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What is Outdoor electric wheelchair?

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As the world's healthcare industry continues to innovate and evolve, there is a growing variety of assistive devices for the elderly and those with limited mobility. And the most popular and cost-effective products in the world should have a place for electric wheelchairs.


Electric wheelchairs are transformed and upgraded from traditional manual wheelchairs by superimposing high-performance power drives, intelligent control devices, batteries and other components.


The new generation of intelligent wheelchair, with a manually operated intelligent controller, can drive the wheelchair to complete the functions of forward, backward, steering, standing and lying down. It is a high-tech combination of modern precision machinery, intelligent numerical control, engineering mechanics and other fields. Technology products.


The fundamental difference with traditional electric scooters, battery-powered vehicles and bicycles is that electric wheelchairs have intelligent control controllers. Depending on the operation method, there are rocker type controllers, and controllers with various switches, such as head or blowing suction systems. The latter is mainly used for severely disabled people with upper and lower limb disabilities. Today, electric wheelchairs have become indispensable mobility tools for the elderly and disabled people with reduced mobility. They are suitable for a wide range of subjects. As long as the user has clear consciousness and normal cognitive ability, using a power wheelchair is a good choice, but requires a certain amount of space to move around.

There are a wide variety of wheelchairs on the market, which can be divided into aluminum alloy, light material and steel by material.

Electric wheelchairs can be divided into lead-acid battery-driven and aluminum battery-driven electric wheelchairs by battery.


Electric wheelchairs can be divided into general wheelchairs and special wheelchairs according to the type of use. Special wheelchairs can be divided into leisure sports wheelchairs, electric wheelchairs, stair climbing wheelchairs, etc., which are designed according to different needs of users.

Outdoor Electric wheelchairs have the following advantages.

  1. Wide audience. Compared with traditional wheelchairs, the powerful functions of electric wheelchairs are not only suitable for the old and frail, but also for patients with severe disabilities. Stability, long-lasting power and adjustable speed are the unique advantages of electric wheelchairs.

  2. Convenience. Traditional hand-pulled wheelchairs must be pushed and pulled by human power. If there is no one around to take care of it, you will have to push the wheels yourself. Electric wheelchairs are different. As long as it is fully charged, it can be easily operated without the need for family members to accompany you throughout the whole process.

  3. Environmental protection. Electric wheelchairs use electric start, which is more environmentally friendly and easier to use than manual wheelchairs.

  4. Safety. The production technology of electric wheelchairs is becoming more and more mature, and the braking equipment on the vehicle can only be produced after being tested and qualified by professionals for many times. The chances of losing control of the electric wheelchair are close to zero.

  5. Use electric wheelchairs to enhance self-care. Using a power wheelchair, you can consider performing daily activities such as grocery shopping, cooking and ventilation. One person plus a power wheelchair can basically do what ordinary people can do. Such training can be very helpful to the physical and mental state of patients with limited mobility. Allowing patients to participate in simple activities in their daily lives, rather than lying in bed every day and needing help or pushing a wheelchair wherever they want to go, also helps them find joy in life and gain a sense of accomplishment. This training also helps with their re-socialization after recovery.


The following details should be noted when using outdoor electric wheelchair

  1. Electromagnetic brake: Only with electricity can the brake be applied, so be sure to pay attention to safety when using it.

  2. tires: always pay attention to whether the tire pressure is normal. This is the most basic check operation before each use.

  3. Seat cover and backrest: Wash the seat cover and leather backrest with warm water and diluted soapy water to extend the service life of the electric wheelchair.

  4. Lubrication and general maintenance: Use lubricants frequently to maintain the wheelchair, but do not use too much to avoid oil stains on the floor. If the frequency of use is high, you need to check the screws and screws frequently to make sure they are secure.

  5. Normally, please wipe the body with water, avoid placing the electric wheelchair in a humid place and avoid knocking the controller, especially the rocker; when handling the electric wheelchair, please protect the controller strictly, and when the controller is contaminated by food or drink, please clean it immediately and wipe it with a diluted cleaning solution with a cloth, avoid using cleaning agents containing alcohol or other ingredients.

The above is the basic introduction to the product electric wheelchair.

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