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The Necessity and Safety of MRI

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Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) examination has become a common imaging examination method. MRI, as a new imaging examination technology, will not affect human health, but six types of people are not suitable for MRI examination: installation Persons with pacemakers, persons with or suspected metal foreign bodies in the eyeballs, persons with aneurysm silver clip ligation, persons with internal objects or metal prostheses, critically ill patients with life-threatening conditions, patients with claustrophobia, etc. Do not bring monitoring equipment, rescue equipment, etc. into the MRI examination room. In addition, pregnant women who are less than 3 months pregnant should not have an MRI examination.

Nuclear magnetic resonance is very safe. Although there are two words nuclear magnetic resonance, everyone can rest assured. The principle of nuclear magnetic resonance is the magnetic field produced by the machine. It mainly uses electromagnetic waves to perform inspections and present the inspection results. The magnetic field produced by nuclear magnetic resonance does not show radiation, which means that there is no radiation. It will not cause cancer, and it is a very safe and efficient inspection method. There are fewer stretcher products that can be used in the MRI room, such as stainless steel ambulance stretchers and carbon fiber scoop stretchers.

Although there is no radiation for MRI, there are certain precautions, otherwise it may lead to deviations in the inspection results and waste of inspection fees. The first is to remove all the metal accessories worn before the inspection, such as gold and silver jewelry, mechanical watches, metal buttons, etc., otherwise the presence of these metals will interfere with the magnetic field generated by the nuclear magnetic resonance. In addition, if the internal organs are checked, the patient needs to be checked on an empty stomach, not to eat anything but drinking water, and the more water you drink, the clearer the boundaries between different organs and the clearer the image. Wearing earplugs is also very necessary, because MRI is a magnetic field that will generate a lot of noise during the examination. Therefore, in order to avoid hearing loss and emotional instability due to interference, you can wear earplugs to keep quiet.

The use of magnetic resonance equipment will effectively drive the hospital to develop new clinical services and technologies, improve medical technology and diagnosis and treatment, and truly achieve early detection, early diagnosis, and early treatment of diseases, and provide better medical services to the general public.

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