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Vacuum Stretcher

Lightweight, foldable after deflation, easy to carry.

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Metrial TPU Product Size 197*97*7cm
Package Size 96*60*29cm NW 6KG
GW 12KG Max Capacity 159kg

The China vacuum stretcher from manufacturer is made of high quality and durable nylon fabric. The stretcher is made according to the shape of the human body and can be used for radiographic fluoroscopy. Ambulance personnel can use the air cylinder to pump air and adjust the softness of the stretcher according to the severity of the patient's injuries. It is safe, easy and fast to operate. Is a very convenient and portable stretcher. Generally like airborne rescue or water rescue is not right can not be separated from this one stretcher.

His waterproof and inflatable function always allows rescuers to carry out rescue actions in difficult and inconvenient situations. The vacuum stretcher supplier is generally used in special climatic and other combat conditions, but not suitable for use when using a general stretcher to transport the wounded. In the use of the vacuum stretcher is to be noted that the vacuum stretcher manufacturer is by way of inflation to make the stretcher three-dimensional. The vacuum stretcher should not be filled with gas when it is not in use. Release the gas and put it into the packing box.


The China vacuum stretcher is designed to immobilize and secure patients who are suspected of being unconscious, in a state of unconsciousness, or unable to care for themselves. Vacuum mattresses are not suitable for permanent immobilization.


The vacuum stretcher is a medical product that should only be applied by properly trained and authorized emergency medical personnel. This application is in accordance with the current generally recognized medical guidelines and recommendations of the relevant professional associations.


Treat open wounds and incomplete skin areas prior to the use of the vacuum stretcher in accordance with the latest standards for aseptic wound management.

To provide the patient with an appropriate means of relocation in accordance with current recommendations.

To secure and form the vacuum stretcher from China factory, close the buckle and tighten the straps.


Turn the valve to the right...

Connect the suction hose of the pump to the vacuum mattress valve and confirm that the suction horse is firmly set.

Evacuate air from the clamp until the clamp is secure and the valve must be closed... You will feel the resistance on the pump handle and will notice the cleat becoming rigid.

After the vacuum stretcher has reached sufficient stability, remove the suction hose from the valve

If necessary, adjustments can now be made to increase stability or to make minor position changes for patient comfort.

Check that the straps are tight.


Open the valve by turning it to the left. Air should now enter the mattress.

Cleaning and care / disinfection

Wash the vacuum mattress with water and detergent. Any blood, body fluids or other soiled material should be thoroughly removed before disinfection.

Remember to keep the valve securely closed at all times during the cleaning and disinfection process.

Avoid extreme mechanical cleaning, which may damage the surface material.

Disinfect exclusively with alcohol-based (ethanol/propane) disinfectants... This can cause irreversible damage to surfaces and materials when using other substance types. Do not use solvents.

Remove belts, handles and buckles; wash in a washing machine at 60°C.

Dry the vacuum mattress carefully after cleaning.

Testing and Reusability

Check the proper condition of the product before reuse.

Periodically test equipment for visible damage and sealing. Damaged belts, handles and valves must be replaced. Only products in good technical and hygienic condition should be reused.

Product Analysis

The vacuum stretcher can be shaped according to the contour of the patient's body, so as to achieve fast, effective and convenient braking, reducing the pressure and handling time of the patient's body.

The stretcher is made according to the shape of the human body and can be used for radiological X-ray fluoroscopy and CT scanning.Ambulance personnel can use a gas pump to adjust the hardness of the stretcher according to the severity of the patient's injury, which is simple and quick.

Product Details

Quality Material

Fully enclosed design, stretcher suitable for water rescue.

Colorful Straps

Adjustable colored shoulder straps for easy differentiation and easy binding.

Air Valve

Ambulance personnel can use a gas pump to inhale according to the severity of the patient's injury, adjust the hardness of the stretcher, and operate safely.

Handle Display

Equipped with 8 comfortable and convenient handles for easy multi-person operation.


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