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Oxygen Machine



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Molecular Sieve Imported From France

lmported molecular sieve, stable quality

Separation of high concentration oxygen

Continuous and stable oxygen supply, durable

Oxygen concentrator(with nebulizing installation) Oxygen concentrator(with nebulizing installation)
Voltage:~220V,50HZ Voltage:~220V,50HZ
Overall dimension:470x285x580mm Overall dimension:470x285x580mm
Oxygen flow:05~3L/min Oxygen flow:05~5L/min
Oxygen concentration:93%±3 Oxygen concentration:93%±3
Operation noise:≤45dB(A) Operation noise:≤45dB(A)
Weight:24kg Weight:24kg
lnput power:380VA lnput power:380VA
Output pressure:20~50kpa Output pressure:20~50kpa
Max nebulizing rate:20.1mL/min Max nebulizing rate:≥0.1mL/min

Product Details

Visual Operation

Humidification bottle and flow adjustment device can be seendirectly.

Comes With Containment Device

Flip it upwards to open it, and place filter cotton, filter net, manual, etc.

Steps For Usage

1. Unscrew the humidification cup

2. Pour the water into the humidification cup (distilled water)

3. Lay down and tighten the humidification cup

4. Plug in the oxygen tube

5. Tum on the power

6. Adjust oxygen flow according to demand

7. oxygen test (not recommended)

8. Unscrew the atomization port to atomize


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