing wheelchair and traditional wheelchair

Difference 1: Safety

Most of the ordinary electric wheelchairs on the market now are only one controller, two motors and four wheels, although they are electric and can travel electrically on flat ground, which can facilitate the travel of the elderly, but they cannot climb stairs, and when they encounter steps or need to go upstairs, they are powerless. Even if they can go up and down the stairs, they have the strength to move the electric wheelchair, which is often tens of kilograms, up the steps.

For electric stair climbing wheelchairs, not only can they be driven electrically on flat ground, but they are also equipped with stair climbing crawlers, which can be converted between flat ground walking and stair climbing, and when you need to walk on flat ground, you can walk like an electric after putting away the crawlers, and when you encounter stairs, you can put down the crawlers and climb stairs like a small tank.


Although it seems very simple, but the consideration of safety should not be ignored, the elderly are generally weaker control ability, climbing stairs encountered steep steps and narrow space, for the elderly are huge security threats hidden danger, to make the use of very safe products, not only in the electric wheelchair based on the addition of a track so simple, need to be carefully designed, carefully consider a variety of steps a variety of use The actual situation of the environment and the possible troubles and obstacles that different elderly people may encounter in the process of operation need to be carefully designed. It also needs to be easy to operate without safety risks, and it often takes several years of design development and testing to produce a final, mature and reliable electric stair climbing wheelchair.

In the past few years, there have been many cases of elderly people slipping and falling up and down stairs, which also shows the high demand and safety standards of electric stair climbing wheelchairs for the elderly! Ordinary electric wheelchairs do not need to consider these issues when designing, they just need to consider the speed and brake basic safety issues on the line, which is much simpler.

Difference 2: low production

Ordinary electric wheelchairs or electric vehicles, the industry chain is relatively mature, especially ordinary electric vehicles, the annual production volume in China is often tens of millions of units, plus the number of exports, basically over a billion per year, such a huge volume of shipments, but also make the entire industry chain is very mature, from accessories to the plant, production costs are extremely low, but also let the end sales price is relatively low.

Even for ordinary electric wheelchairs, with years of market development and the increase in China's elderly population, the industry chain has gradually improved, and the annual shipments are close to ten million units, with billions of output value, which also makes the cost drop a lot. However, the production enterprises in the field of electric stair climbing wheelchairs, there are only a few in the world, not more than 100, most of them are only part-time electric stair climbing wheelchairs, generally have other main business production of other products, electric stair climbing wheelchairs in China's annual production volume of a few tens of thousands of units, belonging to the industry of extremely low production, due to the overall low production, supporting the industrial chain will not be particularly mature, so that both accessories This is one of the most important reasons why the end retail price of electric stair climbing wheelchairs is not low.


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