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Notes on using outdoor electric wheelchair

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Ⅰ. Summary

Outdoor electric wheelchair are becoming more and more popular. The electric wheelchair is a multi-functional wheelchair with artificial intelligence manipulation based on the manual wheelchair, superimposed with high-performance power drive devices and other configurations. Electric wheelchairs can enhance the self-care ability of users and save a lot of nursing costs for families.

Ⅱ. How to use the outdoor electric wheelchair

1. Before getting into a wheelchair, please check carefully

When the power of the outdoor electric wheelchair is turned off, then at this time, the clutches on the two motors are in an engaged state, that is, an electric state. Then the pedals are turned up, and when sitting in the wheelchair, the pedals are put down.

2. What you need to know after sitting on the outdoor electric wheelchair

Patients wear their seat belts. Turn on the electric power supply, and the indicator light of the electric wheelchair will light up; press the speed reduction key to adjust the speed to the lowest level. If the operation is proficient, you can adjust the speed according to your needs later.

3. Driving of electric wheelchair

If you want to stop the outdoor electric wheelchair while driving, you need to let go of the handle to reset the joystick and stop smoothly.

4. Battery and charging of electric wheelchair

China DRAGON is a supplier of an outdoor electric wheelchair, you should check the battery power before use. If the power is insufficient, you should charge it in time. If the battery of the electric wheelchair is completely discharged, the battery's service life will be shortened. It is also to ensure the average service life of the battery. It should be charged in time after use.


Ⅲ. Tips for purchasing outdoor electric wheelchair

1. First of all, we need to consider the intelligence and physique of the user. Users must master the driving skills of the outdoor electric wheelchair, have the confidence to travel independently, cross the road, and overcome the complex road conditions before using the electric wheelchair as a means of transportation for outdoor activities.

2. The user of the outdoor electric wheelchair must have the physique, intelligence, and adaptability to operate the electric wheelchair safely. People with visual or intellectual disabilities, please consult a doctor or therapist first; older adults with hemiplegia who can only operate with one hand need to consider whether the controller device is on the side of the strong hand.

3. The user must be able to maintain the balance of the trunk and be able to withstand the bumps of the bumpy road. When the strength of the trunk muscles is insufficient, you should consider wearing a seat belt or using a suitable body support system, such as back pads, side pads, etc.

Ⅳ. Operation details of outdoor electric wheelchair

Getting on the wheelchair: Brake (turn off the power switch) - Retract the pedals - Hold the wheelchair armrests firmly - Sit down slowly - Adjust the sitting posture - Extend the pedals - Put your feet on the pedals - Fasten your seat belt before driving;

Getting off the wheelchair: Brake (turn off the power switch) - Retract the pedals - Step on the ground - Hold the wheelchair handrail firmly - Get up slowly and leave the wheelchair.

Ⅴ. outdoor electric wheelchair precautions

1. Many people step on the pedals of the wheelchair or electric wheelchair and then get on and off the wheelchair when using the outdoor electric wheelchair, which is extremely dangerous and may easily cause the wheelchair or electric wheelchair to overturn forward and cause injury.

2. When getting on and off the electric wheelchair, be sure to cut off the power first to prevent the clothes from hanging on the electric wheelchair joystick and causing the wheelchair to move and knock the elderly down.

3. China DRAGON a supplier of outdoor electric wheelchair, provides safety education to the elderly who use wheelchairs or electric wheelchairs. When the elderly travel in wheelchairs or electric wheelchairs, they must abide by the traffic rules, do not run red lights, do not go the wrong way, and do not take the fast lane.

4. When the elderly travel alone in a wheelchair or driving an elderly electric wheelchair, they should ask others for help promptly and politely when encountering ramps, steps, or taking public transport.

5. When playing in an outdoor electric wheelchair, stay away from dangerous places such as lakes and rivers. Please choose a flat and spacious place when you stop and rest, brake the wheelchair, or turn off the power switch of the electric wheelchair.

6. If the elderly have chronic diseases such as cough and asthma, please put away the foot pedal when the cough is severe; step on the ground with both feet, or stand coughing is safer.

7. When encountering obstacles or roads with steep slopes, please take a detour or politely ask passers-by to assist in passing. Do not pass without certainty to avoid potential safety hazards.

8. When driving an outdoor electric wheelchair, take your family, dealer, or after-sales service phone with you to consult professionals or ask your family for help at any time in case of failure.


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